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Mirella Genziani

Posted August 19th, 2010


Mirella is a cycle instructor who has biked in many countries around the world, including America, Asia, Australia, and most of Europe. One of her most recent tours was to the Baltic countries of Lithuania, Latvija, Estonia and Finland.

She has some practical tips to share with other cyclists:

  • If you are planning to cycle in the Baltic countries during the summer, take good mosquito repellent and be prepared to cycle on gravel roads or tracks with sand!
  • While cycling in cities in South America e.g. Buenos Aries and Lima, be aware of taxi drivers. They do not appear tolerate cyclists on the road and I had several near misses!
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Ben Wilcox

Posted June 20th, 2010


Ben fell in love with cycling last summer on a trip across the U.S. with his two cousins. In the summer of 2010, he targeted Bergen to Rome. Some day, Ben hopes to ride from Beijing to Lisbon! “I can’t think of a better way to travel than by bicycle,” he tells us in an email.

Ben writes about his Bergen to Rome trip on his blog, Europe On Two Wheels.

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Emma & Justin

Posted June 5th, 2010

justin and emma

Emma & Justin are two New Zealanders with bicycles and a tent, heading east from Santander in Spain towards Turkey, and eventually Russia or Central Asia through to South East Asia.

“After six years working in London, we were keen to travel for longer than a few weeks at a time and wanted to immerse ourselves in places that we visit. We’re not out to break any records but cycling seems to be about the right speed for us,” they say. You can read about their trip on their Rolling Tales website.

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Harry & Ivana

Posted April 29th, 2010

Harry & Ivana

Harry Kikstra is a man who wears many hats. Among his passions are mountain climbing, photography, making films, writing, cycling and many other things that have to do with sharing the beauty of the outdoors. He’s climbed the 7 continental highpoints and has no plans to stop travelling anytime soon. As for Ivana, she’s a psychologist turned bike tourist, who’s already cycled around New Zealand and from Malaysia to India, through Turkey and in Italy. Together, Harry & Ivana are cycling from Northern Alaska to Southern Argentina.

They have a plethora of blogs. Ivana’s stories, in Spanish, can be found on El Mundo En Bici and Harry runs the websites Bike Travellers, 7 Summits and Exposed Planet.

You can read stories and see pictures of their current 2008-2011 trip from Alaska to Ushuaia on World On A Bike.

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