Baaaaaawk bawwwwk bawwwk… chickens!

Chickens!Andrew catches a chickenA lot of people ask what we get out of our current activity: working for room and board on a farm. Well, the latest “life skill” we’ve learned is how to catch a chicken! Four red hens are the latest addition to La Chatte Gitane and every night we have to put them in their house to keep them safe from cats, foxes and any other wildlife that might fancy a midnight snack. This involves a comical chase around the chicken coop, much squawking and flapping and quite a few near misses on our parts as the chickens run between our legs, until we finally manage to scoop up the hens and put them to bed. We have been getting better from our first attempts, quickening our reflexes and learning which corners of the coop offer the best chicken-catching chance. You’ll see Andrew is looking particularly proud in one picture with his “prize”. The hen is less pleased about the whole situation!