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Patrizia & Brö

Posted October 10th, 2010


Patrizia & Brö started exploring the world in 2003 on their tandem bicycle, through parts of Africa and South America, the Middle East, Central Asia and via China and Nepal to Southeast Asia. They took breaks in Switzerland (2006) and Singapore (2008) and now they’re on the third stage of their trip, including Japan and South Korea.

They write: “During the past years we had the chance to get to know kindhearted people, to cycle through lonely and breathtaking landscapes at temperatures ranging from -25°C to +50°C, to visit busy cities and remote villages, to pedal over mountain passes and endless deserts, from 420m below sea level to 5,897m above sea level, to travel by boat, bus, train, yacht, lorry, motorcycle, horse and on foot, wandering, wondering, exploring, admiring. In short, we could – and still can – enjoy our lives as globetrotters, travellers and guests of foreign countries, people and cultures. All this we would love to share with you on these few pages. We are pleased that you are taking part in our journey!”

Somewhere On Earth is their website. Their motto: “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.

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Nicolai Bangsgaard

Posted June 2nd, 2010

Nicolai Bangsgaard

Nicolai Bangsgaard took this picture in Mali, on his way home to Denmark, via West Africa. He was on the final leg of a journey around the world by bicycle.

“To me, cycling around the world on a multi-year journey was about getting familiar with the unknown, about finding the exotic in the realm of familiarity, about learning to find comfort in spheres way beyond your comfort zones. About living cheap and feeling rich, about roughing it and enjoying moments of luxury (hot shower, tailwind, soft bed, female smiles, the foolish wonders of beer)…”

See Nicolai’s account of his trip on his World Travellers website.

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Dave Conroy

Posted March 31st, 2010


Canadian Dave Conroy is riding his bike around the world. After getting tired of a life stuck to a computer screen, and watching several friends suffer from heart attacks, he decided to make a big life change.

“I decided to ride my bike around the world to see smiles, not emoticons, and to force myself to get out of any shell that I may have,” Dave writes on his blog, Tired of I.T.

“Any misconception of cultures, geographical areas, and hardships need to be reworked. I realized this means going back to basics – meaning, focusing on 3 important things – food, water, and shelter. Once I’ve mastered those, then I’ll re-enter into ’society’ again.”

Dave first traveled across Canada and the United States before heading to Africa in late 2011, on his way to Morocco.

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Chris Roach

Posted February 8th, 2010


Chris Roach is on a massive bike journey. It began with his dream to travel the world and grew into a desire to complete an unassisted, low emission, solo circumnavigation of the planet by bicycle. The trip started in March, 2009 and Chris expects to be on the road for 8 years. Chris says his trip is about self discovery and he hopes it will also inspire individuals. Read more about Chris and his trip at Cycle Strongman.

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Gregor Arndt

Posted January 25th, 2010


Gregor Arndt loves to take his bike off the beaten path, especially in Morocco. Take a look at his photos and tips for cycling in Morocco. He also works for Supernova, a German company that makes the world’s brightest bicycle lights.

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