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Jorge Miguel Sampaio

Posted August 27th, 2011


Jorge is from Portugal, and has completed a few cycling and mountain bike tours around Europe, including from Berlin – Usedom in Germany in summer 2010. His other tours have included:

  • Oberwald – Geneva, Switzerland (Rhone route);
  • Chur – Basel, Switzerland (Rhine route);
  • Berlin – Usedom, Germany
  • GR22 – Historical Villages tour, Portugal (off-road/mtb route connecting medieval historical villages in the Beiras region);
  • V.R.S.A. – Sagres, Portugal (Ecovia do Algarve, that crosses all the region).
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Bruce Gordon

Posted January 25th, 2011

Bruce Gordon

Bruce discovered bike touring through a chance encounter with someone organising an adventure race in 2001.

“We got to talking and he mentioned a California tour he was planning for the spring. Intrigued, I asked if he’d mind some company. The rest is history,” Bruce says. The two friends now tour 2-3 times a year together on recumbents. They travel light, put in long daily distances, and end each day with a hotel and a nice meal.

“What do I like about touring? well my touring buddy summed it up best: ‘it’s fun even when it’s not fun’. I love the feel of working for the distance traveled and the way you look ahead with anticipation and respect of what’s to come. You acknowledge every aspect of each day on the road and appreciate the simplest of things. I think you’re just more in tune with the world around you. You pay attention to the sky and what it’s telling you. To the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) changes in wind speed and direction. To the varied quality of pavement beneath your tires. Temperature, precipitation, friendly honks of encouragement and blaring horns of intolerance from motorists sharing the road, all these things play on your morale throughout the day.”

“It’s hard to express to someone who hasn’t achieved for themselves, the sense of accomplishment you feel when you finally crest a summit that’s taken you most the day to reach, and then the reward of the fast flowing descent down the other side.”

“And food… Remember when you were a kid, how you reacted when someone bought you an ice-cream cone? When you are touring, all food has that affect on you.”

“These are the things I love about touring but mostly I love the simple, satisfied, exhausted feeling when I turn out the light at the end of each day.”

In 2011, Bruce’s big challenge is setting the Guinness world record for the fastest solo global circumnavigation by bicycle. Read more on his website: www.globebent.org.

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Stephen White

Posted September 27th, 2010

Stephen tells us that he started touring before he even really knew what it was. In 2001, he simply decided to go for a bike ride, packed some gear and headed of from Wuerzburg, Germany to the Austrian Border.

“Since then, I’ve been back to Germany, and parts of the former Eastern Block, a few times, have travelled back and forth through New Zealand a few times, and have made one trip around the southwest corner of Western Australia.

This year (2010), I’m starting from Vienna, Austria. From there go west to Liechtenstein, probably continue west through Switzerland, then turn north into southwestern Germany to visit friends, before zig-zagging across to Munich to fly home.”

We particularly like Stephen’s relaxed attitude towards touring.

“Time may not allow peddling the whole way, but there’s no harm in taking in the scenery from a train for a while.”

He adds: “The key is to take it as it comes. I used to say to a group of older people returning to cycling after many years, ‘Cycle as though it doesn’t matter what is round the next corner’.”

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Cathy & John

Posted August 8th, 2010


Cathy and John are two Australians who now live in the UK. They have cycled
around Australia, done a number of tours in Europe and recently completed a
trip around South India. Some of the more recent trips are blogged on Crazy
Guy On A Bike

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Ingrid & Yves

Posted June 11th, 2010

Ingrid & Yves

Ingrid & Yves are two very special cyclists. Not only have they biked in much of Europe, they also give many touring cyclists a place to call home for a few days at their house in France. Yves makes the best bread you’ve ever tasted, which has been devoured by many happy cyclists. Ingrid takes care of their website BikeAway (in German) with tips for bike touring, photos and GPS downloads of tracks and points of interest across Europe.

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