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Laura & Paddy

Posted April 18th, 2011

Laura & Paddy

Laura and Paddy, a couple from London, set off in May 2011 for a 15-month circumnavigation of South America by bike visiting each of the 13 countries.

In the past they have cycled the length and breadth of the UK and have covered 1,000 miles of the North Sea Cycle Route. It was so much fun that they decided to give up their jobs for a proper adventure to see a continent that neither of them have visited before.

They are cycling and camping around South America and are looking forward to some amazing scenery, meeting friendly people and pushing themselves with some challenging cycling over the Andes and through the Amazon rainforest.

You can follow their adventures at www.pedallingabout.com

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Stuart Woolger

Posted October 16th, 2010

“Having cycled from the UK to Israel in my early twenties, it’s taken me until my early forties, to get on my bike and tour again. I gave up my job and rented out my house in order to take on the Trans America route from East to West. I then cycled from Vancouver Island to San Francisco clocking up 6000 miles in total in 2010, and losing 56lbs in weight in the process!”

You can read about Stuart’s journey on his blog, Mid Life Cyclist.

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Peter Jordan

Posted September 29th, 2010

Peter is a press photographer who works for a newspaper in London, where he also lives.

“I got hooked into cycle camping after reading Alastair Humphreys’ two books on his round-the-world adventures,” he writes.

“I have a Surly LHT and take it out for 3 day trips every 2 weeks, leaving London via one of the NCN routes with a Sustrans map and all the essentials. I manage roughly 40 miles a day, which at 51 I don’t think is too bad!”

“I love the wild camping part of it and am becoming good at it. I would like to go on longer trips outside the UK, but have the usual obstacles to move out the way first.”

Peter’s website is Drunkon2Wheels.

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