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Photo Essay: Another Great Day Of Cycling In Holland

Posted March 19th, 2011

We love Holland. Cycling around The Hague on Saturday, we noticed just how happy it makes us to live in a country where cycling blends seamlessly with our everyday lives.

The cycling culture (and its normality) is so different from anywhere else we’ve been, that we still spend our days around town taking photographs of all the bikes, people on bikes, ourselves on bikes… well, you get the idea. Here are some favourite pictures from our most recent day out.

We started our day at the market; more specifically at a fish stall. Lunch was fried fish (lekkerbek) and rolls filled with herring and onions (broodje haring). This is typical Dutch fast food.

A Typical Dutch Lunch

We bought some tulips (now just 5 euros for a huge bunch), and put them in a pannier. So pretty!

Tulips in a pannier

Next it was off to do some cycling. We headed for the beach, and you could see we were close to the water by the accessories on the bicycles…

Surfboard on a bike!

After about 30km of cycling, we stopped for another typical Dutch treat: apple cake and coffee.

Apple Taart & Koffie

Then we headed in town to do some shopping, but not before admiring some more bicycles, like this one with the painted chain guard.

A beautiful bike.

Dutch people don’t always have fancy bikes, but they love to decorate them, and they take them everywhere. This Haring stand had lots of bicycles around it, and of course one prominently parked out front.

Haring Stand

We did our shopping, and headed home with everything strapped to the back.

Carrying home new duvets for our guest room

On the way home, we spotted a typical kid being carted around on a bicycle. This is totally normal here. Luggage racks are not usually for luggage. They’re for carrying children, friends, girlfriends…

How kids normally get around in Holland

Just one more bike light, and we’re home. Another great day of cycling in Holland.

Bike lights

Dutch Cyclists: A Photo Essay

Posted October 9th, 2010

Today was beautiful, sunny day here in Holland; the perfect day for a special bike ride.

The idea for today’s ride goes back a few months, when we promised our friend Shirley Agudo that we would take her on a tour of the area where we live. She wanted to photograph local cyclists for her Bicycle Mania book, especially on the bike paths that run along the beaches of the North Sea.

The only problem is that it’s hard for Shirley to cycle AND take pictures at the same time, so…. we rented a Dutch cargo bike as her chariot for the day. Voila!

These bikes are huge. Traditionally they were used to move large loads of goods around towns. Today, you hardly ever see them in use. Sometimes they’re used to move house, but more often than not they end up in a driveway as an ornament. Like this one we saw a few weeks ago…

Because they are so rarely used, these bikes gather a bit of attention when you drive one around town; even more so when you put someone in the front like this. We made a lot of people smile!

As we were cycling, we got some great photos of other people out enjoying the late autumn sunshine. There was this man out walking the dog…

Someone taking a break…

Racers and people out for a leisurely ride…

But best of all were the cyclists we saw as we headed back into town at the end of the day. They were side by side…

Two on one bike…

And just going home from shopping.

At the end of the day, many headed for the train station to go home. How do they ever find their bikes here, amongst the thousands in the racks??

We headed home too, after a long but very fun day. Thanks Shirley!

Want to see more photos from the weekend? Here’s the full set of 25…

Stung Meanchey Slideshow

Posted August 6th, 2008

Buying bananas at the market
Here are the pictures we took out at the Stung Meanchey landfill when we went with a charity to give food to the children working in this sad and dangerous place. The images will give you some idea of what they are facing but can’t convey the smell, the flies and the smoke they inhale every day. Towards the end of the slideshow are some cheerier images of ‘lucky’ children at a nearby orphanage. They don’t have a lot either but at least they are fed, get some school lessons and they don’t have to rummage through trash every day just to make a few cents. Click on the photo to start the slideshow.

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Photos from Esfahan

Posted March 9th, 2008

Click to start the slideshowIn the midst of our visa runaround, we managed to squeeze in three days in Esfahan – one of the most beautiful cities we’ve had the good fortune to visit on our trip. There’s a saying in Persian that Esfahan is half the world and you can see why when you take the time to experience its beautiful mosaic-covered mosques, stroll across its bridges and sit in its gardens. Simply wonderful. Here are a few of our favourite photos from the past few days. Click on the picture to see the slideshow.

Looking back on 2007

Posted January 1st, 2008

Click here to start the SlideshowA very Happy New Year to all our friends and family! We wish everything wonderful for you as we continue on our journey in 2008. We enjoyed ringing in the New Year in Gaziantep, Turkey, sampling their sugar-saturated baklava, washed down with a beer or two. In a few days we’ll be in Iran and we’re excited about that but we also have so many wonderful memories from the past year. Here are some of our favourite photos from the last twelve months. Click on the photo to start the slideshow. Enjoy!