Flying With A Bicycle In A Plastic CTC Bag

When we have to board a plane with our bicycles, we’ve traditionally packed our bikes in a box. Now we’re trying something different: the CTC plastic bicycle bag.

CTC Bicycle Bag

One bike packed up in a plastic bag and ready to fly.

What is it?

  • A heavy duty plastic bag that can be used about 5-6 times before it will probably need to be thrown out.
  • It’s really not much more than a thick sheet of plastic, sealed into a bag shape. You could make your own with any thick sheet of plastic and a bit of tape.
  • The CTC bag weighs 800 grams and is 1.27 meters wide x 2.5m long.
  • When folded it can be as small as 2.5 cm x 15cm x 30cm.

We like it because it is:

  • An affordable way to pack a bike. It costs under $10 U.S.
  • Quick! It takes only 15 minutes to get your bike ready to fly.
  • It’s small enough to slip under your luggage rack, so you can carry it with you while touring.
  • A multi-purpose bag. You can also use it as a groundsheet for your tent.

How do you pack it exactly?

It’s pretty straight forward. We start by turning the handlebars so they are parallel with the frame. We then put a cloth (in this case our travel towel) around the frame to protect it from scratches.

Packing A Bike For Air Travel: Put A Towel Around The Bicycle Frame

Putting your travel towel around the bicycle frame can be one way to protect it.

We take the pedals off (they go in our checked luggage):

Packing A Bike For Air Travel: Taking The Pedals Off

Taking the pedals off the bike.

We protect the derailleur. The first time we used a cardboard box:

Packing A Bike For Air Travel: Protect The Derailleur

A cardboard box is one way to protect the derailleur.

And the second time we found a plastic water bottle did the trick:

Packing A Bike For Air Travel: Protect The Derailleur

A plastic water bottle can also be a protective layer between your derailleur and any bumps.

Now we just have to let the air out of the tires and put the bike in the bag. We use packing tape to secure the bag. That’s it. The whole procedure takes about 15 minutes. Packing a bike into a box can easily take 1-2 hours (plus the time needed to find a box). When you have to unpack it, a bag also saves at least an hour of time.

The CycleTourer website shows a similar technique for packing their bikes in a bag.

When you get to the other end, you can put your bike back together, neatly fold the bag and stash it under your rack. Our bag stayed here without problem for an entire 3-week bike tour. We didn’t even notice it was there.

CTC Plastic Bike Bag

The plastic bike bag, neatly tucked under a back rack.

Won’t the bike be damaged?

The first time you use this bag, it may feel like a leap of faith. Will a simple plastic bag really protect your bike from the whims of baggage handlers and other airport risks? In our opinion, you don’t need to worry.

We flew twice using these bags and both times they were well treated. On the vehicle that brings the luggage to the plane, the bikes were carefully put to one side of the cart on their own (there were no other suitcases placed on or near the bikes) and the luggage handlers were careful when loading the bikes in the plane.

This seems to confirm the view that baggage handlers will be more careful with your bike if they see it’s a bike. If a bike is in a box, no one knows it’s a bike and it doesn’t look fragile, so suitcases and other heavy cargo might be piled on top of it, causing damage.

The CTC (the national cycle touring organisation in the UK) has this to say on the topic of packing bikes for a flight:

“When bikes fly naked, they paradoxically seem to suffer no more damage than when they go covered – usually less. We guess that’s because baggage handlers really are human, and don’t deliberately kick in the wheels etc! But a bike in a bag or box is just a package: that can be dropped, thrown, shoved and kicked into place just like any other bag or box. To prevent damage in that case you need a really hard case, that will only be big enough for a racing or mountain-bike and yet be heavy enough to make quite a dent in your luggage allowance.” – CTC

Of course it’s always possible to be unlucky. Sometimes bikes DO get damaged during air travel, however we’re not convinced that using a box makes that damage any less likely than with a bag. We’ll be using the bag from now on.

Will all airlines accept this as a valid way to pack a bicycle?

Before we used this bag, we were concerned that the airline (in this case, easyJet) would not accept the bikes unless they were in a box. We had heard stories about bikes being rejected at check-in.

To counteract this, we wrote easyJet and specifically asked if the CTC bag would be okay. They said yes.

In the end, this was a non-issue. The bikes passed through with no problem. Policies do change however and vary by airline so we advise you to check first before you buy your ticket!


  1. portia
    12th January 2011 at 9:07 am #

    I flew using this bag on easyjet bristol – palma. in bristol i had no problems. in palma on arrival they informed me they would not allow it on the return trip as it doesn’t meet easyjet baggage requirements. I had looked into this so I knew it did, I just didn’t bring a copy with me, so fly with this, its great, but definitely take copies of an easyjet approval letter.

    • Douglas Thomas
      19th October 2014 at 7:17 pm #

      We flew from Malaga to Bristol. Bikes wouldn’t fit through the airport security scanners with the front wheel on. Had to take out of the bag to scan then repackage which added time to whole process. As well as protecting the frame I’d recommend putting padding on any sharp edges such as racks or brake levers to stop rips to the bag. Ours arrived OK but bumped around and bags were ripped in a few places.

      • Tntmace
        30th November 2014 at 12:05 am #

        Wow…. I cannot imagine not trying to protect my carbon bike with as much protection as I can. Delta and AirFrance destroyed my TREK MADONE Project One bike on the way home from a bike trip in Italy. It was in a hard Thule case and still suffered fatal damage at their handling.
        I had to completely replace the bike with no help from the airline.
        You have a lot more faith in baggage handlers and airline/equipment then I do… I want to travel and bike, but after this huge loss I am thinking of driving more in the U S and renting internationally.

        • Carlos
          9th March 2016 at 4:08 am #

          It seems you didn’t read the article at all but just the headline. More than once the article states that seeing that it’s a bike gets better handling. I would imagine that in the hard case it was assumed it would be well protected and they could just toss it around…..

    • Hill Special
      19th February 2016 at 8:45 pm #

      Flew with the bikes in the 80s and 90s many times just with cardboard wrapped around the main tubes, forks n stays. No problems. Then flew again several times from 2010 using the CTC bags. No probs. Flew with a padded bike bag twice, bag quite scuffed, but bike OK. Flew to Geneva in 2015 with CTC bike bags, but 17 days later Easyjet refused to fly us home from Nice , France with the CTC bags, so we had to buy 22 Euro cardboard boxes. Weeks later easyjet refunded the money, but for 2016 they refuse to say if we can use the CTC bags or not. So will need another plan.

  2. Mat
    12th January 2011 at 10:32 am #

    This is a good idea. I have used bike bags and home made boxes before with no hassle at all.

    My point would be:

    – When they see it is a bike they charge more for the transportation. Flybe its £45 for a bike, if it is hidden in a box or bag you can often get away with booking it in as your own baggage £9.99 or whatever they charge nowadays.

    Its a good idea in many respects as it will be quick and easy to sort out on the other side.


  3. Graeme Willgress
    12th January 2011 at 12:23 pm #

    I did this many years ago on a trip to California. Neither bike was damaged or scratched and I firmly believe that if the contents can be seen, more care will be taken, wheras a parcel is a parcel and will be thrown around.
    In addition to turning the bars etc, I did unscrew the rear deraillieur and wrap it in card so it couldnt get bent.

    • Kai Mikkel Forlie
      2nd March 2011 at 3:39 am #


      With all due respect to all of you, as a former Airline Captain, I can assure everyone that packing your bike in a plastic bag and then trusting it to the folks behind the counter (and right on down the line to the rampers) is quite likely the craziest thing I’ve ever heard. I suppose one worse would be to not include the bag. The vast majority of folks throwing bags could care less about your bike, whether packed in a box, slipped in a bag or otherwise. A properly boxed bicycle (heavy duty box and lots and lots of reinforcing and padding) at least provides a physical barrier between your bike and the variety of malicious opponents that comprise the airline baggage handling system. I always did everything in my power to NEVER allow any of my belongings (bags or otherwise) to get anywhere near the back of the airplane. This plastic bag idea is A VERY BAD IDEA [my apologies for the “upper case” yelling). Maybe some will get lucky. I wouldn’t count on it. Even once. Please think twice.

      No hard feelings! Thanks everybody. 🙂

      • Friedel
        2nd March 2011 at 7:14 am #

        The debate rages on 😉 I don’t think we’ll ever see an end to the question of ‘which is best’ but it is interesting to have your view, Kai. Do you think the treatment of luggage perhaps varies by airport and country? I must say, crazy as it sounds, that the bags are quite popular here in Europe and I know many people who have repeatedly used them with success. That said, any time you hand your bike over you lose a bit of control. You can also get unlucky on the road and bend your wheel going over a pothole, so… cross your fingers and hope for the best, sort of like life in general.

      • Phil Somerville
        2nd March 2011 at 8:46 am #

        And how does a non pilot ensure their belongings do not get near the back of the plane… And how does a cyclist obtain all the necessary packing when on the road… I wonder why the CTC have adopted the plastic back approach..

      • Kai Mikkel Forlie
        2nd March 2011 at 5:18 pm #

        I think the only real variable is the size of the airport. More things scan go wrong at large airports with more intricate baggage handling systems.

        I would wager that airlines are pushing plastic bags for fuel savings (less weight) – a noble motivation, but not one, I would argue, that is in the best interest of their customers. Of course, airlines employing the plastic bag idea may instruct their rampers to take care. But even with appropriate care, the baggage transportation network at airports (expecially large examples) is rife with pitfalls. The intricate system of belts and pulleys, tugs & trailers, lifts and cargo hatches, plus airplane specific loading requirements simply provide too many pitfalls and thus increased potential for damage. One example – I can’t tell you how many times I watched bags fall off trailers being towed by speeding tugs. The bouncing and cartwheeling was always a good show, as was the length of time it (they) would sit there, marooned on the ramp in the rain and snow, until someone came along and picked it (them) up. Personally, I wouldn’t want my “bike-in-a-bag” to undergo this kind of trauma. In contrast, a properly packed box would prevent any damage in this scenario. And trust me, there are many other scenarios equally as lethal (falling off anything elevated above the ground, getting piled underneath other baggage, tug accident on the ramp). To be clear, the plastic bag concept relies solely on everything going to plan/nothing bad happening. How often do you think this rings true?

        Personally, I don’t ride on airplanes any more. When I did, however, I brought a folding bicycle that fit in a suitcase (Bike Friday). And before I was in the business, my “bike-in-a-suitcase” allowed me to avoid any additional baggage fees plus my bike always arrived in one piece.

        My comment about “…doing everything in my power to never let my personal belongings make it into the back of the airplane,” mostly utilized a practice available to everyone. Pack light – only bring a little bit so you can bring everything with you on board. The minute you check any piece of baggage, its a crapshoot when or even whether you’ll ever see it again. Of course, this won’t work with a bicycle in-tow; I was just lending support to my opposition against letting my bags get out of sight. Google “airline baggage statistics” for some eye-opening data.

        A properly-packed box is a physical buffer between your bike and the complicated baggage handling systems in use at airports. It’s the only anti-damage solution that works 99.9999% of the time. Odds are in your favor with a box. A bag can’t come close to this kind of reliablity. My advice? Depart from your front door – or if you must rely on public transportation – take a train or slip aboard ship. Your bike will thank you. 🙂

      • Dave
        2nd March 2011 at 9:06 pm #

        There aren’t many trains or ships available to those of us in New Zealand wanting to go somewhere else…

      • Ilya
        12th March 2011 at 11:26 pm #

        Kai, thank you for both of your comments and responceful approach, you’ve helped me to make decision.

      • jake
        24th January 2012 at 12:00 pm #

        Well – We used to send racing shells un-packed in plastic so their visibility invites care.

        I think even bag throwers – tired, under-or overpaid – will are for a light bike in clear plastic.

        Go for it.

      • jill
        1st June 2013 at 7:33 am #

        Sad that you say that about your own former company. I
        put my son’s bike on in a simple bag, no issues, handled
        just fine.

  4. Bob Taylor
    12th January 2011 at 1:10 pm #

    Beware if flying on KLM – I checked with them regarding a flight from London to Miami for my South Florida Loop in May and was told via email that…

    “A bicycle box is the only officially approved packing for transport aboard KLM flights. KLM bicycle boxes (dimensions: 177 x 23 x 102 cm) can be purchased for EUR 20 in the luggage claim area at most airports. This service needs to be requested at the time of booking and will need to be confirmed prior to departure”

    Very disappointed as the CTC bag was ideal in both ease and cost!

    • friedel
      12th January 2011 at 1:12 pm #

      Ah, that is a shame. KLM of all airlines (being Dutch and very familiar with bikes) should theoretically be easy to get along with!

    • tastest
      19th May 2011 at 3:44 pm #

      For shame on KLM( arent they Dutch??) with more bikes than people in their country.

      Two years ago, we flew to France with Air Canada.They charged us mega bucks each way for the bikes AND gave us a hassle re bike plastic bags.
      This time, we are flying Air Transat to Europe. They have a very clear equipment policy on their web site and the charge of $30 each way per bike includes a bag from Air Transat.

      • Lasha
        11th June 2012 at 9:22 pm #

        How did things go with Air Transat and the clear plastic bag? Would love to hear if you had success.

  5. Rik
    12th January 2011 at 1:52 pm #

    Random thought: If you chose to use a box, or *had* to use a box, you could sketch a bike on the sides with a marker pen. Best of both?

    • friedel
      12th January 2011 at 2:23 pm #

      I’ve seen this before and I suppose it can’t hurt but I wonder if the rushed baggage handler really stops to look? With a bag, it’s more or less impossible for them to pile stuff on top of the bike, or at least a lot less easy than with a box.

      • Rik
        12th January 2011 at 6:05 pm #

        Totally: bags seems best, but if you’re caught short, or it’s not your call,…

  6. Becky
    12th January 2011 at 10:48 pm #

    We’ve used plastic and we’ve use the bike bag ( When we used the bike bag, we watched in horror as the baggage handle threw the bikes onto the belt to be loaded on the plane.
    When we flew Air Canada with our bikes, we arrived and they provided the bag for us.
    One word of caution though – try not to put pedals or any other important piece of equipment in your checked luggage (pedals can often be put on the inside of the opposite crack – we had our bikes arrive safely but one of our bags didn’t. We were lucky that we had everything we needed with us – except Scott’s bike shorts – that’s another tip, pack a pair of shorts in each of your bags, so if one doesn’t make it, you still have your essentials.

    • friedel
      13th January 2011 at 3:41 pm #

      Good tips Becky! I suppose you can’t always guard against everything though. We were told that our multi-tool was okay by the security guards on duty at the time, but might not be allowed through security by other airports. Similarly, our pedals have spikey cleats, so they had to go in a checked bag.

      • David
        30th June 2011 at 3:40 pm #

        My pedal spanner was deemed a weapon at Cologne airport, despite having no particularly sharp parts. I argued that my laptop would probably be more dangerous if I decided to hit someone with the corner of it, but no, because it was metal and ‘tool-like’, I had to throw it away. Which made getting my pedals back on at the other side slightly frustrating. At least I could screw them on loosely by hand. Very frustrating though.

        Oh and for the record, does anyone know what proportion of airports actually sell bike boxes? At Cologne airport, they didn’t sell such a thing (neither the airlines or the airport facility itself), nor did they have any concept of why I would expect them to sell one. They were baffled but suggested I speak to lost property to see if they could help. Luckily they had some spare plastic to wrap around the bike to satisfy the airline’s requirement of a bike bag. Crisis averted, but next time I’ll be taking a CTC bike bag, that’s for sure. Relying on the airport/airlines having something is heart-attack inducing. 🙂

        • friedel
          1st July 2011 at 9:15 am #

          Yes, pedal spanners should always go in your checked baggage. Usually our multi-tool gets through okay, but we were told once that even it could be confiscated if security felt it was a risk. Strangely enough, frying pans were no problem!

