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Jason Mcanuff

Posted December 3rd, 2010

This is Jason. He’s a Brit who, at the time of writing (December 2010), is on his way from California to Argentina on a virtual bicycle train. That’s his bike (named Montreal), plus a Bob Trailer, rear panniers, rear crate, front basket and a handlebar bag.

“I’ve been on the road 7 months now,” he tells us. “Actually I ride pretty fast, but spend A LOT of time off the bike, volunteering on farms, and community projects and whatever else sounds good. My passions off the bike are climbing and learning as much as I can about sustainable living, permaculture, farming and people.”

He has no deadline and will keep riding until the money runs out. Check out Jason’s website, www.bikingit.com

Jason leaves us with this thought: “When I’m on my bike, wherever I may be, I can’t help feeling like I have the world under my pedals, and not on my shoulders.”

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Samson Family

Posted November 22nd, 2010

Samson Family

David, Amira & Salome are a Dutch family who love adventure.

In 2010, they’re taking off for a few months of adventurous cycling from Bangkok to Malaysia. They trained for the trip with a 1 month bike tour in France.

Their website is Ecolicious Family On Wheels.

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Keith Bright

Posted November 17th, 2010

“I have been cycling for years, I lived in Poland for a few years and biked while there. I go off road around Wales and cross country where ever I can. As a teacher I use the long summer to cycle around Europe, the R1 route, along the Rhine, Denmark, Sweden, France and parts of Africa,” says Keith.

“I just love travelling by bike and get out as much as possible. The bike ways in Germany are so easy to follow it is so relaxing. Last year I cycled over 2,000km towing my Y frame trailer with all my camping gear.”

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Stephen White

Posted September 27th, 2010

Stephen tells us that he started touring before he even really knew what it was. In 2001, he simply decided to go for a bike ride, packed some gear and headed of from Wuerzburg, Germany to the Austrian Border.

“Since then, I’ve been back to Germany, and parts of the former Eastern Block, a few times, have travelled back and forth through New Zealand a few times, and have made one trip around the southwest corner of Western Australia.

This year (2010), I’m starting from Vienna, Austria. From there go west to Liechtenstein, probably continue west through Switzerland, then turn north into southwestern Germany to visit friends, before zig-zagging across to Munich to fly home.”

We particularly like Stephen’s relaxed attitude towards touring.

“Time may not allow peddling the whole way, but there’s no harm in taking in the scenery from a train for a while.”

He adds: “The key is to take it as it comes. I used to say to a group of older people returning to cycling after many years, ‘Cycle as though it doesn’t matter what is round the next corner’.”

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Dave & Will

Posted June 13th, 2010

Dave and his son, Will

In 2003, Dave and his 9-year-old son Will took the trip of a lifetime across America by bicycle. The 5,000km journey took them 2-1/2 months to complete. It wasn’t the first bike touring adventure for the family.

“I had taken a 550 mile ride with an older son at age 10, and a 1,000 mile ride with a daughter when she was 10. By the time Will was 9, we were ready for the big time,” says Dave.

Many years later, Dave & Will still enjoy the memories of their big bike tour.

“We were briefly delayed in a hospital as Will was diagnosed with appendicitis, but loved every other aspect. Close encounters with javelinas, alligators, hawks, owls (all alive) as well an impressive assortment of roadkill (fox, otter, bull, armadillo, etc) kept Will wondering what we might see next. Docketing issues have kept us from any other trips longer than a week but we continue to dream. We hope to do some touring in Alaska in summer, 2011.”

Although it wasn’t easy to keep a website updated in 2003, Dave & Will managed to document much of their trip on their Cushwa Family website.

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