Show 21: A new cycling record?

Alan and his bikeYou saw it here first!

When we were on Langkawi Island, we met 43-year-old Alan Bate, a British cyclist who’s planning to race around the world in 170 days. If he succeeds, Alan would beat the record recently set by Mark Beaumont.

Alan is hoping to start his trip in summer 2009 but first he’s looking for a sponsor – not the easiest of tasks in the current financial climate. So, if anyone out there has $20,000 to spare, get in touch. Here’s our interview with Alan, telling us about his dream to be the fastest man around the world on a bicycle.


  1. David Piper
    18th November 2008 at 3:35 pm #

    Interesting interview and quite a challenge to beat Mark’s record. I’ve been having a go at the record myself but it doesnt really count as I’m not able to take the time off to do it all in one go (and I get to rest after a week or so’s ridning, ha!). I’ve been averaging 126 miles per day, which is fine when everything works but I fear Alan will inevitably encounter unexpected delays that are beyond his control. I’ve found its not all about riding fast – so much is in the planning. If Alan would like to pick my brains, then perhaps some of my experiences may be of help.

    Your site has been invaluable to me – many many thanks

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