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Meet Tom Allen, Designer of The Newest Expedition Touring Bike

Tom Allen's Expedition Touring Bike

As a veteran bike tourer, film maker, well-known blogger and avid adventurer, you might be forgiven for thinking that Tom Allen had already taken on most projects imaginable. Earlier this year, however, the list got longer when Tom launched his very own expedition touring bike. The ethos is simple, durable and timeless. No fancy gadgets or high tech […] Read More »

Our Second Test Ride On Recumbent Bikes & Trikes


One day. Six different bicycles to test out, and a bright summer’s day with beautiful blue skies. If it sounds like a perfect combination, that’s because it was. This time we visited Maia Ligfietsen in the Dutch city of Dordrecht and spent several hours trying out various models. Fun! Read More »