The depths humanity can sink to

S21 or Tuol Sleng seen through barbed wireJust a few of the many who died hereWe’ve said so often on our trip that we are genuinely surprised what a wonderful place the world is. So many kind people who have opened their homes and hearts to us, two complete strangers passing on a bicycle. Happily most of our memorable experiences fit into this category but any amount of travel inevitably brings you to the other end of the spectrum. The shocking, horrifying, deeply saddening end of humanity. In Cambodia, this can be found at Tuol Sleng or S21, the prison where the Khmer Rouge tortured and killed so many during their time in power. It’s a hard place to find words for. The photos of those imprisoned here, the blood stained floors, the descriptions of the punishments imposed here leave you speechless. It’s hard to leave Tuol Sleng without a tear in your eye.

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