Morocco Radio Show: part II

Wolfgang, Gregor, Friedel & AndrewThe sea around the Tangier coastWe’ve already done one radio show from Morocco but we thought the country was worth a second look. We originally recorded this before boarding the boat for Spain but had some problems uploading it. Our voices sounded like we were on helium and we are still trying to figure out why. For this reason, you’ll see a link below where you can download the show, instead of the usual way we allow you to play the audio directly from our site.

Enough rambling, says Andrew! On with the show…. This time we share our thoughts on the city of Tangier, where many cycle tourists will start or end their journey, as well as a few tips and highlights of our trip. We have an interview with German cyclists Wolfgang and Gregor (see Gregor’s homepage), who we met between Tafraoute and Tiznit, and we review our Thermarest mattresses, along with a beer brewed in Morocco. Phew!! It’s a packed show but we had a lot to say on this wonderful country for cycle tourists. We were sad to leave.