          • Pat
            28th April 2016 at 7:52 am #

            I’ve had issues with a small barbell style box spanner (because I may use it to start dismantling the plane!!) and a D lock because of its weight and could be used to hit somebody with, why they don’t have the same problem with bottles of alcohol which could be smashed to make a lethal weapon I’ll never know…apart from profits that is

  7. Doug Nienhuis
    13th January 2011 at 4:27 am #

    I think putting your bike in a bag like this is far better than boxing it for all the reasons you mentioned: It’s faster and easier. You don’t have to find a box or worry about finding a box or build your own box. Best of all, it opens up the possibility of just riding your bike to the airport when it’s time to fly. Packing a bike in a box is usually done at home or in a hotel room. That can be a gargantuan task, and then you have to somehow find an airport bus or taxi or shuttle that will take your huge bike box. Having to use a bus or taxi to get to or from the airport takes away one of the great things about cycling – that you don’t need to rely on evil buses or taxis.

    I wouldn’t be at all worried about damage to a bike when it’s inside a bag. My bike has suffered far more damage from being in a box than it ever did while actually riding it on tour. Baggage handlers have always just laid the box flat and then piled suitcases on top of it. They wouldn’t be able to do that if the bike were in a plastic bag.

    The worst instance for me was on Air France. My bike-in-a-box actually went missing for a couple of days. Then when it showed up, it looked like it had been stomped on by elephants. The cardboard was ripped open down one side and the rear wheel was bent completely out of shape. The cardboard box hadn’t protected the bike in any way. I think the opposite is true: It just opened it up to serious abuse and damage. A bag would have been far better.

    Having said that, however, I’ve almost always put my bike in a box for the simple reason that all the airlines I’ve flown with (and a train in Canada) REQUIRED me to box up the bike. They won’t accept it any other way. Only once did I fly with an airline that said it was okay not to box the bike. I was nervous about it and checked their website a dozen times and I called the airline to double-check. I was told very clearly that I didn’t have to box the bike. But, sure enough, when I got to the check-in counter at the airport, they told me the bike had to be boxed. I told them about their own airline policy and how I had talked to the airline to confirm it, but the people at the check-in counter followed their own rules.

    It goes against my instincts, but it almost seems better to simply ignore the official airline rules and do what you want. In this last case, the airline eventually accepted my unboxed bike after a frantic thirty minutes of covering it up with torn pieces of cardboard and packing tape. I have a feeling that nearly every airline will say in their fine print somewhere that bikes have to be in boxes. But if you just show up with a bike and put it in a bag, perhaps they will be forced to accommodate you. It’s a big risk to take, though.

  8. Jonathan Bainbridge
    18th January 2011 at 9:09 am #

    Hi, hmm i’ve never thought of doing this but it makes sense that if the baggage handlers can see it’s a bike rather than just another box they may treat it with a little more respect; i’ll try this next time.

    I’ve flown with my bike in a bike bag many times before both shorthaul and long haul all with bike bags. Years ago I found my bike on the bottom of a trolley with 5 bikes stacked on top of it, thankfully my pride and joy was just fine however! However on a recent trip back from New Zealand I wasn’t so lucky and both my pannier rack and my forks were damaged even though I spent a couple of hours the night before carefully packing it away in its bike bag.

    No matter how you pack it though i think you’ll always have that ‘butterfly’ feeling in your stomach as you wait in the baggage reclaim for your bike to arrive safely – will it arrive in one piece!?!?! :o)

  9. simon
    18th January 2011 at 11:24 am #

    hi A&F, good to hear from you, just to add about air travel i had my bike damaged both ways nz to london by singapore airlines and it was in a bike box.
    they tried to charge me $600 for freight but after an hours bebate i transfered weight from luggage and got it free out of nz and the return trip they didnt ask for any fee.great airline for me but not my bike.
    any tricks on back ache from cycling?
    simon kiwi nz

  10. Malcolm Liddle
    18th January 2011 at 11:30 am #

    I’ve only ever taken bikes on Ryanair or easyjet and have used less packaging each time. Started with just sheets od cardboard that we taped and zippied on to wheels and gears. The last time we came back from Stockholm we bought some cheap black bin liners and wrapped round the whheels and gears. The checkin person didn’t like it much but her only bsanction was to put a sticker on the bikes saying that she thought the packing was substandard and gewtting us to sign a disclaimer form. We’ve suffered no damage so far.
    Our main trouble has always been locating the obscure area of the airport that they’ve left the bikes on arrival

  11. Helena
    18th January 2011 at 11:31 am #

    Thanks for posting this article! I hadn’t even thought of using a plastic bag and was dreading lugging a cardboard box to the airport before my trip this summer – but this made me think. I’ve checked the airlines requirements (Air NZ) and am pleased to see that a plastic bag is fine.

    • Andrew
      18th January 2011 at 9:52 pm #

      I brought my mountain bike over from New Zealand to the UK flying Air NZ. It was by chance that I noticed the free 10kg “Sporting Equipment” allowance (including bikes) and thought “why not!”. My bike was just sitting in my parents garage. I tried a bike box but just couldn’t get it to fit nicely, so on a friends advice just wrapped the frame in bubble wrap and left the wheels exposed (the idea being that I could wheel it around still). Although I had covered all the greasy bits the friendly check-in lady said the wheels also needed to be covered, but I had some spare bubble wrap and tape with me just in case. When I got to Heathrow the bike was handed to me 100% damage free (after a slightly anxious wait). I ripped off the rear wheel wrapping, made a handle (hole in front wheel wrapping) and wheeled it onto the Tube, train and home to Colchester! The plastic bag would be much easier than all the bubble wrapping I did!

      Not sure if Air NZ still offer the free 10kg allowance though. This was over a year ago.

      • Dave
        18th January 2011 at 11:22 pm #

        Hi Andrew,
        I think they count it as an item of baggage now, which mean’s you’ve gotta pay a bit extra if you’re in economy want to take another bag for stuff like, you know, clothes..
        The charges flying out of NZ are NZD20 domestic and NZD75 international.

      • Jonathan Bainbridge
        19th January 2011 at 9:43 am #

        I know it’s a long way round but on some airlines (I flew Virgin/Air NZ), if you go via the U.S (I had a lovely few days in San Francisco on my way back from NZ) you get to take two items of hold luggage for free. One of these items can be a bike as long as it’s less than 20kg!

      • Dave
        19th January 2011 at 9:54 am #

        I think AirNZ’s changed their policy (as of May 2010) so that now its the same everywhere that they fly- including the states.

  12. Stephen
    18th January 2011 at 12:48 pm #

    Doug Nienhuis makes a very good point – I really enjoy arriving at an airport, reassembling the bike, and riding off to find the adventure. So far, I’ve once ridden to an airport (more about that in a moment), but mostly have had to take taxi or train.
    When I first travelled with a bike – from Dubai of all places, but perhaps luckily so because we were all naive together – I just turned up at the airport with bike and panniers and we worked it out, with some laughter and many bemused looks! There was no damage and no problem, except when security insisted on putting it through the large X-ray machine and it fell over, so one of them had to crawl in to sort things out!
    Since then I thought I’ve been more cautious. I’ve tried using a soft, Goretex envelope (designed for bikes). This meant I could cycle to the airport, and dismantle the bike and pack into the bag. Ideal, and the bag folds into a small-ish package that I stored at the bottom of a pannier (or in the trailer bag). But this is no longer my favourite idea; it’s both soft, hence not much protection, and anonymous.The bag has holes worn in it, it’s not that easy for airline staff to handle, and not much else can be fitted into the bag.
    For me, boxes have been OK, tho’ the last one arrived in tatters in Vienna. That was partly poor taping on my part, and the return trip was better. At least quite a lot of other gear can be fitted into the box, which reduces the shear number of bits’n’pieces to handle.
    So, based on this range of experiences, I’d have to agree – when the bike is visible as a bike, it stands a good chance of being treated with some respect. I will try this clear plastic bag, armed with a letter from the airline, even tho’ it does mean having 5 or more pieces of luggage to manage.

    • friedel
      18th January 2011 at 12:54 pm #

      Stephen, I should have taken a picture of what we do with our panniers afterwards! You’re right, in a box you can put some stuff in the box like sleeping bags and mats (though technically you’re not supposed to according to most airlines). When we travel by air – with a box or a bag – we always put our check-in luggage into these Chinese shopping bags. They’re durable, cheap and universally available. They also make a good ‘door mat’ outside the tent to catch mud and other dirt 😉

    • Anders
      21st April 2015 at 3:32 pm #

      as others previously said, I’d advice against just dumping important luggage/bike parts in the box. If the box tears, you’ll be unlucky. At least tape or tie the stuff to the frame. Pannier bags can be made to be 1 package: stack them and wrap w plastic (provided for a fee in many airports).

  13. Allan Stokell
    18th January 2011 at 7:29 pm #

    I fully agree that a plastic bag is the only way to go! I’ve never protected the derailleur before but I certainly will next time.

    I do chock the front wheels straight with a bungee cord though. The only time I’ve ever had damage was when the wheel got turned in the bag and something heavy got thrown on it. I have a little on packing a bike on my website:

  14. Roy Sinclair
    21st January 2011 at 9:48 pm #

    I did many trips with bike in Groundeffect Tardis bag with no issues. Then I returned to NZ from Zurich with my Dahon TR. Swiss charged me 200 CHF to carry the bike to my connecting Qantas flight at Frankfurt.
    Arriving home my Dahon had considerable damage. A query to Qantas customer Care was treated with complete non-interest, despite being as long-time frequent flier. Customer Care was DON’T CARE. So wouldn’t recommend either airline for traveling with bike.

    Plastic bag seems a good idea. I will try it.

    The famous round-the-world-cyclist, Anne Mustoe, would wheel her bicycle to the check-in and demand they take it as it is. She was mostly successful.

  15. bruce gordon
    24th January 2011 at 7:51 am #

    on april 15th 2011 i will begin my attempt to beat the guinness world record for fastest global circimnavigation by bicycle. i believe i have worked out most issues that will come up but was dreading the whole find a box, box the bike, cross the fingers, fly to next leg of the ride, unbox the bike, put bike back together bit. i do a lot of touring and have had many negative experiences directly related to using boxes. Doug really explained that whole senerio well. having to taxi to motel or from motel to airport. a real bummer compared to riding to and from airports. using a bag will save me loads of time and energy. its a bit extra weight to carry the whole 29000kms but worth it if it saves me all that time. I will definatly check with the airlines and print copies of airline policy replies to my queries first though.

  16. bruce gordon
    24th January 2011 at 8:06 am #

    i am a tad nervous though as the frame is carbon fiber and its a recumbent to boot. still, probably safer if handlers can see it. had never read about or considered a bag before. thanks for the tip

    • Willie Weir
      3rd February 2011 at 7:44 am #

      Carbon fiber frame+world tour with lots of flights=Yikes!
      Good luck!

      • bruce gordon
        3rd February 2011 at 8:08 am #

        haha ya like i said, bit nervous. guess we’ll see. fingers crossed.

      • Bruce
        4th March 2011 at 6:28 am #

        Decided on an aluminum framed bacchetta corsa instead. It’s one pound heavier but probably more likely to survive the 5 flights it’s going to take for me to complete my ride. Still waffling on this issue of box vs bag. Though I’m leaning towards the wise words of retired pilot, Kai Mikkel Forlie. Especially after googling “airline baggage statistics” as he suggested.

  17. Tabitha
    24th January 2011 at 10:18 pm #

    What about the panniers? I am planning a trip to Portugal from London, taking my bike and both rear and front panniers. I’ve never flown with my bike before and am wondering how the airline will react to me handing over checked luggage consisting of four pieces. Do they expect you to tie them up together to act as one? I’m using a cheap airline that stipulates only one piece of checked luggage per person, plus hand luggage of limited size (EasyJet). Do airlines make allowances for cyclists who obviously cannot cycle with a suitcase? Thanks for your expertise!

    • Friedel
      25th January 2011 at 7:46 am #

      Hi Tabitha, if you read through the comments (about 5 above this one), you’ll see a link I left to what we call our ‘Chinese shopping bags’. You can find them in dollar stores all over the world. They’re great for combining 2-3 panniers in one airline-checkable bag.

  18. Nigel
    25th January 2011 at 10:35 pm #


    I am a baggage handler.

    I really don’t think it makes much difference in what you pack your beloved bike in, it is all about the person handling it and there attitude to the job, simple!

    I work at a small regional hub been Newquay, UK, where everyone knows each other and has a vested interest in the tourism as its linked to there jobs. Large airports…hmmm! I have travelled with Air Namibia with a padded bike bag, the frame was dented, luckily it’s steel so more cosmetic, now it’s a feature of it’s travels!

    I will put the big question, box it, padded bag it or clear bag it to my fellow handlers!


    • Bruce
      1st February 2011 at 3:03 am #

      Nigel, you’ve left us hanging. What was the final consensous to the bog question? Though I think vie made up my mind to risk the clear plastic bag with the airlines that will allow that.

    • Bruce
      1st February 2011 at 3:04 am #

      Nigel, you’ve left us hanging. What was the final consensous to the big question? Though I think vie made up my mind to risk the clear plastic bag with the airlines that will allow that.

  19. Bruce
    26th January 2011 at 12:28 am #

    Haha, just the person to clear this up. I will be very interested to see what your coworkers have to say on the subject. Is there anyway to convey to the baggage handlers to please handle my beloved bike with utmost care? Say…if you read on side of bike bag…
    Dear baggage handlers. This tired bike is attempting to propel it’s rider around the planet. It still has a long way to go. Please handle with kid gloves. Would that insight a negative or positive response? What would you write on bike bag?

  20. Nigel Francis
    1st February 2011 at 2:01 pm #

    Clear bag.

  21. Nigel Francis
    2nd February 2011 at 8:18 pm #


    OK, hopefully a definitive answer! We only operate from a small regional airport (Newquay, Cornwall) but I have a colleaguee who has worked at larger airports which use the container boxes used on the larger jets.

    Cardboard Box: Will offer more protection but the consensus is, some baggage handlers will not even consider what might be in there and just handle more firmly (throw!), with also the chance of bags been placed on top. Not ideal.

    Hard Case: The perfect answer but no good for the touring cyclist. Unless returning to the same airport on departure and it can be stored there.

    Padded Bag: Again falls into the same category as the case. I had my bike in a padded bag and it still got a dent in the frame, luckily steel so only cosmetic damage.

    CTC Clear Plastic Bag: The overhaul agreement is, if we know what it is, it would be treated with some care. All attempts would be made to place the bike on top of bags in a cargo hold last. Ideally suggested to pad the front dropouts (rag/pipe insulation) and protect the rear mech. The Dash, ATR, CRJ etc…. (regional) type aircraft, it is easier for the handler to stand the bike up once bags are in. The bike is then seen first by the handler on landing. If the aircraft is a CRJ, 737 or A320 type then a baggage belt will be used. If so the bike will generally be placed on it, it could get knocked, belts are not particularly wide but are slow, so not really a concern. It would also be prudent when travelling to or from some countries or continents (Africa) to remove everything (pump, lights etc..) that looks Gucci! it will go walk about otherwise!

    Aircraft types been; Dash series, ATR, CRJ series, generally all smaller regional aircraft and 737 to Airbus A320 size. These are all hand loaded, no containers. 757-767-777 and up, A300, A330, A340 and up all containered aircraft.

    Container aircraft the bike will be placed on top of the bags in the container, if they can see it is a bike it generally will be treated accordingly. If it is in a box it might be forced into a smaller opening or placed in first and bags placed on top. Then you are looking at something like 500-700kg pushing down on the box/bike, not ideal!

    As with anywhere human nature can take its toll!

    I hope this insight helps.



    • friedel
      2nd February 2011 at 10:54 pm #

      Nigel, this is really fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with the community.

    • bruce gordon
      3rd February 2011 at 3:33 am #

      wow, thanks for this. it helps me emmensely with my decision and puts my mind at ease too. it will be so nice to be able to ride to the airport and prepare the bike for baggage without having to track down a box and 2 rolls of tac tape. especially since i would be needing to do this 5 separate times on this global ride. i will take your advice, forego the note to baggage handlers and spend that energy wrapping the easily damaged bits instead. i just might copy your letter and bring it with me too.
      thanks again.. happy trails.

