90km Batiscan – Cap Rouge, Quebec City

Another day where we really pushed our limits, from the flats of Batiscan, over rolling hills of apple orchards and up some steep climbs on the approach to Quebec. The endless fields of corn are now behind us, in favour of the historic city of Quebec.

We didn’t quite make it into the heart of the city, choosing instead to stay at a B&B just on the city limits. Friedel’s ankles were really giving her grief and so we thought it best to stop and give them a rest. Not surprising to have a bit of pain, considering we were on the road for nearly 5 hours today over some quite big hills. Thankfully the wind on our backs helped us out early on in the day.

Aside from the ankles, the rest of our muscles seem to be settling in okay, getting used to the idea that they are going to be tested for a while yet!

We are meeting some really lovely people on our trip. Today we stopped at a farm stand to buy a couple apples for a snack and the owner gave them to us, saying her husband was a cyclist and so she always gave out apples free to passing cyclists.

The scenery is very beautiful as well, with lots of little historic villages and views of the St. Lawrence river. We’ll likely spend Saturday in Quebec, and then carry on across the river to Levis and towards Riviere du Loup on Sunday.


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