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Planet Superflash Bike Light Review


We try to avoid cycling in the dark but sometimes it can’t be helped. Unexpectedly long days, bad weather and tunnels all create situations where you’ll need a light on your bike. Our favourite is the stunningly bright Planet Superflash bike light. It can’t be missed, plus it’s reasonably priced and clips on to anything. Read More »

Thunderstorm Safety While Cycling

Thunderstorms Ahead

Not a lot scares me about bike touring any more but thunderstorms definitely do. They can turn me from an adventurous cyclist into a trembling toddler within seconds. Bang! Avoiding Lightning On Your Bike Tour is the latest article in our resources section and offers tips on staying safe in an electrical storm. Read More »

Norwegian Tunnels Map For Cyclists


Bike touring in Norway means dealing with plenty of tunnels, some of them long, dark and narrow. Happily there’s an excellent Map of Norwegian Tunnels to help you sort the bike-friendly tunnels from the ones to avoid. The authors compiled the map after cycling in Norway and dealing with tunnels up to 24km long. Read More »