  22. Nigel Francis
    2nd February 2011 at 8:24 pm #

    PS: feel free to right something on the box but be-warned you might also get some sarky comment written next to it as it comes on the carousel all intent of embarrassing you around your waiting fellow travellers! 🙂

  23. Rik
    2nd February 2011 at 8:37 pm #

    Awesome! I might actually print this and take it with me whenever I’m likely to need to persuade check-in staff that a clear bag is the way to go. Thanks.

  24. Doug W
    2nd February 2011 at 10:58 pm #

    Thank you Nigel. That was very helpful! And I agree, Rik. I’m going to print this and bring it with me too.

  25. Graeme Willgress
    2nd February 2011 at 11:02 pm #

    Thank you Nigel. A great help to all of us 🙂

  26. Dave Holladay
    3rd February 2011 at 2:50 pm #

    I’ve been working with CTC on cycles with public transport issues for many years, and add the following notes.

    The CTC polyethene sack is 500 gauge material – almost the thickest conventionally available from those making pipe repair liners and water barriers for the construction industry, CTC sourced this when British Airways stopped issuing an equivalent product free to cyclists, and wheelchair users. It is also useful for other sporting equipment when travelling by air.

    Easyjet did for some time have a picture of a bike in the CTC bag on their website and the procedures manual for baggage handling contractors, and on more than one occasion this page has been shown to staff at the airport to prove that the bag is (or was?) an accepted form of packing for a cycle.

    About 5 years ago we had a major hiatus with Easyjet concerning hydraulic brakes and suspension, when CAA issued new guidance on carrying certain liquids (intended to apply to CONTAINERS of said liquids, than could leak into the aircraft hold). Perhaps the major issue was that the cycling holiday businesses which would have been affected represented a market in travel and accommodation worth €- millions per year.

    Most important though is to remember that it is not the airline which deals with baggage at the airport – it is the baggage (and often full ground handling services) contractor. Over the years the CTC help desk and I have noted some distinct trends – Stansted notoriously stands head & shoulders above other UK airports as the most likely place you will have a problem – I think the principal contractor these is Menzies. Liverpool JL is also a regular source of complaints. I would greatly appreciate details of the contractors and their performance across the UK (Servisair/Aviance etc). Some smaller airports will even have passengers carrying their out of gauge/special handling bags to the plane

    In such a piece it is worth highlighting the Warsaw Convention on Air Passengers Rights (1929) and the current Montreal Convention which has largely superceded the 1929 one

    We have a similar problem with Eurostar – the London check in insists on folded and bagged folding bikes, and can be fazed by conventional machines reduced to the permitted size (90 x 120cm) and bagged up yet in Brussels we heve regular feedback that you simply wheel the bike through and fold it at the train. In 2009 I left the Velo City conference and thanks to a puncture and local riot. arrived at Brussel Sud less than 5 minutes before my train was due to depart – and I still made it – heading up the ramp with 2 minutes to reach the train. Since simplifying the booking service for bikes travelling assembled (max length 2.0m) the number of £20 bookings has risen by over 900% on the figures from 2007, when the change took place, shortly after the move to the new London Terminus

    Bikes in bags packed flat and dismantled/folded to produce a compact package are also accepted on National Express coaches and Stagecoach coach services, and can circumvent the pain of cycle reservations on rail services. I only paid the £3 reservation charge twice when travelling by rail in the late 1980’s, by using a fixed wheel bike and a groundsheet – fast to dismantle wheels, saddle & bars from frame and wrap all in a large ‘portfolio’ package. NB some coach services do accept bikes naked if there is no risk of damage to other luggage/the coach – Oxford Tube services have around 3% of passengers on commuter services travelling with bikes, and in some parts of rural Scotland up to 20% of seats (10 bikes) can be filled by kids travelling with bikes to local bike trails.

    Just been tracking Charlotte Barnes trip down under with her Penny – first on Piccadilly line to LHR then check-in – no problem – along with 3 surf boards. Awaiting news of HKG to Oz journey – I think there should be pics of several Pennies travelling on Central Line – Mile End to Ealing.

    If you are doing any such trips do count bikes and total number of passengers on the bus/train/plane. Off peak rail typically 10% = bikes general figure 3%. Just did a spot 5 min count at Waterloo Station – over 40 bikes plus more cyclists (in bike gear) going to bike racks = 500+ bikes per hour. Send in via CTC

  27. Dave Holladay
    3rd February 2011 at 3:06 pm #

    Oops – PS the Montreal Convention and Limited Liability release waiver.

    This basically sets the terms for compensation paid if an airline kills you or damages you or your luggage. A limited release is what you may be asked to sign before your bike is accepted for carriage by air. It basically says you accept that your bike is a fragile item and might get damaged and you thus release the airline from certain liabilities relating to damage or loss…. Not that the compensation rates set (per Kg) are any great shakes for a light and valuable item like a bike.

    Read the conditions of carriage for luggage and you can find some gems – Air Canada did for a while remove the Limited Release condition if the bike was presented in a hard case – read that small print!

    We’ve also had a case of a member using Jet 2 from Leeds (sorry Yeadon near Leeds) airport where the bikes required for a holiday were not packed on the flight they took and then did not follow on a subsequent flight as promised. The airline offered no payment for a substantial loss on accommodation bookings and enjoyment, only refunding the bike booking fees. the case was pursued though a low cost household policy legal assistance add-on product.

    • Friedel
      3rd February 2011 at 6:26 pm #

      More great feedback. Thanks to you too, Dave. You and Nigel are our stars of the month 🙂

  28. Andy
    3rd February 2011 at 10:37 pm #

    ctc clear bag it is 🙂

  29. Dominique
    3rd February 2011 at 11:37 pm #

    We spent an ‘interesting’ fortnight in Nadi, Fiji some years ago, having my rear wheel re-built after packing our bikes in plastic bags on our British Airways Flight.

    We arrived at some unholy hour only to discover it had been buckled beyond recognition enroute. Getting it from the airport to a hostel was also an experience that will remain with me for some time….at least BA finally paid for the replacement.

    The moral of this tale…who knows? I guess in reality a cardboard box offers little more protection than a bit of plasic so it’s probably the luck of the draw:-)

  30. Andrew
    2nd March 2011 at 10:25 am #

    I am new to cycle touring and needed to transport my bike from Helsinki to London using Easyjet. My answer was to obtain a cardboard box from a bike shop (the ones shiny new bikes are delivered in), I used Easyjets ‘sporting goods’ addition which weemed good value. After much disassembly and duct tape I had it packed, this took a long time to complete. It turned out to be quite a heavy & cumbersome package to transport around (I had added a few extra bits in the box, which you’re not really supposed to do). I was expecting problems at check in with a box of that weight and size, but the only hardship I had was to wheel it a little further to the relevant doorway.
    On arrival everything was in order, the bike was in the same condition as when it left, although the box had been opened and re-sealed by security, your option of the clear bag would have saved a lot of time and energy on packing, transport and airport checks… its very clear what is in the bag, no need for the airline to open it and no chance of bits and pieces going missing.

  31. Andrew
    2nd March 2011 at 10:27 am #

    Ps. Really good thread. Lots of useful information. Thank you.

  32. Bruce
    4th March 2011 at 8:12 am #

    Statistics show that for the month of December, depending on the airline, there were between 2 and 10 damaged luggage reports per 1000 passengers. So only .2 to 1%. doesn’t sound to bad when related in those terms. But it amounted to 222,909 reports of damaged luggage.

    I couldn’t find any statistics directly relating to damaged bicycles.
    My buddy and I fly to the states once or twice a year for a bike tour, then fly home again. We have been doing this for 9 yrs now. I think 12 trips. So 24 flights x 2. We’ve always used boxes but until recently, I didn’t know bags were an option. However, despite being well boxed, we have both had our bikes damaged twice. The last time my buddies was ruined.(he did get compensation for it and it was on the return flight so not so bad).
    We’ve had the boxes returned to us in horrible shape many times, have had them misplaced for days as well as not show up on same flight. I would love to believe that using a bag could somehow decrease the odds of this happening, and I would love to be able to just ride to the airport and slip the bike in a bag. No more calling bike shops, searching for boxes. I’d like to think that a handler seeing the bike through the bag would cause him to use more care but then I saw the passenger count for the statistic I noted above… 46,441,509. That’s a lot a baggage man. How carful is a guy going to be when every day is met with that kind of colossal situation.

    • friedel
      4th March 2011 at 1:00 pm #

      Well, it is more than just 1 man handling those 46 million pieces of baggage 🙂 I also think bikes usually don’t go through quite the same path as the normal luggage. They go as oversized luggage or sometimes even that is bypassed. Coming back from Spain, for example, we took our bikes to a door that opened directly to the area where the planes were parked and they were then put directly on the cart that went to the plane.

      In any case, this is truly one of those “never ending” debates and there is no “definite” answer. So much depends on luck and the airports / airlines you use. Everyone should do what they’re comfortable with. We’re happy taking our chances with bags but can certainly appreciate that not everyone agrees.

  33. Nigel Francis
    8th March 2011 at 5:05 pm #

    One last add, as a baggage handler and commercial pilot (not presently flying!). As Friedel has mentioned anything that is not normal luggage etc… goes through what is called ‘out-of-gauge’. Bikes will go through this corridor as separate scanning machines will come into use. If you do feel you are more comfortable with your bike in a box, you had better wrap it thoroughly, otherwise it will be treated as just a box. Do not be illusional that a fragile tag is going to get you out of trouble either, forget it, even on bags. With holds of aircraft generally dimly lit and the tags generally red, ask any pilot worth his salt, red does not show in the dark. Let the handler see it, bag it!

  34. Shane
    28th April 2011 at 6:36 pm #

    I’ve always said the biggest downside of a box is that people lie it down and throw suitcases ontop of it.

    I saw a great example today at work why you’d want to use a box….

    3 bikes exited the plane, the first, without a box got placed on a baggage car, the other 2 in boxes then got thrown ontop of the the first bike.

    Not nice but thats just the way some people work at airports…..

    • Friedel
      28th April 2011 at 7:40 pm #

      Oooooooh. This hurts to hear. I guess this just proves that there are no “magic” solutions. To a certain extent, you always depend on the skills and kindness (or calousness) of the people handling the bike.

  35. Matt
    3rd May 2011 at 11:35 am #

    Hi –

    Just to add an anecdote to this thread – my partner and I flew with EasyJet from Gatwick South to Bordeaux last week with our bikes packed in CTC poly-bags.

    Initially, the ground staff at Gatwick wouldn’t accept them – we had to pull out a copy of their T&C’s and a printout of the CTC “this is a bike-bag” flyer before they’d accept them.

    No real problem – the staff were nice, just not sure what to do.

    We did have to seal them up before checking them, and then unseal and reseal for the security check.

    The problem came when we arrived at Bordeaux – the valve on the rear tyre of my bike had been snapped off and my partner’s rear wheel had been buckled and could not be moved – you could clearly see a big gash in the rim where something had hit it.

    At 21.30 on a (rainy!) Friday night this was an unexpected problem – we didn’t travel with a spare rim and we’d taken a puncture repair kit rather than a spare inner tube! Long story short it all worked out – we were only staying ~1km from the airport and there was a bike shop open the next morning a further ~1km away where we got things fixed.

    The flight back (again with EasyJet but this time from Montpellier to Gatwick South) was fine – ground staff at Montpellier had no problem with the CTC bags and were fine checking things in.

    So just a note of caution really – if you’re going to go the CTC bag route, it might be worthwhile making sure you know where the nearest bike shop is at the other end in case things go a bit wrong!

    I’ll be claiming the cost of repairs from EasyJet (made more difficult by the fact that we couldn’t report it at the time – our bikes were the last things off the plane and by that time there were no ground staff around!) so if anyone’s interested, I’m happy to report on the success or otherwise of the process.



    • friedel
      3rd May 2011 at 11:39 am #

      Ouch! Good that you could get it fixed at least, and hopefully it didn’t disturb your tour too much.

      I bet the CTC would be interesting in hearing your story, and they may even have some advice in trying to claim from easyjet. We’d love to hear the outcome. Good luck with it!

      So, after your experience, will you be using a box next time or will you give the bags another chance?

      • Matt
        3rd May 2011 at 11:43 am #

        Good point on CTC – I’ll drop them a note.

        I’m keen to go the CTC route again – given all the positive stories I’d heard it seems we just got unlucky.

        But my partner… not so much!

    • Matt
      20th June 2011 at 9:47 pm #

      Resolved! Received a cheque from Easyjet today in the full amount of our claim. The claims handlers were a delight to deal with (once I managed to find their contact details!) even though we didn’t have the right forms to follow their procedure. It’s a pretty low value claim (only €60 or so), which might have made things smoother, but nonetheless – top marks EasyJet baggage claims. FWIW their contact details are:

      easyJet Baggage Claims
      PO BOX 655
      West Sussex
      RH10 9DW

      Fax: 01293 440006
      Email: [email protected]
      Phone: 01293 426554

      • Friedel
        20th June 2011 at 10:05 pm #

        Great that you got some resolution, at least!

  36. Bob Taylor
    12th May 2011 at 2:27 pm #

    I’ve just got back from a short bike tour in Florida, and used the CTC bike bag to get my bike from London to Miami and back without any problems whatsoever! I flew with Virgin Atlantic who took the bike as a piece of sporting equipment, in addition to my regular baggage allowance, at no extra cost!

    As instructed, I turned the handlebars parallel with the frame, took off the pedals, let the air out of the tyres and wrapped the rear derailleur with cardboard. I then protected my Brooks saddle and the main parts of the frame with some cloth, put the bike in the bag, taped it up, and it was ready to go.

    I took a spare bag with me for the return journey, just to be safe, but other than a couple of small nic’s, the original bag was fine to use again for the return flight. There were a couple of small splits at the end of the return flight so I wouldn’t use the same bag again, but the bags are so cheap I’m happy to buy one for each new tour.

    All in all, using the bag was a quick simple process that I would definitely use again!

  37. sz
    17th May 2011 at 11:05 pm #

    I wonder if I could wrap my panniers and packsack in a such a bag or thick plastic sheet, with a bit of duct tape here and there to close it securely, and check them in as single piece of luggage?

    BTW, it seems that these plastic bags are no longer available at wiggle following the link in the article’s header.

    • friedel
      18th May 2011 at 6:05 am #

      SZ, I’m sure you could also pack your panniers that way, as long as you could secure the plastic well enough that it would stay together despite the weight inside. Maybe use some string as well? Or just get some of these super sturdy and cheap bags for your panniers.

      You’re right about the Wiggle link. I’m asking CTC about the bag now. Will let you know.

      • sz
        18th May 2011 at 10:35 am #

        Yeah, I read about that bag, but I haven’t managed to find such a bag around here yet, that’s why I’m trying to find a plan B. I plan to strap the panniers together with the straps I’ll use to secure the packsack to the racks. Those are like your yellow straps, should be strong enough, but haven’t actually tried whether it works out. I’m also worried that the resulting big package won’t have any handle, but I saw cardboard boxes as checked-in luggage, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Other drawback of this plastic wrap-up idea is that my pocket knife will be inside one of the wrapped-up panniers. I guess that will make cutting duct tape a bit of a challenge (;

        And a breaking news for tomorrow morning: it turns out that my bike is almost 3 (three!) centimeters taller than the maximum allowed bike height, so I’ll have to take the front wheel off.

        Oh, the fun already started way before the trip (;

      • sz
        21st June 2011 at 3:18 pm #

        Just to follow up: I flew from Frankfurt am Main, Germany to Keflavík, Iceland and back, and
        – I could bring the handlebar bag and one rear pannier as carry-on baggage on board
        – check in the remaining three panniers and the packsack as separate luggages without any problems (i.e. “How many luggage do you have?” “Um, well, four and a bicycle.” “OK.”)
        – no one complained about my bike being 3cm higher and wrapped in plastic foil (from a nearby gardening store) instead of put in a cardboard box
        – and everything arrived without significant damage

  38. friedel
    22nd May 2011 at 4:38 pm #

    The bag is now available again through Wiggle. I think it was just temporarily out of stock.

