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Planning a bike tour? This site is all about inspiring and helping you to get out and travel by bike.

It’s written by us, Friedel & Andrew. We’ve cycled in 33 countries and by 2010 we’d covered over 60,000km. At that point, we stopped counting but on average we cycle 4,000-5,000km a year.

Where to start? Try our FREE Bike Touring Basics book. It’s 66 pages of bike touring tips and advice on gear.

Bike Touring Basics

You can also read the online version of Bike Touring Basics. The text is broadly the same but the free PDF is easier to print and contains more photos.



Chapter 1: Why Go Bike Touring?
Chapter 2: No Experience? No Worries.
Chapter 3: How Much Will It Cost?
Chapter 4: Five Great Places To Ride
Chapter 5: Route Planning
Chapter 6: Where To Sleep
Chapter 7: Solo Or With Friends?
Chapter 8: Preparing For A Tour
Chapter 9: Dealing With Fear

Chapter 10: How To Pick A Touring Bike
Midrange Touring Bikes
Expedition Touring Bikes
Recumbents & Trikes
Used Bikes
Specific Models

Chapter 11: Common Bike Buying Questions
Steel or Aluminium Frame?
Good Wheels For Touring?
Disc or Rim Brakes?
Suspension Forks?
Gears For Touring?

Chapter 12: Our Favourite Bike Touring Gear
Bicycle Accessories
Tents For Touring
Camping Gear
Bicycle Locks

Chapter 13: Loading Up The Bicycle
Luggage Racks
Still Confused? Trailers Versus Panniers

Chapter 14: The Story of Louise Sutherland
Appendix: Packing List

Get in Touch if you still don’t see what you’re looking for. We’d love to share what we know and help plan your next cycling trip.

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