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FREE: Our Bike Touring Basics Book

Posted January 17th, 2012

Bike Touring BasicsIt’s here! The second edition of our Bike Touring Basics book is free, and exclusively available to our newsletter subscribers.

Bike Touring Basics answers common questions about planning a first tour, such as:

  • What makes bike touring so wonderful
  • How much it will cost
  • Which bike to buy
  • Where to go for a first tour
  • What to pack
  • The gear we use and recommend

To get your copy, simply fill in your name and email.

When you do, you’ll also receive an extended preview of our Bike Touring Survival Guide and future editions of our monthly newsletter*, with exclusive bike touring tips.

*100% spam free. May inspire you to quit your job and go cycling.

Still not convinced? Here’s a free preview of Bike Touring Basics.

Bike Touring Recipe: Mango & Avocado Salsa

Posted August 18th, 2011

If you can get mangos and avocados in the markets or supermarkets where you’re touring, then you can definitely make this easy salsa.


The sweet and sour combination from the mango and lime juice works really well together. This is a refreshing salsa, either on its own with nacho chips, or served with a bit of pan-fried chicken or fish.

Continue reading to see how we made this tasty salsa!

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Recipe: Sausages & Mashed Potatoes On Your Campstove

Posted August 2nd, 2011

A big bowl of mashed potatoes, topped with sausages and gravy goes right at the top of our ‘comfort foods’ list.

We have this meal at home a lot, but had never considered making it on a bicycle tour, until Liz (who’s currently cycling in Mongolia) shared her camping version of this tasty meal.

Bangers & Mash on the campstove!

It’s a little more complicated than making a pot full of pasta but we think the extra effort is worth it. To make this recipe, you’ll need 2 pots, or 1 pot and a frying pan. It will go faster if you also have two stoves (although you can make it on one stove with a little pot juggling), so this is the perfect recipe to scale up and make for a group. The ingredients given here make enough for 2 hungry cyclists.

Continue reading the recipe for making Sausages & Mash on your campstove.

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Updated: Packing Tips For Women On A Bicycle Tour

Posted June 25th, 2011

We’re in the process of updating a lot of pages on the site, and the latest one to get a touch-up is our page on Packing Advice For Women On A Bike Tour.

Travelling lightlyWhen we began our bicycle tour, I didn’t think the way I approached our journey would be very different from my husband.

After cycling for so long, through so many different countries, however, there are a few packing tips I’ve learned and would like to share with other women.

See all 8 Packing Tips in the full article.

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The Game Of Armchair Bike Touring

Posted February 10th, 2011

Here’s something fun: a game to teach you the basics of bike touring.

Armchair Bike Touring has been developed by Ray of the Bike Touring Tips website and it takes you through some basic bike touring experiences.

Armchair Bike Touring

The format is relatively simple: there are 3 tours to complete (a short, medium and long one) and along the way you have to make decisions like when to eat and where to sleep for the night. Sometimes there are challenges to deal with (headwinds and flat tires). Other times the game sends a “road angel” your way who might offer a room for the night.

Although basic in its design, the game is an excellent way to get you thinking about life on the road, especially if you haven’t toured before.

Try it out and let Ray know what you think. He’s keen to make improvements, so any feedback you can send his way will be appreciated.

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