Sierra Cascades Bike Route Revealed

acascreenshot.jpgA new bicycle touring route that takes cyclists all the way from the Canadian border to Mexico, along the stunning Cascade and Sierra Nevada mountain ranges, has been revealed by the Adventure Cycling Association.

Maps for the 3,800km journey through Washington, Oregon and California, will be available in April – just in time for the summer biking season.

Not only does this route get bike tourists away from the often busy Pacific Coastline (popular with cars as well as cyclists), it also takes in a number of national parks, including Mt. Rainier in Washington, Crater Lake in Oregon and California’s famous Yosemite National Park.

The last section of the journey sounds especially intriguing, from Lake Isabella, California to the Mexican border.

“Lakes, mountains, deserts and valleys, this section has them all! Highlights include the Mohave Desert, San Gabriel Mountains, San Gorgonio Mountains and the rustic small town of Idyllwild against the background of the San Jacinto Mountains. There are also plenty of scenic byways along the way beginning with the Angeles Crest on to Rim of the World and finally to the Sunrise Scenic Byway. The route ends at the Mexican border town of Tecate. This section intersects with the Southern Tier Bicycle Route in Pine Valley, California.” –Adventure Cycling Association

Until the maps are officially published, you can download an overview from the ACA website.

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