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1,600km Across Europe on $50 Bicycles (And A Cookbook)


Last week, we stumbled across the website of Leah Bostwick. In the summer of 2013, she and a couple friends cycled 1,600km across Europe on bicycles that cost just $50 U.S. As Leah writes on her site, The Vegetarian Traveller: A wise man once said to me, ‘All you need to cycle is a bicycle read more...

Decathlon Quickhiker Ultralight 4: Our New, Cheap Tent


For years now, our trusty tent for bike touring and camping has been Hilleberg’s Nallo 3GT but this summer we retired our Nallo 3GT in favour of something bigger: the Decathlon Quickhiker Ultralight 4 tent. read more...

Radical Design Cyclone IV Trekking Trailer


Our review of the Radical Design Cyclone IV Trekking Trailer. In short: we love it! This trailer has made our packing much easier, now that we have to carry gear for three. read more...

2nd Edition of the Bike Touring Survival Guide, Now Available!


The 2nd edition of our Bike Touring Survival Guide is now available! The book now totals 450-pages (or 128,000 words) of bike touring guidance. Thank you for helping us to make it happen. read more...

Six Days, Four Countries, Four Bikes and a Toddler


Caution: this post is being written to the soundtrack of the Teletubbies. As parents of a two-year old, free time is a precious commodity. Bribery is frequently required. Since an episode of the Teletubbies only lasts 24 minutes, we’ll keep this short and sweet. It’s the story of our Easter tour: six days through Luxembourg, Belgium, read more...

Tips For Cycling The Vennbahn Rail Trail


The Vennbahn is a 125km rail trail that runs through Luxembourg, Belgium and Germany. We’re planning a trip on it and here’s the information we’ve gathered so far. read more...

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