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Shane Little

Posted August 3rd, 2011

Shane Little

The greatest distance known to man is that between head and heart. In 2011, Shane chose his heart over his head and left his home, girlfriend and job to cycle through Africa without a deadline or destination. Follow Shane’s trip and read about his previous adventures at www.shanecycles.com

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Patrick & Rachel Hugens

Posted March 21st, 2011

Patrick & Rachel Hugens

Patrick & Rachel met in Nelson, New Zealand in 1993. Patrick, a Dutchman was cycling around the world. Rachel from USA was independently cycling NZ & Australia.

In 1994, they met up in Capetown South Africa & cycled to Nairobi, then onto Gibraltar cycling back to Holland. They settled in Boise, Idaho in 1995 and since then have quit their jobs twice to cycle tour. First in 1999 for 8 months in South America and then 2006-2007 cycling through Indonesia, Southeast Asia, Yunnan (China), Eastern Tibet and Lhasa to Katmandu, returning home from the Arctic Circle.

In the words of Jimmy Buffet, cycle touring allows you to ‘go fast enough to get there and slow enough to see’. There is nothing that compares to seeing a country by bike where you become part of the scenery rather than having it framed from a vehicle.

See their beautiful bike touring photos.

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Patrizia & Brö

Posted October 10th, 2010


Patrizia & Brö started exploring the world in 2003 on their tandem bicycle, through parts of Africa and South America, the Middle East, Central Asia and via China and Nepal to Southeast Asia. They took breaks in Switzerland (2006) and Singapore (2008) and now they’re on the third stage of their trip, including Japan and South Korea.

They write: “During the past years we had the chance to get to know kindhearted people, to cycle through lonely and breathtaking landscapes at temperatures ranging from -25°C to +50°C, to visit busy cities and remote villages, to pedal over mountain passes and endless deserts, from 420m below sea level to 5,897m above sea level, to travel by boat, bus, train, yacht, lorry, motorcycle, horse and on foot, wandering, wondering, exploring, admiring. In short, we could – and still can – enjoy our lives as globetrotters, travellers and guests of foreign countries, people and cultures. All this we would love to share with you on these few pages. We are pleased that you are taking part in our journey!”

Somewhere On Earth is their website. Their motto: “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.

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Sean Deany

Posted September 27th, 2010

Sean has been been a keen bicycle tourist since doing a 5,000km tour from his home in Melbourne to Darwin in 2002.

“In 2008 / 09 I made a 9,000km cultural pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela from Singapore to Cape Finisterre in Spain. This 10 month journey was a well worth while tour made where I encountered much hospitality on the way,” he tells us in an email.

Sean’s Cape2Cape website has a number of journal pages devoted to his bike tour (hit the ‘Journal’ button)

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Jodie & Tom

Posted August 13th, 2010


This picture of Tom & Jodie was taken during their tour from the UK to New Zealand – a journey designed to take them to the Rugby World Cup.

“We are a couple cycling from Twickenham Stadium to Eden Park, NZ in the search of rugby in 25 countries across the world. We are both complete novices and so continue to learn every day we are on the road,” Jodie writes in an email.

Their website is Cycling To The Rugby World Cup.

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