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Anne Mustoe

Posted November 24th, 2010

anne mustoe

In this picture, Anne Mustoe is seen leaving St. Paul’s Cathedral in 1987 on her first bicycle tour. She was 54 years old and had just retired from a career as a headmistress.

Over the next few decades, Anne became one of the world’s most famous bike tourists. Her initial round-the-world trip was followed by many more journeys, often tracing a historical theme or route. As well as becoming known for her adventures, Anne was famous for knowing very little about bicycle repair. If she had a flat tire, she always found someone to fix it for her. She was more interested in the people and the journey than the mechanics of the bicycle. She also didn’t carry a tent, preferring instead to stay in hotels.

She set off on her last ride in May 2009, making it all the way to Syria by bicycle before falling ill and dying in hospital.

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Elisha & Vanessa White

Posted October 10th, 2010

Elisha & Vanessa are twin sisters, who got into cycle touring in 2007.

“We were both living in New Zealand and decided that we would go on holiday to Asia together. We looked at a bunch of brochures and decided that a cycle tour of Vietnam would be loads of fun, but we were not keen on the idea of following a set tour itinerary, and figured that we could arrange a cycle tour by ourselves! Although we were both fit, we hadn’t cycled since we were 13!”

“Well, we bought touring bikes, panniers and other equipment and later that year we spent 3 1/2 weeks cycle touring down the Vietnamese coast and through the Central and Southern Highlands and absolutely loved every minute! We enjoyed some short tours around New Zealand over the next few years, Elisha got married, and our careers progressed…”

In 2009, both Vanessa & Elisha took a break from their work and spent 2 months exploring Cambodia, Thailand, Laos and Northern Vietnam (read the blog of their trip). They travelled lightly, fitting everything (including camping gear) into just rear panniers.

“The things I love most about cycle touring are the sense of independence and freedom, interaction with un-touristed communities, unexpected lessons learned about myself and others and, or course, the ability to eat SO MUCH delicious food without gaining weight!” says Vanessa. “I can hardly imagine a holiday spent inside a bus or car now – cycling may take a bit longer but the quality of the holiday more than makes up for the quantity of kilometres covered!  I am planning a solo Cape-Rianga to Bluff cycle tour of New Zealand this summer.

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Mirella Genziani

Posted August 19th, 2010


Mirella is a cycle instructor who has biked in many countries around the world, including America, Asia, Australia, and most of Europe. One of her most recent tours was to the Baltic countries of Lithuania, Latvija, Estonia and Finland.

She has some practical tips to share with other cyclists:

  • If you are planning to cycle in the Baltic countries during the summer, take good mosquito repellent and be prepared to cycle on gravel roads or tracks with sand!
  • While cycling in cities in South America e.g. Buenos Aries and Lima, be aware of taxi drivers. They do not appear tolerate cyclists on the road and I had several near misses!
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Loretta Henderson

Posted July 16th, 2010


What started as going to England to buy a bicycle has gotten out of hand for Loretta Henderson. A dozen countries later, thousands of peddle miles still beckon on the road ahead. A solo, female storyteller with a penchant for finding the hilarity in the mundane, Loretta will knock you senseless with her wisdom and wit as she perches high on Pandemic The Magic Bicycle’s seat and peddles around the world… or at least that’s what a paid friend said, seconded by her Dad!

Loretta’s musings can be found on her blog, Skalatitude.

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Anna Kortschak

Posted July 9th, 2010

Anna Kortschak

Anna Kortschak is on an open-ended tour of the Americas that may yet turn into an open-ended tour of the world.

She has no fixed plan or time frame and she is in no hurry to get anywhere in particular. Over the past year she has ridden from Prudhoe Bay in Alaska to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.

Anna goes to some lengths to avoid riding on highways and major roads and if there is a choice between a paved road and an unpaved road she will definitely choose the dirt.

Her love of bike touring began when she decided to leave a job in the UK.

“After a year and a half in London, it began to seem rather grey and so I left, alone, on my bicycle – travelling east. My final destination was Prague, in the Czech Republic, but I went by way of Germany, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania travelling three and a half thousand kilometres down the Danube, from its source in the Black Forest to where it enters the Black Sea.”

“I was absolutely hooked by the charms of travelling by bicycle and have spent a lot of my time since dreaming up different bike routes in various parts of the world and touring when I can.”

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