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Kacper Kadlubiski

Posted January 6th, 2011

Kacper Kadlubiski

Kacper is from Gdansk, Poland. He’s gone on several month-long trips:

  • Tour de Olympus 2008: Romania-Bulgaria-Greece, 2200 km
  • Bike Madness 2009: Macedonia-Albania-Montenegro-Bosnia-Serbia, 1800 km
  • Prague-Barcelona 2010: Czech Republic-Austria-Slovenia-Italy-France-Spain, 3000 km

He bought his bicycle 5 days before his first trip!

“Now travelling by bike means everything to me. Just freedom!” says Kacper. For 2011 he’s planning to visit Peru and you can read about his Machu Picchu Cycle Expedition.

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Trevor Wright

Posted January 4th, 2011

“I was born in North Dakota, grew up in Nebraska, and claim Texas as my last U.S. address before beginning my South American bike tour,” says Trevor.

In June 2009, he set off to pedal from Colombia to Brazil via Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia. After a break from the bike, Argentina is next on the list.

“Though being a homebody has its advantages I’m looking forward to feeling the freedom and mystery of bike travel again.”

Trevor’s website is www.mebobandsurly.wordpress.com

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Aníbal Paredes

Posted May 25th, 2010


Aníbal Paredes is a bike tourist from Peru and a member of Cicloturismo Peru, a bike touring club formed by amateurs and enthusiasts. “The bike trips we organize are for fun and for free,” Aníbal writes in an email.

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