  39. Lyn
    6th August 2011 at 11:24 pm #

    Further to the points above about KLM, here is their official policy pasted below – I’d challenge them if told only their own bike box was suitable as it clearly states “suitable packaging or a bike box” and seems to add in their own boxes for the information of customers rather than as a rule. “Suitable packaging” would surely include a standard bike bag, at the least, or even the CTC bag as it’s sanctioned by a cycling organisation:

    Bicycles and tandems

    You can take your bicycle or tandem with you in suitable packaging or a bike box. The handlebars should be turned lengthways along the frame, pedals and other protruding parts should be removed, and tyre pressures should be reduced. Special KLM bike boxes are available at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport for EUR 20 each (170 x 23 x 100 cm – 66.5 x 9 x 39 inches). The KLM bike box weighs 3.5 kg (7.7 lbs). On small aircraft types it may not be possible to bring a tandem.

    Always make a reservation for your special baggage at least 48 hours before departure, and ensure your reservation is confirmed. On small aircraft types it may not be possible to bring a tandem.

    A bike counts as a single piece of baggage. You only pay an excess baggage fee if you take your bicycle on top of your standard baggage allowance, and/or if it weighs more than 23 kg (50.5 lbs).

    For a tandem you will need to pay a special baggage fee.

    • friedel
      8th August 2011 at 6:37 am #

      Thanks Lyn. I’d print these out if I were flying KLM, for extra ooomph at the check-in desk. Ultimately though, and frustratingly, you’re at the mercy of the check-in people and their good humour.

  40. JimP
    17th August 2011 at 10:03 am #


    I’d just like to share my experiences with you.
    I went to Greece this year with EasyJet. I had the usual problem of being required to put my bike in a “padded bike bag”, which I can’t carry with me on my trip. I came across this discussion and ordered one of these CTC poly bags. I also emailed EasyJet and asked them if the bag complies. Here is their reply:

    Thank you for contacting us.

    On further investigation, I regret to inform you that this type of bag will not be accepted for travel. easyJet only accept bicycles that are boxed or in a bag that is padded. I apologise for the inconvenience this may cause.

    The reason that it will need to be padded or boxed is to try and minimise the damage that could be caused to your bicycle or the aircraft.

    If you have any more queries please do not hesitate in contacting me directly.

    Yours sincerely,

    This response was obviously bad news, but I decided to comply with their regulations by putting the bike in a bike box. However, this created a really large package so I phoned EasyJet up to see if there were any regulations about the size of baggage. There was, and my bike-in-a-box was too big. I explained my problem and they said that I could carry my bike on the plane if I padded it as best I could – and they left a message with my reservation in case I had problems at the check-in desk. This really shows how the reply you get can depend on the person you talk to, and when you get a positive response it’s best to ask them to keep a record of it with the reservation!
    I decided to wrap my bicycle with loads of bubble wrap and pipe insulation, and save the CTC bag in good condition for the return journey. Initially, when I arrived at the check-in desk, they said they couldn’t accept the bike packed in that way. But when they read the note in my reservation, they agreed to accept the bike. On arrival in Thessaloniki, the bike was in perfect condition.
    On the way back, I wrapped the bike in pipe insulation and used the CTC poly bag. This time, the check in staff accepted the bike without any questions. However, when the bike arrived in Paris, the back wheel was completely trashed, leaving me with the problem of how to get to town to repair it with a bicycle with no back wheel and four bags to lug around. In the end I found a kind taxi driver who was prepared to help me, but I could have been in a very difficult situation.
    I have put my bike on planes many times – and this is the first time I have had a problem. In the past, I have simply wheeled the bike to the check-in desk (with or without pipe lagging) and, I imagine, the handlers have known how to deal with it like that. But I wonder whether the design of the CTC poly bag was the problem here. The handlers had no way of wheeling the bike, and standing it up was difficult so they resorted to lying it flat, and maybe putting stuff on top of it too. I know that a lot of people have had success with this bag, but in the future I will either find a plane company that will let me carry the bike as is, or take the ferry or train. I certainly won’t be trusting the CTC poly bag again, unless someone can tell me what I did wrong.

    • Friedel
      17th August 2011 at 10:11 am #

      Hi Jim, sorry you didn’t have much luck with the bag. We’ve also heard of bikes in boxes getting trashed, so I think any plane trip with a bike involves a certain degree of good luck, and hope that the handlers know how to deal with a bike.

      And you’re right about the policy of an airline varying depending on who you talk to. We flew with easyJet to Spain and got 3 replies from different areas of the company (Facebook page, customer service line, etc…) saying the CTC bag was an accepted way of packing a bicycle.

      Did you file a claim for damages to easyJet? There’s a comment from ‘Matt’ above… where he got money back for a damaged bicycle.

  41. JimP
    17th August 2011 at 10:17 am #

    I didn’t file a complaint because the baggage company told me that as I hadn’t opted for extra insurance, EasyJet wouldn’t pay. However, they did provide me with a certificate to send to my personal insurance company. We’ll see if it works – I only got back from Greece yesterday so I haven’t had time to deal with it yet.
    Concerning your boxed bikes, it really does seem that handlers need to know they’re dealing with a bike, and they need to be able to store the bike upright and not lay it flat. Maybe if the CTC bag had slots in the bottom for the wheels?

    • Friedel
      17th August 2011 at 10:37 am #

      You could try with easyJet anyway, you might get lucky! Not much to lose anyway. Best of luck with it. We hate flying with bicycles. Too much stress, but sometimes there´s no way around it.

  42. Rob
    30th August 2011 at 12:14 pm #

    Just flew with Etihad Airways from Istanbul to Tokyo (with a change over at Abu Dhabi). My bicycle was boxed, cost around £10 (30TL) to buy all the bits in Istanbul to safely box it. They didn’t actually weigh it as part of my baggage allowance (it must be 14kg or so). It plus the 9kg bag I checked in was probably just on my limit. I then carried on another 9kg, more than the 7kg limit.

    It does have a gouge in the bottom, but not near any part of the bike. I’ll be sealing that up again with duck tape. And one of the carry holds has torn open quite a bit, again will fix that with duck tape.

    I did have a CTC bag, but gave it to someone else. My plans changed, am in Japan for 2 weeks as a break before going across China. So being boxed I can get on the bullet trains etc… without any problems. It’s quite a slog carrying everything though!

    I’m flying China Eastern from Osaka to Shanghai. They’ve got really stingy allowances though. 20kg check-in, and 5kg carry-on. I’ll be putting my cycle shoes (700g) in the box this time. Am shipping some bits home, but I’ll check-in one pannier with 8kg, and carry-on a 5kg one, and sneak my bar bag along with that (another 1.5kg). I’ll probably be 3-4kg over the limit but hopefully they won’t notice!

    My checked-in Ortleib Backroller survived ok on the last flight. Had been opened though, I could tell as they hadn’t rolled it very well. So for the next flight I’ll be changing how it’s packed so that nothing can drop out even with a bad roll.

    • Rob
      28th October 2011 at 6:37 pm #

      Just as an updated my flight with China Eastern went without a problem. Was actually smoother than Etihad.

      The bike box weighed 20kg, I had no idea! Although I did put my locks, shoes, and tape tools etc to the bike. Plus it was well protected.

      They didn’t charge me any excess. In fact the pannier that I checked in as well was 6kg. They were on the scales clearly showing 26kg and the girl didn’t do anything.

      Bike arrived undamaged in Shanghai.

      What was more fun was carrying the boxed bike and panniers on the metro in Shanghai. I managed to block up a scanning conveyor belt machine with the bike box.

      My schedule is a bit mucked up at the moment so having to fly more than I want to. Next flight is Hong Kong to Bangkok with Sri Lankan Airlines.

    • Rob
      23rd November 2011 at 9:53 am #

      I’ve flown a few more flights.

      Hong Kong > Bangkok with Sri Lanka Airlines
      Bangkok > Phuket with Thai Airlines

      On both occasions the bike was unboxed, not even in a plastic bag. They accepted it, and it arrived ok with just a few scuff marks on the frame.

      I turned the handle bars, removed the pedals, removed the reach mech, dropped the seat post and took off my trusty Brooks saddle.

      I did find quite possibly the best way to get to Hong Kong airport from China. Via the ferry. Stay a night in Shenzhen, then cycle on to the ferry. You get taken to a separate checkin part of the airport (security too) so the queues are non-existent. I rolled right up to the desk. I wrote it up here:

  43. JimP
    8th September 2011 at 9:20 am #


    I did as you advised and sent my claim form to EasyJet. Low and behold, they agreed to pay! I really wasn’t expecting this as I was told very clearly in the airport that EasyJet doesn’t insure against such events. Well, they did, and paid the full price of the wheel. Here is their email:

    Thank you for your correspondence, from which I am very sorry to learn that your baggage was mishandled following your recent journey with easyJet. At the outset, may I offer my sincere apologies for the inconvenience you were caused by this incident.

    Despite our very best efforts to avoid this type of occurrence, where there is a mixture of manual and mechanical labour unfortunately such incidents can happen, although only to a small percentage of the baggage carried on our flights.

    I am pleased to confirm that we are willing to meet this claim in the sum of €55.90. If you would be kind enough to complete and sign the enclosed release and indemnity form and return it to this office, we will issue our cheque in full and final settlement of your claim. Please be advised that payment can take 3 to 4 weeks.

    Thank you for your co-operation and we look forward to hearing from you in due course. It is our aim to offer our passengers the best possible service in every aspect of their journey and may I again express my very sincere regret for the difficulties you experienced.

    Yours sincerely

    • friedel
      8th September 2011 at 9:29 am #

      Great to hear! See, you never have anything to lose by trying 🙂

  44. jotaeater
    10th October 2011 at 12:53 pm #


    Here is my (brand new) footage boarding our bicycles on a plane in a plastic CTC bag:

    Flight: Trieste-Trapani. Trip: Cycling around Sicily. Thank you for instructions and recommendatons!!

  45. jim
    12th October 2011 at 12:38 am #

    Beware Biarritz airport. The girl on e/jet check-in was virtually hysterical about refusing to allow our plastic ctc bagged bikes onboard. we were shouted at and treated very rudely in front of the whole queue. The supervisor swaggered across and shouted that we were not to be allowed on the flight until we had purchased boxes and repacked the bikes. this 40mins to departure. We eventually demanded to see the airport manager who decided, after viewing e/jets website at our insistance that the bikes could travel if they fitted the oversize baggage machine.

  46. Matt
    22nd October 2011 at 6:06 am #

    I would love to hear from anyone that has used this type of bag with Jetstar. I am planning to fly Bangkok-Singapore-Cairns and am deciding whether to use one of these, or get the bike boxed up with all the attendant hassles.

  47. Nigel Francis
    16th January 2012 at 9:53 pm #


    Anyone recently used Air New Zealand with their bikes?

    I plan to be flying out of San Francisco end Sept. Now the site says: Oversized Items

    If you are travelling with items that exceed maximum dimensions for checked baggage, these are classified as oversized.Examples of oversized items are bicycles etc. Since these are larger items, carriage will be subject to availability of space on the aircraft. Please note there is a maximum weight restriction of 32kg (70 lbs) per item and length restrictions also apply.

    Some places I have read ANZ have charged passengers for been 23kg including bike!

    I am also confused as the flight will be via Auckland to Christchurch. Now, do they move the goal post for a domestic flight? :-/

    • Jane Pearce
      10th February 2012 at 9:46 am #

      I regularly fly with a bike in a Groundeffect cordura bike bag on domestic ANZ flights. No extra cost if you can fit your panniers into the bike bag & weigh in at roughly 23kg (ie one checked in bag otherwise I think it’s an extra $10 per bag).

  48. Simon Dunford
    4th February 2012 at 9:17 pm #

    CTC bag discontinued !

    • friedel
      5th February 2012 at 8:18 am #

      I’ve asked CTC on Twitter about that. Waiting for their reply. Sometimes it’s just out of stock on Wiggle.

      In any case, you could easily make your own with a thick sheet of plastic and some packing tape.

    • friedel
      6th February 2012 at 6:46 pm #

      CTC says not discontinued, just out of stock…

      • Simon Dunford
        6th February 2012 at 8:51 pm #

        Wiggle just sent this.
        “Thank you for your email. I have checked the site and I can confirm this will be listed again on the site within the next few days. We have over 400 going into stock by the end of next week.”

        Panic over.

        Also available here

  49. Andrew Gardiner
    6th February 2012 at 5:06 pm #

    Has anyone experience of taking their bike in a CTC clear bag with Their website states “bicycles must be wrapped in stiff cardboard”.

    • Nigel Francis
      10th February 2012 at 10:21 am #

      Well, as a baggage handler, I have off-loaded bikes in CTC bags with J2. This was on a domestic route.

      I reckon though, its all down to the person on check!

      • Nigel Francis
        10th February 2012 at 10:27 am #

        Now thinking about it, I have NEVER seen a wheelchair or even a push chair in a box or bag????

  50. Allan Stokell
    6th February 2012 at 6:56 pm #

    I am sure that I, nor anyone else will ever convince the Dr Sheldon Coopers of this world that a plastic bag is perfectly all right.

    Being a pilot or a theoretical physicist or even a baggage handler will make little difference to the arguments. To the nay sayers I ask: “What are you going to do with the box?”. If you don’t plan to come back to claim it and you can’t carry it with you what good is the box?

    • friedel
      6th February 2012 at 7:01 pm #

      If you get a box for free, you can just throw it out when you’re done with it and get another at a bike shop for the return journey. That’s what we’ve done in the past – but we currently favour the plastic bag if given the choice.

  51. FredW
    27th February 2012 at 6:58 pm #

    I’m doing a tour this summer starting in London and ending in Vienna. I’ll need to get my bike back to London.

    It is a Bike Friday folding bike and I have a bag for it, but it basically is a large, black duffel bag, not obviously a bike bag. My plan was to use that and take the train back (Vienna-Frankfurt-Brussels-London) but it will probably require an overnight — which is pain — and the train is expensive. So I started thinking about flying (British Air) and reading this and the CTC site has me almost convinced to go with the plastic bag.

    Has anybody sent an un-folded, folding bike in just a plastic bag? I guess it shouldn’t really matter but I am a worry wort 🙂

  52. jac
    1st October 2012 at 6:25 pm #

    Hi. i am flying from London Heathrow to Sydney on a ba flight in nov 2012.
    if i use a ctc bag do u think i could just leave my empty panniers on my bike
    or do u think because they can see into the bag they wil want them taken off and checked in ? any help would be good thnaks.

    • Nigel Francis
      6th October 2012 at 11:04 pm #

      I’ve worked at a regional airport. The bike in the bag (with panniers) is one piece of checked in luggage. As the bike will go through an ‘out-of-gauge’ machine, you should have no problems with leaving the empty panniers on. They’ll know what you have in them anyhow!

      BUT, check in staff change like the wind. So nothing is set in stone from one airport to another.

    • Nigel Francis
      6th October 2012 at 11:29 pm #

      This is my first attempt at using a CTC bag.

      It seemed to take forever sorting the bike out, padding, removing, bagging up, taping…etc. Did think surely a cardboard box would be a dam sight quicker? But, I am saving what must be at least 2kg+ over a sturdy box?

      Front wheel removed and attached to rear frame with a layer of big bubble wrap between. Trianga 1 ltr bottle placed between axle of front forks, perfect fit. Bars turned parallel, saddle lowered. Decided after much deliberation to remove the rear derailleur. The idea of having a bent hanger on arrival gave me shivers. Also removed the chain so as to fit the derailleur into a plastic bottle (as shown by Andrew). Derailleur then taped in the spokes in the rear wheel. It is still attached to the cable, so one less thing to deal with at the other end. Pedals removed, crack arms secured to the frame.

      Also removed the front Tubus rack, as this WOULD have got bent. It’s taped to the bottom of the top tube (inside frame) with my Exped mat & chair rolled up in it too, again a perfect fit.

