Spring Cleaning: German singing boys

Beautiful doors, they're everywhere in this part of the worldThey tell us Samarqand is a beautiful city but it’s pouring rain outside and how can you see all the ancient buildings when the heavens are open and water is falling from the skies with full force? There was nothing for it but to do a bit of spring cleaning instead and for us this meant digging out all those things we’ve wanted to share with you but haven’t. Why haven’t we? Well, you know, it’s complicated. So much to do on a world bicycle tour, so little time! Anyway, finally we found the time and here you are, a spring present from us.

Our interview with six German fellows (correction: five Germans and one Lebanese, listen to the show and you may understand) who we met carrying guitars at the Iranian-Turkmenistan border. They’re hitching to Mongolia and singing along the way and they were kind enough to sing a song for us.

And as a bonus, take a look at the site of Michel, a French guy who’s staying in our hotel in Samarqand. He’s going around the world on a recumbent tricycle and his motto is one we can really identify with: don’t dream about your life, live your dream.


  1. Susan
    14th April 2008 at 8:33 pm #

    My husband and I are totally enjoying your trip! Thanks so much for sharing. I cannot travel w/o bringing stuff home, so I wondered if you are able to send home treasures for when you someday decide to have a house. This thought occured to me when I started drooling over those rugs in Uzbekistan! Oh, btw, if you can, could you post a samsa recipe on the Zaar?

  2. Tyson Manering
    16th April 2008 at 7:03 am #

    Hey Guys!! I’m so happy to read your posts and know that you’re having an amazing time. Central Asia must be a great place and it seems like the people are very hospitable.

    How are your bikes holding up? The rim?

    After I saw you in Aleppo I had a awesome ride south to Jordan, with a brief sidetrip to Lebanon. I spent a few days riding with Margrit and Pius, a Swiss couple who said they had met you somewhere in Syria. http://www.joergersvelotour.ch/index_en.html

    I’m now planning to return to the Middle East to teach English. But if I can find another person crazy enough to cycle and freecamp with me..well, I guess I’ll do that!!

    Good luck to you and thanks for documenting your experiences.

    Take Care,


  3. Paul Rother
    22nd May 2008 at 6:06 am #

    just read the story ,, of where someone wrote to you, who had met another biker, who had met you weeks before ,,
    my it is a small world,,, full of surprises,
    pr. =NS

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