The $22 Bike Tour

In the pages of Popular Mechanics, 1937 we find this gem: a story of 2 young men who rode from New York to Florida for a grand total of $22 U.S. – about $350 U.S. in today’s money.


The article describes the trip through the eastern United States, which still sounds like it would be a wonderful ride.

“At the end of a journey that took them through Washington D.C., the Shenandoah valley of Virginia, the Blue Ridge mountains and the Carolinas, the cyclometer showed they had pedaled 1,367 miles.”

“There were no punctures in all those miles, but the boys did have to buy one new front wheel after a collision. The twenty-two dollar expense account included this wheel and tire, a supply of camera, film, food and equipment.”

According to the story, the boys cooked their own meals and carried 25 pounds worth of gear, including an aluminium cooking set, a small stove, food bags, extra clothing, toilet kits, flashlights, cameras and a first-aid kit.