      Panniers to be bungeed together, then to be put in a garden bag. Some crazy idea of mine! (Will follow with explanation soon)

      Not sure if this might all be overkill. Believing it best to start on the good footing, then take it from there on my following flights.

      15th Oct ’12 – Gatwick > Dubai > Christchurch (NZ)

      Photo of CTC bag and bike in my Twitter feed:

      • friedel
        9th October 2012 at 1:18 pm #

        Nigel – why remove the front wheel at all? The beauty of the plastic bag for us is that you can slide the whole bike inside – no dismantling required!

      • sz
        23rd October 2012 at 2:12 am #

        A small tip for the front forks.
        Tent pole replair sleeves are available in 100mm and 130mm lengths. The shorter is a perfect fit for the front, the longer needs 2-3 additional washers to fit the rear. Just slide the repair sleeve over the axle and attach between the dropouts.

  53. Nigel Francis
    10th October 2012 at 4:49 pm #


    Had used a padded bicycle bag previously when taking MTB to Namibia. The frame was dented. Follwowed the CTC sites packing tips, so caution set in! Might just be overkill!

    Also needed to reduce the size of the bike as to get onto the local bus service. Says on their site that only folding bikes would be allowed. We did manage to get it on 🙂

  54. Lasha
    23rd October 2012 at 7:19 am #

    I had a lot of success flying with my bike in plastic bags this summer. I flew Air Transat from Ottawa to London, and from Paris to Montreal. My friends flew between Toronto and Dublin. Everything went smoothly.

    Air Transat charges only $30 per direction and provides their own bags, so it seems that they are fairly happy to transport bicycles even if they aren’t boxed.

    I also flew with Norwegian Air Shuttle. Their price was similar, and they accepted bags or boxes, but didn’t provide either. No problems with bicycle damage.

    We also flew Ryanair and had to box our bicycles. I drew a bicycle on the outside and clearly marked “this way up” but it still came back upside down. Presumably this was the baggage team at either Biarritz or Skavsta airports, and we had no problems with the airline. After trying both methods, I felt safer with the bike in a bag, plus it was more convenient.

    Some suggestions on…

    Finding a bag:
    -If your airline doesn’t provide plastic bags, try to check with the airport itself. If another airline at the terminal provides bags, you can probably get a bag for free or a small fee even if you aren’t flying with them.
    -Plan ahead, and don’t assume that the airline or airport will be able to provide something suitable.
    -Arrive early. Even if your airline promises to provide packing materials, they might be locked in a closet somewhere else in the airport, and the clerk who happens to be working that day might not know where the key is kept.

    -Bring: a roll of tape, scissors or a knife, zip ties, tools (to turn handlebars, remove pedals, and pump to reinflate tires), ziploc bags, soft packing materials, and hard packing materials.
    -If you are buying a bike, think about what tool is needed to remove the pedals. Many bikes require a pedal wrench (big, heavy, and awkward). I happened to buy pedals that can be removed with an allen key and avoided huge inconvenience.
    -I wrapped soft clothing around the handlebars, the brakes, and the bar end shifters and then taped it. That protects in case the bike gets dragged on the ground and the bag rips. I also think it helps to convey the message “Be careful! This thing is fragile!”.
    -I always put something protective over the rear derailleur. Once I taped a big tupperware overtop, once I used a shoebox. Both times they came back banged up, so I think I saved my bike some stress or damage.
    -Anything I took off my bike (bell, trip computer, lights, pedals, etc) went straight into a ziploc bag. I taped the bagged parts directly to the rear rack so that everything arrives together. If your bag gets lost and you have a bike with no pedals, that’s no good. I also taped my multitool and my knife directly to the bike for the same reasons.
    -I have a leather seat that protrudes a lot from the bicycle, so I removed it, wrapped it up, and taped it to the bicycle too. It’s important to look at your bike and think about what parts stick out. They’re the ones that might get damaged if the bike falls or gets dragged.

    At the airport:
    -Figure out where the oversize baggage drop is and pack your bike nearby. Otherwise you might pack it next to the airline counter and have to drag it across a crowded airport.
    -Do what you can to protect your bike, but once it’s packed and sent off, try not to worry about something you have no control over.

    Safe travels, everyone!

  55. froze
    14th December 2012 at 4:19 pm #

    It’s weird what airports will deem a weapon. Someone mentioned they couldn’t bring a spanner because it’s metal, yet I saw a lady on a plane with 8″ darning needles, and she told me any airlines she’s been on, foreign or domestic, didn’t asked or cared!!

  56. Olaf
    15th December 2012 at 9:26 am #

    Haven’t heart yes about this bag, but normaly I choose a similar type of packing with a “bicycle garage”.

    But last time in treviso the distroied the brand new biciyle garage – for a better handling of the bike, I think.
    So, I not shure of using the “bicyle garage” again.

  57. froze
    11th January 2013 at 6:46 pm #

    What most people don’t realize is that especially in Europe, not sure about Cuba, people wait at the baggage belts and steal bicycle cases and somehow manage to get out of the terminal, this also has happened in America. This means you better rush to your baggage area to secure your bike before someone else does. Bicycle luggage/boxes/bags scream bicycle. These thefts are in some part due to outside thieves coming into the terminal but the scary part is some of the thieves are inside jobs done by the very airport workers including security guards that we’re suppose to trust. How frequent is this type of thing? Frequent enough to make the news! And it’s this sort of thing is on the rise.

    More and more bicycle touring agencies are suggesting that you ship a bike via mail service like FedEx, UPS, etc, and have a receiver set up to receive the bike and secure it till you get there, some bike shops will do this and so will some hotels. Make sure you tip the receiver. Also you can insure the bike through outside shippers whereas most (if any), airlines will not because it’s sports equipment. Of course you can always purchase a bicycle rider on your homeowners insurance and be covered that way too without a deductible to worry about, but it may take awhile to get your money so you can buy another bike wherever you’re at. Some travel insurance policies will cover you too but they all have a maximum per item limit they will pay out for a loss which is usually $500.

    This well known bicycle touring association has more about this:

  58. Simon
    22nd February 2013 at 7:53 pm #

    Hi, I fly a couple of times with Alitalia and Lufthansa in Europe and over the years it became more and more hassle with the bike. 10 years ago they accepted the bike unpacked (only pedals removed) and it arrived undamaged. Last year I had a long hassle with Alitalia in Rome and had to pack it in plastic. Derailleur and other parts were heavily damaged!

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    7th March 2013 at 4:01 am #

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  60. froze
    10th April 2013 at 9:08 pm #

    I read with quite a bit of interest about the clear plastic bag idea, but still out on a limb about it. My biggest problem I have using a bag is that in some parts of the world there are people waiting at baggage pickup areas waiting to find something of value and steal it, then somehow they get past the security people. I’ve heard this happening with bikes in the fancy cases, and even tools and other items of value. If a thief can see it’s a bike I would think he would grab it fast. Am I wrong about this?

  61. Allan Stokell
    10th April 2013 at 9:18 pm #

    As many know, I’m on the plastic bag list. The only time I had trouble was at Gatwick when two airport workers sent to pick up the bike insisted on opening the box to make sure the tire pressure had been reduced, the pedals removed and the handlebars turned.

    At the other end of my direct flight to Toronto no bike appeared. I started yelling at the airline and Gatwick as soon as I got home. I didn’t stop until several days later when my bike was returned in the middle of the night in a plastic bag with the pedals on, handlebars straight and air in the tires.

    What I didn’t tell you was the the moment those two fellows appeared to pick up my bike I knew they were going to steal it. I suppose the immediate reporting of the theft to Gatwick made my bike too hot to make it out of the terminal.

    My advice: Travel with a bike that looks as it’s not up to much in a plastic bag so everyone can see its not worth stealing.

  62. Tim
    18th April 2013 at 4:46 pm #

    We had to transport bikes by airline checked-in baggage. After much deliberation, research and debate, we formed the opinion that it doesn’t make much difference to the chance of a bike being damaged whether it is transported in a box, a plastic bag, or in nothing at all. Packing it in a cardboard box just encourages the baggage handlers to toss in the conveyor belt and pile 700kg on top if it.

    Finally we came up with a simple hybrid arrangement where the top of the bike was fully covered but the bottom fully exposed. Our intention was that this would address the main issues…

    More here:

  63. Rob Lynes
    12th September 2013 at 5:34 pm #

    Thanks for all your advice on this page, I’ve just returned from a trip to Washington DC with Virgin Atlantic and used the CTC bag.

    I was impressed with the virgin atlantic service, especially as it was free to take the bikes with them, and would definitely do it again.


  64. Wes Groleau
    31st August 2014 at 7:16 pm #

    My best argument for the bag is that the box won’t fit in my backpack or panniers, and if I just strap it on my back, it’s too much wind resistance.

  65. froze
    5th December 2014 at 5:01 pm #

    I’ve contemplated a long time about all of this, and after hearing and knowing people who’s bikes got damaged with no recourse through the airlines I’ve decided when the day comes for me to travel somewhere by plane I’ll just rent a bike when I get there. Much of Europe has a lot of bike shops that rent bikes, just bring your shoes, pedals, water bottles, panniers, seat bag with repair stuff, and saddle, then reserve ahead of time and ask questions. I’ve known a couple of people that have done that with great success. Yeah it cost a bit of money to rent the bike but at least yours won’t be found broken when you get to your designation ruining your trip.

  66. Natalie Haycox
    25th April 2015 at 10:52 pm #

    I want to take my bike in a CTC bike bag on swiss air. Does anyone know if they are okay with that?

    • ben
      30th April 2015 at 4:51 pm #

      Not done it, but I was about to last year – their customer service dept responded to my email very quickly and said all should be OK. I would email them and print out response before going to airport.

  67. Simon T
    27th April 2015 at 3:11 pm #

    My wife and I just flew from the United States to Amsterdam on Aer Lingus and had no major problems with our bikes packed in CTC bags. April 2015. We needed to reserve spots on the plane for our bikes well in advance. My pedometer was the only casualty. The airline charged us $75 per bicycle to fly back from Europe .

  68. ben
    30th April 2015 at 4:50 pm #

    This is an excellent thread, thanks

    For what it is worth, we recently flew BA LHR to Oslo, and back to LHR from Gothenburg. 5 bikes. CTC bags for all of them. Sent the CTC bags post-restante from Bergen to Gothenburg for about 30GBP. No hassle.

    No serious damage.

    Some argument at check in at Gothenburg – they wanted to charge extra for the bikes (SAS policy, NOT BA,so we were OK in the end).

    As with several other people, I look back on the good old days when you pitched up at airport, reverse pedals, turn handlebars and then all good. No more!

    I think CTC bags are the way to go. Some bikes are more fragile than others – we put pipe insulation on carbon forks, not so much the steel ones.

  69. John
    17th May 2015 at 5:47 pm #

    bike damaged on Ryanair flight Santander to Dublin in April. Cost €400 to fix. Used CTC bag. Removed pedals lowered and turned handle bars lowered saddle removed dérailleur etc. ryanair have declined my claim on basis that bike was not properly packed and should have been in a hard case . I’m taking them to small claims court as I had queried them before travelling and they referred me to their T&C which stated bikes MUST be packed in a protective box or bag or will not be accepted for travel. Bike was accepted. No questions no waiver. no mention of hard case until after damage claim. My friends bikes packed in a similar way and no problem. Anybody any similar experience?

    • Rod
      11th September 2015 at 5:09 pm #

      Is this why Ryanair are now charging £60 to transport bicycles??

  70. Rod
    11th September 2015 at 5:07 pm #

    I returned from Geneva to Manchester this morning. Swiss airport handlers now (Sept 2015) only accept a cardboard box which they can sell you for 20Euros cash. I have taken flights dozens of times with my bike using a plastic sheet and some tape but this is a new rip off by Swiss handlers. It’s not the airline that makes this rule. Avoid flights from Switzerland. Footnote, I never deflate my tyres. It’s a misinformation myth

  71. John
    20th September 2015 at 2:49 pm #

    My daughter and I would like to take our tandem bicycle to Santander in Spain and back from Gibraltar next March. Our tandem is 155cm long with both wheels off. British Airways’ website says they will take sporting goods including bicycles up to 190cm long. Sounds too good to be true. Has anybody taken a tandem on an aeroplane? With BA? How did it go? Yours hopefully.

  72. Simon Coulombe
    2nd December 2015 at 1:00 am #

    I flew my bike in a plastic bag. First and last time. Look at what happened to it. Dropped and kicked!

  73. Ruud
    8th December 2015 at 12:35 pm #

    What is better; leave the bike ridable or pack it in such a way that it cannot ride anymore.Do you lock your bike or if not, how do you protect your key? Also is it an idea to pull the brakes?
    Kind regards,


  74. Nigel
    2nd January 2016 at 2:08 pm #

    Looking at flights to Porto.

    TAP Portugal website is not so clear, bag or box? So emailed them … same reply as website!

    Dear Sir,

    TAP Portugal thanks you again for your preference.

    In reply to your email we hereby inform that the transport of the bicycles implies that they must be properly packaged in an appropriate box, with the bicycle handlebar rotated at a 90 degree angle and the pedals must be taken off. Alternatively, the equipment may be wrapped in cellophane or other similar material and packed in a cardboard box.

    So I can put it in a box or wrapped in a bag then in a box!! 🙂

    I’ll use BA!

    I see Gatwick have a Bag Wrap service … for bikes too. So will give it a go :-/


    • Nigel
      2nd January 2016 at 2:09 pm #

      Does anyone have experience of this service? 🙂

  75. Nigel
    7th January 2016 at 11:42 am #

    If you ever want clarity from EasyJet … here it is:

    Hats off to them for a prompt response too! 🙂

  76. Em
    25th January 2016 at 11:21 am #

    What an amazing tip, thanks very much. We’re thinking of taking our bikes on EasyJet, and it was a relief to know that we don’t have to hastle ourselves with boxes on both ends of the trip. Also loved your “chinese shopping bag” travel tip! 🙂

    However, just to let you know, the link to the CTC website doesn’t seem to be working… It seems like they’ve changed their URL, and the factsheet is now available here: but the “shop” link isn’t working.

    • andrew.grant
      9th July 2016 at 10:46 am #

      Thanks! I can’t seem to find the factsheet anymore. Maybe they’ve discontinued it.

  77. Alizabeth
    7th March 2016 at 2:53 pm #

    So I read through this article, did the research, read the comments and decided to go ahead with the decision to wrap my bike in a bag. I bought the bike while traveling in Australia on an extended holiday and decided to take it with me to Tasmania. I travelled on Virgin Australia and called beforehand to insure that I would be ok with using a bag to pack my bike. I also pulled up the page that states that either a hard box or soft container (such as a bag) could be used. End the end, it didn’t matter. IN THE FINE PRINT WAS A STATEMENT THAT THE AIRLINER CAN REJECT ANY PIECE OF BAGGAGE FOR ANY REASON. They rejected my packing choice and made me repack it in a box I had to buy at the airport. After missing my flight because of this and many tears later I was given a free ticket for the next flight to my destination that was only an hour later, so many thanks to Virgin Australia for admitting they had misguided me and doing everything they could to fix it. However, this could all have been avoided if I had just gone the conventional route of packing it in a standard box. Now this box said BIKE BOX on it, so the handlers would certainly have known what was in it, so I don’t think the idea of “if they know what’s in it they’ll treat it better” is as true as it seems, and was proven by the fact that the box in the end was trashed. I think the former Airline Captain that commented previously has a good point. These people in charge of luggage haul stuff all day. Why would they give special treatment to a bike? They handle items which we find precious everyday, but to them it’s just another piece of luggage. If it’s valuable and important, pack it appropriately and prepare it for the worst. Or at least learn from my mistake. Don’t do it!

  78. Lisa
    11th April 2016 at 1:02 am #

    Where do I get a plastic bag?

  79. John C
    14th April 2016 at 12:39 pm #

    Myself and a friend used the CTC bag to fly with British Airways from Milan to London Heathrow without issue. As this was the return leg we wrapped the forks with our cycling shorts & jerseys and used some newspaper / sellotape as very simple padding. The bikes were fine, no damage was noticed on either bike.

