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List of Personal events for our families

Rijstafel In Den Haag


We don’t eat out very often (we’re too cheap!) but when we do, we love to go for Indonesian food. We order the Rijstafel (translation: Rice Table). It’s a fantastic selection of dishes from salads to satay and the servings are generous. Read More »

No-Knead Bread

No-Knead Bread

When we were cycling around the world, we made a deal about coming home. The deal was this. When we got a house again, Andrew was going to become an ace baker, while Friedel did the cooking. Today, Andrew made a truly awesome loaf of bread. Read More »

Recipes I Want To Keep

I finally took the time to go through a big pile of neglected papers in our closet today. As I was sorting, I found several recipes that caught my eye at one time or another. I still want to make them, so I’ll type them out here to archive them. Read More »