65km Felsőpáhok to Balatonszepezd

Surfing by Lake BalatonAnyone want to go rowing?Long live Hungary! Thanks to the wonders of technology, this journal is being put on our website as we sit in our tent on the shores of Lake Balaton. We are really loving Hungary so far. Our lakeside pitch cost us half of what it would have in Italy, if we could have found space by the water at all. Food is also noticably cheaper and they have wireless internet everywhere! And the scenery is every bit as pretty as Italy’s equivalent; Lake Garda. Why haven’t more people discovered this area, aside from the Germans? Before we set out to glide along the lake this morning, we had a reminder of what a small place the world is. As we were packing up our bikes to leave we got chatting to our neighbours in the campsite and we discovered they lived almost next door to Friedel’s aunt in Munich and came originally from the same area in Germany as Friedel’s grandfather. We had a good chat for quite some time about their memories of growing up in the same towns as we’ve come across in our genealogy research; fascinating for us. It was nearly midday by the time we got out of the campsite, stocked up on groceries and hit the road. The terrain was quite easy though and when we weren’t looking at the lake we were enjoying views of the many vineyards and people out wandering on a cool but pleasant summer’s day. The area is filled with beaches, parks and cafes.


  1. friedel
    11th July 2007 at 5:49 pm #

    Road notes: For most of the day we followed the cycle path along Lake Balaton. Occasionally the path seemed to take a long and unnecesary detour north or inland, which we avoided by rejoining the main road instead, highway 71. We were never long without a cycle path. There are tons of campgrounds in the area, going for 3,000 Hfts a night more or less, depending on the luxury level you require. Amazingly, our campsite had free wifi so we could sit by the lake and email home.

    What we spent: 2,500 fts camping, 1,352 groceries

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