    We arrived at the baggage belt just as the guy was lifting the bikes off an oversized luggage trolley. Admittedly he told us that we were crazy for just using a plastic bag, but it seemed to work out just fine.

    If I had the choice I would visit a local bike shop and use a cardboard box, but this is a very easy option as you can easily post the bag to your final destination when touring.

  80. Ross
    8th August 2016 at 11:11 pm #

    I just contacted BA asking them about this – they said Airport staff might be ‘reluctant’ to do so and so a waiver must be signed declaring that if you use the plastic bag to transport it no one is going to accept responsibility for any damages. I fly with BA from Heathrow to Mexico in September so I’ll report back how this goes.

  81. Stephen Psallidas
    16th October 2016 at 6:54 pm #

    I have taken my bike on planes many times in the past, but not for a few years now. I always used to just wrap it in plumber’s insulation and cardboard, turn the handlebars, and wheel it up to the desk… ah the good old days! I understand that in recent years airlines are now insistent on some form of packaging, which is really annoying, because surely for baggage handlers it is easier to be able to wheel the bikes? In reality a plastic bag or cardboard box provides litre or no protection at all from bangs and bends. I think airlines do it purely to prevent damage to other passengers’ luggahe – the cyclist’s luggage is expendable!

    One tip I wanted to give was to say that I used to put a sign on my bike in large, friendly letters, saying “Please take care of my bike” **in the language of origin and destination airports** Not difficult to do in the age of Google Translate, and I believe that it has helped to minimise the number of incidents I have had. If you are forced to rely on the kindness of baggage handlers, then you might as well try to make them feel well-disposed towards you!

  82. Isaac
    31st October 2016 at 10:10 am #

    I tried to fly with my bike in a CTC bag on American Airlines from Philadelphia to Paris. AA employees at the check-in desk refused to take the bike because they said it was improperly packed. There weren’t any any bike boxes at the airport, so I had to send my bike back to my house in an Uber and get on the plane without my bike. I think I got off on the wrong foot with the AA employees. A smooth-talker might have been able to convince them.

    I had called AA customer service several weeks before the flight and they had reassured me that a CTC bag was acceptable. When I called again at the airport after my bike was refused, they told me airport employees have the final say on what to allow on the plane.

  83. Romain
    26th August 2017 at 12:28 pm #

    Allow me to chip in. I just returned from the Ironman 70.3 in Dublin. I put the bike into a plastic bag from wiggle. I would strongly advise you to get a proper bike case. My bike was damaged and insurance doesn’t cover it because the bike wasn’t in a hard case. Besides, even with the plastic bag, you do need to make sure the bike fits into their scanner. Mine didn’t, let’s just say it was a hell of a hassle getting it back home. Disassembling the bike for putting it in a bike case makes sure it fits.

  84. Rod
    29th March 2018 at 5:43 pm #

    I’ve been taking different bikes on airlines for the past 20 years. Over the years the airlines have increased their prices and made it more difficult. The cargo handlers too added their own fickle rules. It all seems to be down to who’s on duty that day. I generally use a sheet of plastic and tape and although this is and looks similar to a bike bag last time I flew it was rejected. So now I’m having to purchase a CTC bike bag. As an aside, the deflating of tyres is a complete fallacy rather like not walking under ladders. The physics of it is that it makes no difference.

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  108. CC5202
    16th December 2021 at 5:46 pm #

    丹江漂流情终有机会来到了魂牵梦绕的西北第一漂 丹 XC6SLX100-N3CSG484C 江漂流。如奔腾向 XC6SLX100-N3FGG484C 前的丹江一样豪放,思绪如宽阔的丹江水而深长 奔驰的旅游车终于停在了丹江上码头威尼斯宾馆。同学们高兴的观看着周围的一切,三星级的宾馆顶层 丹江漂流 让初来乍到的游客为之一振。大家换上草鞋,穿上塑料雨衣,橘黄色的救生服披挂在身,来到热闹非凡的丹江边。岸边的徐霞客老人塑像目视前方。也许,奔腾 XC6SLX150T-3FGG484C 不息的丹江带走了他的,或许带走他畅游天下还未了的心愿。 西北第一漂 的镇江石震慑着兴风作浪的水妖河怪,保佑着丹江风平浪静,祈福着丹江人民丰衣足食。我们分组坐在汽船上,第一次漂流的感觉让个别同学忍耐不住内心的激动,清凉的丹江水飘洒在毫无准备的同学身上,

  109. CC0777
    16th December 2021 at 5:49 pm #

    高傲的蟋蟀古时,一蟋蟀,体型硕大颀长,油黑发亮,威武俊秀,实乃蟋蟀中的上上品;在与同类争斗时,从无败绩。一天下午,它正在石头下它的住所中自得地演奏着 乐曲 ,被 XC6SLX150-N3FGG484I 一富家子弟 XC6SLX100-N3FG484C 听到,寻声而至。刚掀开石块,它还没来得及蹦出,便被一张密网扣住。主人小心地将它取出,放进一个精致的蟋蟀罐中。罐中有新鲜、甜美的倭瓜花和各色菜叶,还有这个虫群都爱吃的辣椒(越辣斗志越强)。乍到主人家,还不太习惯。不久,有吃有喝的,使它很快成为主人的掌上明珠,因为每次主人带它同别人家蟋蟀咬斗时,当把它一放进罐内,那些对手一看到它超大的个头和勇猛凶狠的样子,多半先怯了阵,未战便转身逃走。少数敢上前的,见它大嘴一张,两颗大牙凶狠 XC6SLX150-2FGG484I 地袭来

  110. CC0791
    16th December 2021 at 10:36 pm #

    晚风吹破心上欲睡的花当你的心里有这样的一个人,这样的一首歌就真的很 XC6SLX150-2FGG676C 适合听:白天的时候,你谈笑风生,笑靥如花;夜深人 XC6SLX150-2FG484I 静的时候,却常常忍不住会想起他。会想起什么呢?想你们在一起时候的、、争吵、难堪。然而,成年的我们都清楚地知道,能战胜一切,只是甜蜜的童话,只是梦想的形状。看得见,却难以逾越。言语很难安慰什么,更奢谈改变。有时候,错过的,就是一辈子。最遥远的距离,是不是明明彼此相爱,却不能在一起 XC6SLX150-2FGG484C ?最让人唏嘘的,是不是曾经相爱的人再见时,稀薄的记忆已换不来炽热的感情;最让人黯然的,是不是,时间能冲刷走一切?两小无猜里的,却始终不敢面对是相拥更容易,还是说爱更容易;半生缘里,沈世钧与顾曼桢,彼此的痴,怨

  111. CC5412
    16th December 2021 at 10:38 pm #

    西南“三线建设”与成昆铁路三线建设 ,这个词在20世纪80年代以前,因为保密,是不见于报端的。即使 XC6SLX100T-3FG676C 当时的人们说起,也十分神秘。今天的年轻人,更是少有所闻。本文作者1970年从内地武汉来到云南,在当时的昆明铁路局工程处二段,参予了轰 XC6SLX150-2CSG484I 轰烈烈的 三线建设 工作。1977年又在工程处三段,经历了成昆铁路桥梁隧道的维修养护工作,亲眼目睹了成昆铁路的巍峨险峻,令人震撼。成昆铁路堪称西南地域的人间天路。当年,百万筑路大军,在国外专家认为成昆铁路是铁路修建的禁区里,用简单的工程设备和劳动工具。筑起了屹立在西南边陲的钢铁长城。象崇山峻岭中升腾的一道彩虹,那么地光彩夺目,五彩斑斓。作为一个曾经 TI 德州仪器 参与了 三线建设 的

  112. CC6392
    16th December 2021 at 11:41 pm #

    不求被别人理解2021年5 XC6SLX150T-3FG900C 月2日。我的朋友李大姐早已古稀之年,但是她特别 XC6SLX100T-N3FGG484C 与时俱进,电脑玩得可溜索了。这么说吧,凡是我会操作的程序她都会,还经常把她觉得好的APP推送给我,有些我根本就没听说过。这几个月,我每天早上都把刘同学做的视频发给她,从来没有间断过,一来是让她了解我的动向,二来借此向她问候,所以就一直没有语音连线她。那天傍晚的时候,她语音我, XC6SLX100T-3CSG484C 语气中透着些许兴奋,她说最近下载了一个征婚交友的软件, 啊?大姐,你还想着征婚呢?有人征你吗?有枣没枣打一杆子,有人没人聊一阵子,有一搭没一搭,只当是自娱自乐。听她这么说,我问您的身体最近怎么样啊,腿脚还肿吗?她说不怎么样,越来越严重,现在连胳臂和手都

  113. CC1941
    17th December 2021 at 7:34 am #

    中秋节那天那晚的月亮中秋节,中秋节那天那晚的月亮,又大又圆。虽然中秋节过去快一个礼拜了,但是中秋节那天那晚的月亮,一直留在我脑海里与印象中,是这样难忘,又是 XC6SLX150-3FGG676I 这样深刻,并感到几许意外与惊喜。 XC6SLX100T-4FGG484C 这个礼拜,一直在忙,以至于中秋节那天看到的又大又圆印象很深刻的月亮,以及那晚拍月亮,疯狂地几乎拍了一个晚上,实在是太,太痴情了,回来后整理好准备想把这一切写下来,结果没有时间。现在回忆,那天晚上回来整理后实在是太晚了,时间又太紧,放一天假后,第二天又早去上班,没来得及写那晚看 XC6SLX150T-2FG900I 到的和拍的月亮。现在国庆又放假了,终于有时间把那天晚上看到的又大又圆的月亮,用文字这样美好的形式记下来,比那晚用拍的更美好,和愉快吧。都

  114. CC0694
    17th December 2021 at 9:29 am #

    人树四季——写在重阳节的日子里人老树也老,人老一年,树也老一年。只要是生命的物体,年年如此,世世如故。白露刚过,秋风骤起, XC6SLX100T-3FG484CXC6SLX150-3FGG484I 雨,今日重阳,天空的云层灰蒙蒙的,阳光躲在云里几天不见出来。我家后窗的那颗石榴树,在秋风里摇拽。摆来去,好像在向我们述说什么 我坐在屋内再次看着窗外那颗即将卸装的石榴树,在秋日里有了一丝丝凉意的秋风里,心里不由得向她述说:石榴树,深秋了,寒冬即临,你辛苦了一年。春夏时, XC6SLX150-N3FG484I 你满身的火红花朵,插在墨绿色的叶中,尽显了你一年中最美丽的光影时刻,你把美丽带给了我们,在我家窗外绽放了一片的春光和灿烂。那时,我躺在临窗的小床上,看着你充满朝气的郁郁葱葱,生机勃发的身姿。就像我的青少年时

  115. CC8393
    17th December 2021 at 11:18 am #

    攀煤太平矿互动式班前会 XC6SLX150T-3FGG900I 受欢迎日前,川煤集团攀煤太平矿掘进二队 XC6SLX150-3CSG484I 一改往日班前会传统的说教方式,积极推行 互动式 班前会,受到全队职工的欢迎。在互动式班前会上,该队将 当班安全生产工作安排 以及 讲安全 、 讲培训 这三个流程有机地融合在一起,让干部、职工都参与进来。通过值班队干部的 讲 和职工的 诉 、以及跟班副队长的 XC6SLX150-3FG484C 问 与职工的 答 共同形成 互动 。班前会现场,当值班队干部介绍了上个班的安全、生产情况,讲完当天的工作任务和安全注意事项后,要求职工诉说自己下井后应该怎么干和如何实现安全生产;当跟班副队长在分解当班生产任务时,询问完成过程中将可能出现安全隐患,要求职工回答本人工作时应该怎样去完成

  116. CC8845
    17th December 2021 at 11:50 am #

    深秋,铺就一场生命的底色一夜西风,吹落满地枯黄的叶,染就遍地霜华的清冷。叶落寒秋,是对秋天最浪漫的告别,却铺 XC6SLX150-3FG484C 就了一场生命的底 XC6SLX150T-3FGG676C 色。图片走进深秋,遇见不一样的自己四季之秋,有别于其他的季节。春有欣欣向荣之貌,夏有生长繁盛之气,冬有肃冷清寂之美,而秋,落进每个人的眼中,都有着不同的色彩。有人觉得秋是斑斓的,有红枫尽染的浪漫,也有稻穗金黄的饱满,还有桂花馥郁的芬芳。有人觉得秋是萧条的,有残荷枯瘦清冷的韵味,也有叶满霜华凋零的残落。还有人会觉得,秋是成熟的,一如走过匆 XC6SLX100T-2FG676C 匆年少,历经风雨才走进岁月的秋天, 却也是人生最好的季节。年年秋色最深处,铺就一场生命的底色。每个人走进深秋,都会遇见不一样的自己,或斑驳

  117. CC2098
    17th December 2021 at 11:52 am #

    世间种种,一半圆满,一半残缺毕淑敏说: 生命有裂缝,阳光才能照进来。 ,就是有黯淡也 XC6SLX150-N3FG900C 有精彩,有薄凉也有温暖,有高潮也有低谷,有痛苦也有欢乐,有失落也有希望。世间 XC6SLX150-3FG484I 万事万物,都是一半圆满,一半残缺。只有心怀希望的人,才能被阳光照耀。要为自己进步,而不是为了讨好谁。一个开朗热忱的人也有的时刻;一个美丽优雅的人也会有落魄无助的时刻;一个温柔善良的人也会有怒不可揭的时刻;一个聪慧沉稳的人也会有失控急切地失控 人有千面,但每一面又都是我们自 XC6SLX100T-N3CSG484I 己。也许,我们总想着在人前保持自己最优雅、最美丽地姿态,但是世间总会有各种各样地事情让我们无法维系。其实,不是完美无缺又如何呢?这世上本就没有完美的人。接受自己不是一个

  118. CC6797
    18th December 2021 at 6:21 am #

    不争的人生,自有天地喜悦于这 XC6SLX150T-3FGG484I 岁月的阡陌,带给人间的烟火纷呈,更执着于从这人间的繁复杂乱中,修饰得一颗平 XC6SLX150-L1FG484C 常心,去敬畏于这洪荒的世界,去安享于的宁静,去在光阴的细微之处,看花开花谢的,饮清风明月的芳醇。青山无处不花香,人生从来都喧哗。因而,这丰富多彩的,注定了是一场生命与情缘彼此触及地动荡,也注定了是一场人生与纷繁的尘事互为相应的热闹。岁月地流逝,打磨着时空里上下高低,前后 XC6SLX100-N3FG484I 左右的悬落和错位,也激荡着悠悠阔达的世情里,那些寻求生存支点的人们的欲望和力量,和他们风雨尘韵的念及与梦想。天地的浩大处,日月地辗转间,是人生五颜六色的错综与纠缠,是生活柴米油盐酱醋地交汇与碰撞。时光地变迁,岁月的缠绵,总是安静

  119. CC6909
    18th December 2021 at 7:11 am #

    秋日 XC6SLX150T-N3FG676C 夕阳深秋,在夕阳的余晖中,我倘佯在行人道的梧桐树下 XC6SLX150T-3FG484C 。高大的梧桐树几乎遮天蔽日,阳光于枝叶的缝隙间流动,在地面上印出点点团团,却又姿态万千的图案。一阵微风吹来,有几片枯黄的树叶,或许是经不起秋风的蛊惑,借着风势,在空中摆出探戈的舞姿,画出美丽的弧线,演绎着生命最后的 XC6SLX100T-2FG484C 辉煌。不由得我放慢了脚步,去探寻着桐叶季节的足迹。我在想,它们这是对自由的向往,还是对生命的最后挣扎?叶落无声,却懂得秋的冷和韵律。我俯身拾起一片桐叶,青黄相间,身上还残留着青春的印痕,记录了曾经奋斗的过往。叶面上脉络经纬依然清晰而富有质感,它为曾经托起大树的生命而骄傲。现在,它正在经历生命的轮回,零落成泥辗作尘,今日的枯萎,正是

