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Bike Touring With Kids. Which Bike for Which Age?

Have baby, will travel - across Cuba with a 10 month old.

Earlier this summer we dragged out the bikes, threw some camping stuff together and took the kids on a spur-of-the-moment S240 trip. While we were out cycling, Andrew snapped this picture. Looking at this photo — me with the two kids on a Circe Cycles Morpheus and towing a Radical Design trailer — I’m struck by how much […] Read More »

Lunatec Aquabot: A High-Pressured Sprayer & Water Bottle In One


The Lunatec Aquabot is a water bottle with a nozzle, which sprays out water at the press of a button. Minimalists will possibly think it’s a bit silly, but if you’re cycling through hot climates or just want to have fun, then we can recommend it — especially if you have kids to entertain. After extensive […] Read More »