An excellent introduction, chock full of encouragement and helpful information for loaded bike touring -Cyclelicious

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Images From Our World Bicycle Trip
The Story Behind The Book:We’re Friedel & Andrew; two Canadians who’ve cycled nearly 60,000km through 33 countries, including a world trip.Friedel & A Lost LambOur world bike tour was actually our first trip by bicycle. Inspired by Alastair Humphreys, we took just a few months to quit our jobs, sell everything we owned and nervously roll out our front door in September 2006. The initial learning curve was steep but we learned. Oh, did we learn!

As the months went by, we dropped the plastic wine glasses we thought were ‘essential’ before leaving and learned how to set up a tent just about anywhere. We began to appreciate the value of going slowly, the kindness of strangers and how you can never have too much food! Along the way, we wrote down the lessons, tips and ideas from our bike tour.

The Bike Touring Survival Guide is the result of that accumulated knowledge. It’s 240 pages, chock full of our experiences, plus the stories and photos of over 50 bike tourists. We hope the book inspires and encourages you on our own big adventure.

What’s Inside? Lots of things!

  • Getting Ready (packing, planning, finding a route)
  • Daily Logistics (navigating, sleeping, eating)
  • The People You Meet (weird questions people ask, accepting hospitality)
  • Staying Connected (staying in touch, gadgets, electricity, internet)
  • Challenges (dogs, traffic, bad weather, staying healthy)
  • Far Away Places (visas, vaccinations, safety, bribes and bargaining)
  • Coming Home (readjustment, getting a job again)
  • Bike & Gear Tips (caring for your bike, tent, stove, sleeping mat, etc)
  • Resources (packing list, recommended equipment)

Bike Touring In Tasmania
Is This Book For Me?

This book is written especially with extended and international journeys in mind. If you’re adventurous and dreaming of a big trip, you’ll love it. If you’re a bit nervous about how to plan such a big trip or the challenges you’ll face, this book will help. It might not be so interesting for people who only want to take organized tours or who never plan to bike tour for more than a few days every year.

P.S. If you’ve ever given us a place to stay while we’ve been bike touring, please don’t buy the book. Just email us. We’d love to send you a free copy!

What Format Is The Book In?

The Bike Touring Survival Guide is a digital download. You can pay securely with a credit card or with your Paypal balance. You can download it as soon as you buy it.

You get 3 files:

  • a PDF file (perfect if you want to print a paper copy, or read it on your computer)
  • a .mobi file for Kindle owners and people who use Kindle apps on iPhones, iPads etc…
  • an .ePub version for eReaders such as the Nook and Sony

Why Is It So Cheap?

We didn’t write this book to get rich. We wrote it out of a love for bike touring and a desire to share practical information. We want to keep the price low so that the book is accessible for everyone. We’d give it away free if we could but we’ve actually taken time off from our day jobs to write it. The money we earn also helps us cover the running costs of the website.

Isn’t This Information Already On Your Website?

Some of it is but most of the information in the Bike Touring Survival Guide is new, unpublished information. You also get everything in a handy all-in-one package. You can put it on your laptop or Kindle and have access to it wherever you are (regardless of internet access) and you don’t have to spend hours trawling for information.

What If I Don’t Like It?

We’re pretty sure you’ll love the Bike Touring Survival Guide but just tell us if you don’t find it helpful. For the eBook version, we’ll happily give you your money back within 30 days of purchase. The print version is non-refundable.

This book’s got soul! I’d recommend it to anyone setting out on the road to get the best ‘feel’ for what life on the road is like. -Stephen Lord, author of the Adventure Cycle-Touring Handbook

An amazing amount of information packed into one little e-book. At €5 a pop, it’s a real bargain. -Amaya Williams, World Biking

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