  120. CC2158
    18th December 2021 at 7:43 am #

    岁月忽已晚,再见如初见听说,有雪将城。心里那朵莲,就这么忽而盛开 XC6SLX150T-3FGG676C 。大概,是因了它们都是最纯洁的物种,才格外耀眼,生动。莲逢雪绽,是银碗里盛开的 XC6SLX150T-3FGG484I 一枝禅,是众里寻他回眸处的灯火阑珊,是千回百转终相逢的那一眼惊艳 世间好物,良人可触。老有风骨,旧可入木,如光阴,如记忆,如相思。无雪的日子,能在一盏无色的茶香里,去温一段恰好的缘分,去怀念一个许久不见的故人。那清冽,似苔痕阶绿一草色,或许,那人的名字,也一并在这茶香里睡了,亦深了 如是,一盏 XC6SLX150-2FG900I 茶,赋予了光阴温度;一朵花,给予了光阴深度;一盏灯,赠予了光阴长度,而一个人,却寄予了光阴无限的厚度。最好的状态,莫过于静。唯静,方可一身轻。而真正的静,不在乎山水

  121. CC7530
    18th December 2021 at 2:28 pm #

    冬天的声音并不是所有爱酒之人都能悟出酒之道,酒也有道?是的,什么道?非常道,它是一种文化,一种很深奥的文化,一句两句话 XC6SLX100-L1FGG676C 是难以表述出来的,酒中溶有极其丰富的文化因子,那有人会问,你的文化概念是什么?广义 XC6SLX150T-3FGG676I 的文化就是人类社会发展中所创造的所有物质财富和精神财富之和。酒是人类的历史中所酿造的,故自然地融入了精神内涵的物质,理解起来,是简单的,物质方面是由粮食或果类通过发酵酿造的含有大量乙醇的水,但精神方面就复杂的多,不同文化层次、不同认知世界观念的人有不同的看法。如同茶,不了解茶道之人,定义茶就是树叶泡过的水,喝起来有点苦,有时还有点涩,这就是不懂茶之人。如论 XC6SLX150T-N3FG90 酒还是茶都有很深的道,虽然二者都是水溶液,

  122. CC6262
    18th December 2021 at 5:22 pm #

    前世今生从前有个书 XC6SLX150-3FG676C 生,和未婚妻约好 XC6SLX100T-N3FG900I 在某年某月某日结婚。到那一天,未婚妻却嫁给了别人。书生受此打击, 一病不起。这时,路过一游方僧人,从怀里摸出一面镜子叫书生看。书生看到茫茫大海,一名遇害的女子一丝不挂地躺在海滩上。路过一 XC6SLX100T-N3FGG676C 人, 看一眼,摇摇头,走了。又路过一人,将衣服脱下,给女尸盖上,走了。再路过一人,过去,挖个坑,小心翼翼把尸体掩埋了。僧人解释道, 那具海滩上的女尸,就是你未婚妻的前世。你是第二个路过的人,曾给过他一件衣服。她今生和你相恋,只为还你一个情。但是她最终要报答一生一世的人,是最后那个把她掩埋的人,那人就是他现在的丈夫。书生大悟,病愈。随机推荐: XC6SLX150-3FG676C

  123. CC3004
    19th December 2021 at 4:21 am #

    收获在秋天,一村一秋色春种一粒粟,秋收万颗子。时间走在收获的季节里,秋天到处充斥着丰收的喜悦 XC6SLX100T-2CSG484I 和忙碌。此时的秋天,季节里的容颜像被丹青里的藤黄 XC6SLX150T-N3CSG484I 色彩涂抹了一般,到处金黄一片,到处有成熟的韵味和收获的喜悦。稻谷熟了、树上的果子也开始个个生动飘香起来,金黄的落叶开始归根,一切有如收获在秋天的富足。稻田里沉甸甸的谷子低下了它饱满的身姿,那杆上的谷子不动声色的长成一粒粒的小米,看着这些杆子上的小精 XC6SLX150T-2FG484C 灵,饱满、金黄。像要告诉我们,做人要像一颗颗稻穗一样,越有能耐越要谦卑,越是能低下身姿越是会收获许许多多的成长。五月的季节里,我们那位伟大的稻田守望者袁老走了,是他让我们祖辈的温饱从来不成问题。这次他永远的走了,

  124. CC7693
    19th December 2021 at 4:27 am #

    故乡的秋故乡的秋,是一段记忆。只要轻轻闭上眼睛,静静回味,她就会轩然出现在你的脑海。秋雨戚戚 XC6SLX150-3FG484IXC6SLX100-N3CSG484I 沥的下着,青山被似雾似烟的细雨笼罩。一个个小小的山包,在雨中时隐时现。小山包在淡淡的雾中,慢慢幻成了大海上的小岛,松涛哄鸣-,哄鸣的响着。分不清这是大海的涛声,还是松与风的杰作。秋,沉淀在我们记忆的深处。故乡的秋,是一所老房子。山边几笼翠 XC6SLX150-2FG676I 竹,透过竹影的缝隙,白墙青瓦红柱头的川西民居,静静的展现在了眼前。右侧山边有一口水井,水凉凉的,带点回甜味。左则是篱笆围着的小菜园,边上用竹子搭的菜架上,挂着南瓜、冬瓜,金瓜。园中栽的那一行行辣椒,翠绿翠绿的枝条上,被红红的辣椒点缀。秋风一吹,红绿相映,唯美而娇艳。这

  125. CC3051
    19th December 2021 at 4:27 am #

    难忘的油炸糍粑说起 安顺小 XC6SLX150-L1FGG484I 吃 ,很多人都从自己的经历中打捞起太多太多难忘的美丽,也写下很多的文字。我也不例外,至今怀念安顺油炸糍粑、米面 XC6SLX100T-N3FGG900I 汤圆粑、王麻子烧饼等,那些耳熟能详的美食的钩沉,那些萦绕在我的脑海中,满足垂涎欲滴的心心念念,勾起我荡气回肠的悠远回忆,再次走进家乡难忘的油炸糍粑那外表酥脆、里面软糯咸咸的 XC6SLX100-N3FG484C 味道里。曾记起孩提时,遇到赶场天,我总会缠住母亲带油炸糍粑不放,此时母亲就会哄我好好读书、乖乖放牛,等她退场回来给我带回来吃个够。我便高高兴兴带上故事书骑在牛背上放牛去了,或早早吆喝回家守候在家门口,或把牛拴在赶场路上 短大人 ,望眼欲穿地盼着母亲的身影出现。可是一波又一波退场的大人已从我的

  126. CC2857
    19th December 2021 at 12:04 pm #

    北国之春 XC6SLX100T-3FG900I 已来临我不会唱歌,但我喜欢听歌曲,喜欢听流行歌曲也喜欢听老歌。那首《北国之春》是我听了许多年还一直在听的老歌,虽然我知道这首日本民歌中的北国不是指我们这里的北方 XC6SLX150-3FGG676I ,但我可以拿来为我所用。我生在北国,长在北国,至今还居于北国的小城,虽然这里的四季分明,季节变化很明显,但身处围城之中,也时常有 城里不知季节已变换 的感觉,在不经意间,一个季节就悄然走过 XC6SLX150T-3FGG900I 。春天的印象总是美好的,是明媚,是生机,是希望。在许多作品里,都有着它盎然的身影,文人们用最美妙的词句来描绘它的诗情,它的秀逸。然而,我有很多年没在明朗的春日充分的体验春的气息了。渐渐地,竟然对这个季节有了些淡漠的感觉。春日在密集的楼房里只是一

  127. CC1369
    19th December 2021 at 10:16 pm #

    观高考(2)六月,厚土高天,就见高考点路口处,远远地堆满了人。他们像被吊起来似的,个个伸长了脖子,又像似在寻找什么,却又不敢往前走 XC6SLX150-L1CSG484I 一步,只是在这路口处踯躅徘徊。个头矮的,只 XC6SLX150-2CSG484I 有跳起来,个头高的,也都伸长了脖子。无论是清晨饮露,还是夕阳日曝照,孩子们一出来,父母便跟随孩子向前涌动,警察在吆喝着,请大家往后退,整个人群,只是往前挪动了几步,忽又像潮水般涌过来。甚好,孩子你是一个一个地跨过去的,而不是一窝蜂跑出来。整个局面还至于太混乱。家乡接上了孩子,便有百般的絮叨。有人高兴,也有人埋怨,还有不问不语者,只是递过来一杯清凉。高考 XC6SLX150T-2FG676I 已经让们汗颜,这天气是太热了,有人谩骂这鬼天气,孩子高考了,也不凉快一点,

  128. CC6726
    19th December 2021 at 10:17 pm #

    我只从这里路过我不知道我在这皓瀚的星空中飘泊了多少年多少年,来到这五彩斑蓝充满生机的地球上,而我只是 XC6SLX150-N3FGG900C 从这里路过,却落在了尘世的洪流中,随着岁月的轮回,时光的变迁留下了还有什么,除了我苍老的身驱一无所有。我在这尘世的洪流中还要飘泊多久多久,我 XC6SLX150-N3FGG676C 意识到将会永久的消失,却不知将会成为何物,可能是看不见的一粒灰尘吧,虽然我从这里路过,也没留下什么,我飘泊的足迹也被浮尘淹没了,没有任何见证证明我在这里来过。美好的地球承载着那些无知的主宰者无休的毀坏,使它遍体淋伤苍老体弱。这些无知者,就在他们同类中疯狂的相互猎夺血腥残杀,其不知等待他们的是灭亡与消失,留给地球的只是一粒灰尘。让岁月的长河去冲刷吧。 XC6SLX100T-2FGG676I 随机推荐:

  129. CC6439
    19th December 2021 at 10:19 pm #

    驱蚊绳我的老家在铜川 XC6SLX150T-3FG484C ,当地农村有一个习惯,就是在夏天的时候采来艾蒿,晒干后再编成草绳,晚上蚊子肆虐的时候把 XC6SLX150-N3CSG484C 草绳点着,冒出的烟能祛除蚊子,效果比现在的蚊香要好的多。用这种方法驱蚊从什么时候开始,无法考证,它的起源在当地有一个传说。说是古时候,当地出了个妖怪,住在一座庙里,晚上就出来吃人,人们夜里只好紧闭家门,足 XC6SLX150-L1FGG484C 不出户。有一天,一个外地人夜里路过这里,无处投宿,就住在了这座庙里。山里半夜寒冷,为了驱寒,这个外地人在庙外四处寻找,最后找着了一堆干艾蒿,把它编成绳子用来点火。绳子快灭的时候就吹一吹,让它继续燃烧,冒出青烟。这个人在庙里住了一晚上平安无事。第二天早上起来,发现庙里有一个像公鸡那么大的蚊子

  130. CC0541
    20th December 2021 at 4:58 pm #

    与刘同学聊天在所有的朋友中,我最喜欢与刘同学聊天,不是因为他是男生,而是我俩几乎对所有的话题都共同感兴趣,而且大体上还有共识。虽然谈不上狼狈 XC6SLX100T-2FG676I 为奸,但绝对是臭味相投。今天他连线我,接通后他说: 呦,在家呀,没出去闲云野鹤呀。 今天没去 XC6SLX100-L1FG676I ,除了今天,天天去。 有什么新鲜事吗?讲给我听听呀。 当然有了。 我就把在天坛看画画的事给他讲了一遍。他说: 你真够损的,骂人不带脏字,还大笔一挥,把人家用于炫耀的留名给花了一道,你说你用心多阴险。 就你贼心眼儿多,我当时可没像你说的那样,我就是自然流露。 行行行,你怎么说都有理。诶,我问你,反书是怎么回事?你什么时候会写反书的? 我会写个屁。就会写我 XC6SLX100T-3FGG484C

  131. CC4235
    21st December 2021 at 12:15 am #

    攀煤太平矿“三严四细”抓节约今年以来,川煤攀煤公司太平矿全力实施全面预算管理策略,从严从细抓节约,努力降低各项经营成本,不断为企业提高效益夯实基础。该矿在 XC6SLX100T-3CSG484C 抓成本节约工作中,首先从转变全矿干部职工思想观念入手,通过形势任务教育等形式,引导干群牢固树立过紧日子思想,在此基础上,突出节约 三严格 ,即严格 Maxim 美信半导体 材料使用审批发放,严格材料回收复用 三联单 制度,严格材料管理使用超节罚奖制度。在此基础上,为使全矿各项生产经营成本进一步降低,该矿注重内部挖潜,突出从细管理,控制各种材料消耗。重点在 四细 上下功夫,即细化各单位材料预算编制,细化材料使用过程监控,细化回收材料的考核,细化各种费用的预算及管控,从 XC6SLX100T-2FGG676I

  132. CC3715
    21st December 2021 at 2:53 am #

    高铁经过高铁站后的半小时三十八分钟又四十秒,我又买了一张去广州的高铁票,不过这次,我没要站票。很多人说, XC6SLX100T-4FGG484C 高铁站和地铁站没什么不同。但高铁在天上,地铁在地底,人也是一样。行走的两个人有属于自己的轨迹,在某个时刻它们可能会出现交点,或许不会。高铁的座椅不软,又称不上 XC6SLX100-N3CSG484I 硬。无所谓它的舒适度,那班列车也不在乎自己的目的地。它可以一直开,就像时间永远是一条直线,列车也没办法回头。时间中又蕴含了空间,列车里也有座椅。有的时候我会想,假如时间可以重来会发生什么?它会有自己的进度条,可以随便拖动;还是到了那个点后就全部删除?我不知道。我只知道那列 XC6SLX100T-N3FGG676I 车外有电线杆,有风,有一块块像纯白色墓碑一样的楼房。风在楼房之间穿

  133. CC2702
    21st December 2021 at 12:17 pm #

    登塔社会实践队:琥珀颊腮翡翠心一逢餐时美肴临农家韭菜农家肥,格外鲜嫩香醇 XC6SLX100-L1FG676C 。青藤画派鼻祖徐渭有诗云: 春园暮雨细泱泱,韭叶当篱作意长。 一场春雨后,一茬茬韭菜青嫩嫩地冒着一大截。韭菜对人体有 XC6SLX150T-4FGG900C 着保温作用,还有散瘀、补肝肾、暖腰膝、壮阳固精的功效,适合常常手脚冰冷、下腹冷、腰酸或月经迟来的女生。韭菜容易栽种,几乎有土地就能生长,少虫害、生命适应力强,因此有长生菜、懒人菜等别名。此外,《本草纲目》中描述韭菜:韭温中下气,补虚、调和脏腑,令人能食,益阳 XC6SLX150-N3FG484I ,止泻。因此,古代又称为壮阳草,现在则有天然威而钢之称。多吃韭菜,可以固本培元,而韭菜盒子是以韭菜、鸡蛋、面作为主要食材制作而成的美食,是中国北方地区山东

  134. CC5171
    21st December 2021 at 12:17 pm #

    渡劫,渡心,渡己20岁之后,我便不再期待生日的到来。毕竟年岁渐长,肩上的责任与重担也愈来愈重,不论 XC6SLX150T-N3FG900C 你喜不喜欢,愿不愿意,有些路,注定只能一个人走,有些难关,只能独自去面对。想来一世,百千劫难,随时随地都能将我们杀得措手不及,遍体鳞伤。 XC6SLX100-N3FG484C 可万般劫难,皆由一情字而生,因情而生爱,因情而憎恨。、、皆是如此。与交手的这些年,我最先懂得的就是如人饮水,冷暖自知,活得清醒理智,活得通透豁达。但终是修行不够,在面临每一个岔路口,在做出每一个抉择和改变的时候,我依然还会有彷徨无助的时候。这几年来家里遭逢大难,父母离婚、弟弟患上抑郁症,好事不成双,厄运接踵而至,让我和父亲,乃至整个家都元气大伤,破碎 XC6SLX150T-2FG484C 不堪。细想,若

