The Best Cheese Shop In The Netherlands

“The best cheese shop in the whole country is just around the corner,” our host family said to us the other night.

Oh sure, we thought, not really believing we could be so lucky and also wondering what could be better than Neal’s Yard in London.

It turns out our hosts are right. De Kaasspeciaalzaak (Fahrenheitstraat 625, Den Haag, +31(0)70 3631819) is just moments outside of our door and it’s certainly a worthy contender for best cheese shop on our travels. The wheels of Gouda are piled high in the window. The cooler is full of delectable blues and the samples are spread liberally around the store. Here’s what we saw when we walked up to the entrance…

Outside The Shop

Stepping inside, we were greeted by this drool-worthy wall of cheese. We stood. We stared. We wondered how much one would cost?

Wall of Cheese

We spent the next few minutes wandering from display to display. A cheese aged with Barolo wine, anyone? How about some fine port? And then we stopped here.

So much cheese to choose from!

There were no less than 10 different types of blue cheese – a favourite for both of us. We pondered and wondered before finally settling on the darkest blue of the lot. Now it’s in our fridge, just waiting for a good wine to go along with it. To the owners of De Kaasspeciaalzaak – we’ll be back!


  1. Sylvie
    25th October 2009 at 8:37 pm #

    Gouda with walnuts is good!

  2. Trevor Wenham
    9th January 2010 at 4:53 pm #

    I wonder if it will beat That Dutchman’s Dragons breath Blue. It’s powerful stuff, but that’s back in Canada.

  3. lydia
    23rd January 2011 at 11:10 pm #

    my dogs name is max his b-day is in are you guys going to stop in calgary on youre bike trip.hope you can.i love bacon do you like bacon or do you like cheese you have a dog

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