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Rev. Hans Myors

Posted August 31st, 2010

Hans Myors

Hans sent us this message about his lengthy bike touring experience, with a special mission behind all the travelling:

“I’ve been bicycle touring off and on since 1986 in Canada and the United States. The total as of Aug 28, 2010 is 222,504 miles (356,007 KM). Since Feb of 1993, I’ve been spending up to eight months on the road with my ministry Pedal Prayers.”

Hans has crossed the United States coast-to-coast 19 times, and gone through 9 bicycles since 1986 (2 road bicycles, 4 hybrids, and 3 recumbents).

“My current two-wheeled steed is a short-wheelbase recumbent named “Alice” with 34,358 miles (54,972 KM) of cycle-touring on her.”

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Mr. and Mrs. McIlrath

Posted August 12th, 2010

Mr and Mrs McIlrath at Ching King

This husband-and-wife pair pedalled 28,000 miles on a world bike trip, making Hattie one of the first women to go around the world by bicycle (Annie Londonderry is often cited as the first).

The 3-year voyage took them from their starting point in Chicago to San Francisco, then to Japan by ship, through Asia and Europe. The journey ended in 1898 and the resulting book details their packing list, including 3 guns!

“All of our luggage was carried in a leather case which neatly fitted the inside angles of the bicycle frames. Our personal apparel consisted merely of a change of underwear, as we depended upon the stores in towns along our route for new clothes whenever we should need them. The remainder of our luggage cases contained photograph films, medicines, repair outfits, etc. My “artillery,” for which there was great use as it afterward happened, consisted of two 3S-caliber and one 44-caliber revolvers.”

You can read about this amazing journey in a free online book: Around the world on wheels for the Inter ocean: the travels and adventures in foreign lands

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Kendon Glass

Posted March 7th, 2010


Kendon Glass is the man behind the Brink Expedition – a multi-year journey around the world. In 2009 he cycled through Indonesia. From there, he’s covering Australia, New Zealand, Patagonia and possibly riding as far north as Alaska. This picture of Kendon and his bicycle was taken at Mount Everest.

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Chris Roach

Posted February 8th, 2010


Chris Roach is on a massive bike journey. It began with his dream to travel the world and grew into a desire to complete an unassisted, low emission, solo circumnavigation of the planet by bicycle. The trip started in March, 2009 and Chris expects to be on the road for 8 years. Chris says his trip is about self discovery and he hopes it will also inspire individuals. Read more about Chris and his trip at Cycle Strongman.

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Lars Bengtsson

Posted January 20th, 2010


“I love the smell of my bike in the morning,” is how Swedish cyclist Lars Bengtsson greets visitors to his website, The Lost Cyclist. Since 2004, Lars has cycled over 53,000km through over 60 countries, occasionally returning home to prepare for the next journey. Check out his site for journals (you can use Google to translate from the Swedish) and enjoy the wonderful photography, for which no translation is needed. This photo comes from a remote area in southeastern Guinea-Bissau.

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