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Dave Conroy

Posted March 31st, 2010


Canadian Dave Conroy is riding his bike around the world. After getting tired of a life stuck to a computer screen, and watching several friends suffer from heart attacks, he decided to make a big life change.

“I decided to ride my bike around the world to see smiles, not emoticons, and to force myself to get out of any shell that I may have,” Dave writes on his blog, Tired of I.T.

“Any misconception of cultures, geographical areas, and hardships need to be reworked. I realized this means going back to basics – meaning, focusing on 3 important things – food, water, and shelter. Once I’ve mastered those, then I’ll re-enter into ’society’ again.”

Dave first traveled across Canada and the United States before heading to Africa in late 2011, on his way to Morocco.

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Alex & Meredith

Posted January 30th, 2010


Alex & Meredith are chronicling their journey through North America and Central America on their blog, Nowhere Soon. The writing is insightful and humourous at the same time and the podcasts are pretty good too. As you can see from the photo, they’re both resourceful folks, having fashioned their own panniers out of buckets!

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Mike & Family

Posted October 23rd, 2009

Mike & family

This photo of Mike & family was taken during a bike tour on the Kettle Valley Railroad Trail – 6 days fully loaded from Midway to Penticton in British Columbia, with their dog Sunnie in the front basket! In case you’re wondering, the basket is a Wald 957, perfect for carrying your smallish pet along (Sunnie weighs 13 pounds). As for Mike, he’s touring on a 1982 mountain bike that he got off Craig’s List for $40 – proving that you don’t need a fancy bike to join in the fun.

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