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The Road to Samarqand (285km)


We’re getting into the groove of Uzbekistan now, a few days after crossing the border. The country has greeted us in style with two of the most marvellous cities we’ve seen anywhere on our travels. Bukhara and Samarqand certainly live up to their reputations with charming old quarters and a string of tiled mosques, madrassas […] Read More »

Cycling in Iran Podcast


We took advantage of the afternoon sunshine yesterday to sit down and record our latest radio show. It’s all about our thoughts on cycling in Iran (fantastic people but crazy drivers) and getting visas for Central Asia (immensely frustrating and time consuming). We’ll also introduce you to two cyclists we met on the road: Tyson, […] Read More »

The great visa muddle


Some things are more enjoyable than others and for us we would rather be cycling backwards down a 10-lane highway at night than figuring out how in the world to get visas for Central Asia. What a nightmare. It’s impossible to get reliable information (the Uzbeks tell us something that contradicts other travellers and agencies). […] Read More »