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Paul Tolson

Posted May 24th, 2012

Ride & Glide

“I am an overweight, unfit, 50 year old Occupational Therapist, ex-teacher and gliderpilot. For my 50th birthday I decided I would embark on a series of journies that would see me visiting every gliding club on the planet.”

“I am about to embark on the first stage of the journey, a ride from Germany down through to South Africa. I am hoping to raise funds for charities connected with assisting disabled people. More details on www.rideandglide.co.uk – find out why I chose a bicycle over a motorcycle for the journey.”

“One bit of advice – hills are great on a fully loaded touring bike ……. when going down them!”

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Cathy & John

Posted August 8th, 2010


Cathy and John are two Australians who now live in the UK. They have cycled
around Australia, done a number of tours in Europe and recently completed a
trip around South India. Some of the more recent trips are blogged on Crazy
Guy On A Bike

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Lars Bengtsson

Posted January 20th, 2010


“I love the smell of my bike in the morning,” is how Swedish cyclist Lars Bengtsson greets visitors to his website, The Lost Cyclist. Since 2004, Lars has cycled over 53,000km through over 60 countries, occasionally returning home to prepare for the next journey. Check out his site for journals (you can use Google to translate from the Swedish) and enjoy the wonderful photography, for which no translation is needed. This photo comes from a remote area in southeastern Guinea-Bissau.

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