Another day, another bus….

Our bikes on the busWe hopped on the bus once again today, from one touristy town, Bergama, to another also famous for its ruins, Selcuk. Our first time on a bus a few days ago was a bit of a novelty. Enjoying the free drinks. Taking in the whiff of lemon-scented hand oil offered to all passengers. Dancing in our seats to the bus driver’s music. Already though we are a bit tired of buses and we hope to limit them as much as possible from here on in. We weren’t sad about missing the miles of boring and busy motorway around Izmir but we did feel hassled.

We had brochures for two hotels thrust into our hands before we even got halfway to Selcuk and six touts waiting for us as we got off the bus. And we were surprisingly worn out by the time we found a room for the night, despite having only cycled a few kilometers to the bus station. It is a lot of work unloading and loading the bikes, trying to cram them into the bus and then making the necessary conversation with all the people who start out asking where you are from and finish by trying to push their hotel or tour on you.

We miss our peaceful wild camping spots in the middle of nowhere! The ruins of Efphesus are supposed to be amazing though and we will take a day to see them before we head off into the countryside again.


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