  135. CC4944
    21st December 2021 at 3:02 pm #

    错的邂逅这些年,有点遗憾的是我错失了一次又一次好的恋爱机会。那个经常下雪的冬天, XC6SLX150T-3FGG676C 我在玻璃门那里的刷,等着下课。有人突然从身后抱住我,他长得像阳光一样灿烂温暖,说话语气很温 XC6SLX100T-N3FGG676I 柔。他说对不起,看我很紧张,也松了手。他解释说把我认成了女朋友,我不懂这个,以为他是真的。那时的我连男生手都没牵过,一下子脸红了。后来我想了许久,觉得这是他搭讪的套路,然鹅,他这个方法用错了人,我以前的暧昧对象就说我这个人太无趣,不会接招。是啊,虽然身为高傲的狮子座,我也不是那种爱说话,有勇气的人,我没 XC6SLX150-3CSG484C 有回应,直接冲回了人海,事后还把这件事当作讲给别人听。可是当我想回头,我像大海捞针一样,从此再也没有找到过他。如果当时知道和他

  136. CC7031
    22nd December 2021 at 6:59 am #

    若极尽,美难全物极必反,否极泰来。关于欲罢不能的事,人心总是要想方设法 XC6SLX100T-3FG676I 想极尽的追求,追求两全偏不忍舍弃。总不到最后,也不肯罢休;罢不了,只因心之所念,愈念愈烈 放不下,所 XC6SLX150T-4CSG484C 难能两全。而两全其美的事,有时候太遥远,人心就是不愿意相信遥远,宁可驻守于虚幻的念想,不愿忘去放弃将来有那么一天也会花开月圆遂全心愿。世人,有些时候不守规矩,而不是不懂规矩;或许是诱惑极深,所难能自拔。伫立在两 XC6SLX150T-2FGG676I 全其美的面前太想占有,而有些美好从来不惟独谁人独自倾占与霸凌,美好的东西仅限于美好的心来盛装,即使近在眼前垂手可得都不敢去触碰,原来啊,怕惊吓而破碎了这份美好。美好的向来视为神圣,远远的看,何尝不是一种因为神圣而纯净的美

  137. CC0381
    22nd December 2021 at 6:33 pm #

    天祝小三峡来来回回穿越了天祝小三峡好几趟,然小三峡美景对我的吸引力却丝毫不减,是一个去了又总想去的地方。每一次行走在小三峡,心中的总不同,不同 XC6SLX150-3FG900C 的季节穿越小三峡,小三峡所呈现的景色又各异,自然植被所呈现的是春的萌芽,夏的娇艳,秋的金黄、冬的洁韵 XC6SLX100T-N3FGG484C ,地质地貌又是春的昂然、夏的雄伟、秋的高耸、冬的纯粹。这个伏夏,又一次阻挡不了天祝小三峡对我的吸引,驱车穿越了它,再一次让这美景浸染了我的心灵。天祝小三峡位于甘肃武威市所属的天祝藏族自治县,地处河西走廊东端。天祝小三峡不同于长江三峡,它既没有长江三峡之壮丽宏大,也没有天来滚滚之水,天祝小三峡之朱 XC6SLX150-2CSG484I 岔峡、金沙峡、先明峡也不同于长江三峡因地壳抬升河水下切形成,而

  138. CC9207
    23rd December 2021 at 5:52 am #

    孤独的根号三庚子年春,恰逢佳 XC6SLX150T-2CSG484I 雨季。喜欢这个词承载的东西是那么的美妙又那么的苦涩。有时候让人如痴如醉,有时候让人黯 XC6SLX100T-2FG484C 然失色。最好的开始就是遗憾的伏笔。我和她在公司相识,我们不属于一个部门,但是我们之间有着高度的默契。我们互相鼓励、互相学习、互相成就。为了更好地完成工作绩效,我和她制定了相应的与处罚制度,我们乐在其中,享受着这份制度与约定带来的与成长。当熟悉成为一种习惯,当习惯成为一种选择,才是糟糕开始的 XC6SLX150-2FG676C 起点。由于我与她互动频繁,可能各自之间都产生了一点点好感,说不上喜欢,但总是在某个方面上偏袒这对方,这或许就是偏爱的另一种解释。现在我还清晰的记得,她送我的香薰蜡烛和锦鲤招财猫,直到现在还在我的工位

  139. CC7117
    23rd December 2021 at 4:49 pm #

    异乡有时候 XC6SLX100T-2FGG484I ,在某个瞬间,忽然感觉异乡真的好孤寂。在下班回家的路上,看着小区明亮的万家灯火, XC6SLX150-2FG484C 唯独自己家的那盏没有亮。万分疲惫时,想要在回家能有人端上热气腾腾的饭,然而并没有。路上车水马龙,认识自己的寥寥无几。大家的欢声笑语断断续续,却与自己无关。的悲欢本就不相通,也就不必强融。在某个孤寂的时候,想找个朋友谈心,却发现初来乍到,身边哪有什么知己。遇到困难,想找个人帮 XC6SLX100-N3FGG676I 忙,却发现只能在原地驻足。我们都是奋斗者。为了当初心动的方向,启航。终究为自己的选择买了单。以为自己的心愿会坚定不移,在实现的过程中,才发现,其实,在某些瞬间,走过一万个想要放弃的理由。以为自己勤奋努力,一定会感动天感动地,最后才发现,

  140. CC9686
    23rd December 2021 at 4:49 pm #

    摞起世界之魂月色,你怎么会把她忘记?她越过月湾,拿走我衣兜里的,她又越过光波,收获喷溥甜蜜的亲吻,变成的女人,满满月色,可怕 XC6SLX100T-2FG900C 的爱情野兽在爱 NXP 恩智浦 情盛宴上盘旋,爱从模糊的月光下诞生,尖叫着冲来。我用华丽的宫殿占有,值得我羡慕庆幸,我获得了月色,忘记我身上的痛苦,我看见翻滚的大海和白色的帆,带来淡红色的纱裙,我只能狂爱,拨开敏捷的花瓣亲吻,她肤色粉红,像翅膀一样扑动,两朵大大的玫瑰在波动,沿着风飘逸。我喃喃低语,啪啪声透过月光描述她完美的天使,万物静止,尖叫声流连在山谷云彩中,连夜禽野猪也不 XC6SLX100T-2FGG676I 再动荡,世界继续运转,听空气碰撞空气回响声,羞涩已飘起黑色发丝,涨起的大潮带走浮动的天穹,肥股翘起飞向南方。爱情又

  141. CC4376
    24th December 2021 at 6:41 am #

    世界桥梁中的“高个子”——遐思迩想北盘江大桥以前,只听说北盘江大桥是迄今为止世界第一 XC6SLX100T-3FG900I 高桥,但始终没有到实地观赏过。2021年7月31日,一家人自驾车游玩了贵州数天后,择路返回云南,途经了连接云南贵州的北盘江大桥,目睹了它那气势雄伟、高耸 XC6SLX100T-N3CSG484C 入天的雄姿,让人激动万分,途中景色美不胜收,令人血脉偾张。因为桥上不能停车,家人纷纷探出车窗外,打开汽车的天窗,拿出不停的拍照。记录下这一美好的瞬间。在这群山沟壑中居然隐藏着世界级的第一高桥 北盘江大桥。北盘江大桥通车后,有人云:烟霞诗境,一桥飞架,七省通衢,天地平添王者气。水墨画屏,万壑藏幽,千峰列,古今遍布浩然风。迄 XC6SLX100T-N3FGG484C 今无桥高此桥,险途化康衢,信步恰如天上走,

  142. CC1737
    25th December 2021 at 1:34 am #

    爱一个人不需要理由有 XC6SLX150-L1CSG484C 人说:要相信一见钟情,尽管不能奢求;也有一些所谓 过来人 却忠告年轻人:不要相信一见钟情,必须扎根于现 XC6SLX150-3FGG676I 实。在《红楼梦》中,当贾宝玉初见林黛玉时便情不自禁的说 这个妹妹,我在哪儿见过。 林黛玉也甚感诧异于宝玉的面熟万分。在中他们是冤家,是要偿还前世的情债,因而有一见如故的感觉。当然,前尘和后世只是一个美丽而动听的借口或谎言罢 XC6SLX150-L1FG900C 了,不可轻信。可是在现实中,男女初次见面便似曾相识的现象却是真实存在的,并成为缘分的一个标志,或许也会成为一段美好爱情的开端。所以,有人说,爱一个人不需要理由。一个邂逅,一个眼神,就会让人神使鬼差的丢魂撂魄,往往刹那间就跌进爱情的漩涡,愈是挣扎,便陷的愈深

  143. CC0839
    25th December 2021 at 2:08 am #

    故事很长,平生慢写喜欢文字,却不善言辞 XC6SLX100T-3FGG900C 。凡 XC6SLX150-3FG900C 是落笔,又十之八九是多愁善感。连朋友也说我的文字太过忧伤。喜欢回忆过往,喜欢念起故人,喜欢翻阅旧文,喜欢重温故曲。旧时少年,已是昨日的光阴。旧时相交,遇见和离别,周而复始。像朋友,离去未见,物是人非。一次次的念起,一次次的落笔,反反复复,太多太多的次数,自己已都数不清。对失去的东西太 XC6SLX100T-N3FG676I 放不下,舍不去。多觉遗憾,徒添烦恼。任凭是什么,落在笔下,都像染上了一层悲伤,是秋,也为人。不过是平生少有欢喜,总觉怅然。因而,我永远不是我笔下的温婉女子,光阴的须臾之间,此去经年,我们历经太多。而我不过刨去千辛万苦,个中滋味,只写草木生长,只写四季花来,只写落霞如绯,只写

  144. CC4537
    25th December 2021 at 4:42 am #

    在变老的路上,好好活着也许,我们所有的努力,都是为了经营这两个字 活着。是的,为了活着,祖先们从茹毛饮血,到钻 XC6SLX150T-3CSG484I 木取火,再到创建人类文明;先辈们从饥寒 XC6SLX100T-2FGG484C 交迫,到武力抗争,打造一统天下。活着,看似简单,其实不易。并非是每个人从出生就一定会在之中。为了活着,我们从幼年到少年,到青年、中年,再到老年,历尽艰辛和坎坷,尝遍了的酸甜苦辣,不断努力地去学习,去工作,去奋斗,去适应不断变化的社会需求和境遇,去追求 XC6SLX100T-3FG484C 各自的人生目标。为了活着,这个世界上还有多少人正在艰难跋涉,不仅是困苦,更是一种水深火热般的煎熬与挣扎。为了活着,有多少疾病缠身的人,一次次地经历磨难,抗争到生命的最后一刻。又有多少人与病魔短兵相接,一

  145. CC1475
    25th December 2021 at 11:10 pm #

    雨夜暗淡的月,无光的夜,寒冬的风还是那样没有一丝温暖,这时候还开始下起了雨,不大也不小,雨慢慢的落下, XC6SLX100T-3FGG484C 开始落在阴暗的角落,流落在人们残喘的心里。无人的街,此刻人们开始不在乎路上人们异样的眼神,不在乎自己家的方向,不在乎街边 XC6SLX100T-N3FGG676C 五颜六色的闪光灯,人们开始慌乱,开始害怕冰冷雨滴把自己来之不易的温暖带走,呵呵,路边的乞丐开始嘲笑路过行人,点着一根不知从哪来的烟看着这个讽刺的世界,虚伪,肮脏,冷静在这个时候开始被人们忘记,这一条街见证了人们最真实的脸。街边的路灯散发着微弱的光,照亮人们内心的恐惧,真是可笑,一切平衡好像在这个夜晚全都被打破开始 XC6SLX100-N3FG676C 枯萎凋零,也许我也害怕,害怕没有温度的世界,我蹲在街边的石头上戴

  146. CC3246
    26th December 2021 at 2:37 am #

    骂不生气打不跑,才是佛家的一块宝空空净净常灵知,认知不着便是道。修一切法得成于忍。 XC6SLX100-L1FGG676I 一个真正认知不着相的无我之人,你骂他,你打他, XC6SLX150-N3FGG484C 你污辱诽谤他,他还会动心生气吗?他还会逃跑舍弃吗?他还会斗争怨恨吗?他还会恼怒愤恨吗?一个认知不着相的无我之人,自己的心全部空净,对一切根本没有发生的事会动心吗?一个认知不着相的人,自己已经达到无我更无心,一个无心道人还会动什么心呢?一个根本不会动心的自在解脱人,怎么会有痛苦烦恼呢?怎么会有动乱不安呢?怎么会有恼怒生气呢?怎么会有贪恋追求呢?怎么会有情执挂碍呢 XC6SLX100T-4CSG484C ?一个根本就无私无我的无心道人,怎么还会搞情爱名利呢?怎么还会粘粘黏黏抓住世间的名利情爱的水泡泡呢?一个真正明

  147. CC6294
    26th December 2021 at 8:59 pm #

    能够主宰你的,永远是你自己亲爱的自己,不要抓住过往不放,断线风筝,只能让它飞,放过它,就是放过自己。自己 XC6SLX150-3FG900I 一定要做生命的主角,而不是别命中的看客,不要追寻前人的脚印,而是追求他们的目标。今天不成功还有明天 ST 意法半导体 ,明天不成功还有后天,尽力就好。一个人再优秀,也总有人对你不堪。你要活出自己的风格,一切事无法追求完美,唯有追求尽心尽力。自己做的事,自己,自己自豪,甚至自己感动,这就不会给自己留下什么遗憾了。雄鹰,不鼓励也飞翔,小草不呵护也成长。它们有自己的生命,也有自己的世界。人世间的事情,有缘不推,无缘不求,勉强,终归不能如意,强求,势必不会甜蜜。我们应该带着 XC6SLX100T-3FG900I 简单的心,走好每一段路,也许你一无所有,但是你

  148. CC9830
    26th December 2021 at 9:34 pm #

    去西南联大.看名士风流假如有一天,假如你来到 领优惠券 了 春城 昆明,游览过风光绮丽的滇池、去过石林、看过溶洞、登上过大观楼、爬过西山、赏过翠湖、走过西川红土地 如果你还想感受历史文化的余 领取优惠劵 味,那么有一个地方,你一定不能错过,它一定值得你去探访一番,那就是西南联大的遗址。那些人那些事,在那段岁月里,在这片土地上至今还在闪烁着不朽的光芒。他们 天猫优惠劵 的在日后的中国大地上,在人们的惊叹中 流传。1937年 七七事变 后不久,平津陷落。8月,北京大学、清华大学和南开大学陆续南迁。1938年,三校在昆明联合组建国立西南联合大学。1946年抗战胜利后,联大 胜利关闭 ,三校各自北归复校。就是在这八年的时间里,西南联大的历史

  149. CC3978
    27th December 2021 at 3:31 pm #

    城南草木深,等一不归人春意缱绻,城南小巷的转角,成全了姑娘和少年的初见。那年的少年,眼 XC6SLX150T-2FGG900C 睛里闪耀的光芒让姑娘一眼就深陷其中,在许多年后,少年 XC6SLX150-2FGG484C 的模样在记忆深处开始模糊不清,但那一抹跳动的光芒却让姑娘梦寐难忘。为了抓住这一抹念念不忘的色彩,姑娘开始像个小尾巴一样追随在少年的身后。少年在篮球场上挥汗如雨,姑娘像个小战士一样为少年摇旗呐喊;少年逃课上网,姑娘为少年心惊胆战地打掩护;少年春心萌动,姑娘成为少 XC6SLX150-3FGG676C 年和他心上人之间的传信青鸟。一路同行,无论什么时候回过头,姑娘一直在身后。这世间,最美好的事情,大抵如此吧。少年的心上人是个娇俏的女孩,不知道是不是和姑娘一样看上了少年眼中的光芒,还是这又是一场青春的悸

  150. CC4791
    27th December 2021 at 6:06 pm #

    天下最美狗眼昨天坐公交车,看着一前一后两个狗,前面的黑狗后面是黄狗,都是 XC6SLX100T-2FGG484C 土狗,都好瘦,在路边找吃的。我上楼的时候看到楼下的花猫,回家 XC6SLX150-L1FGG900C 拿了半块馒头,下楼发现它不见了。我没找到,就去坐公交车了,包包太小,我一路攥着那半块馒头,就在车上看见了那狗,心想扔下去?反正他们也饿着,可是最终没有扔,怕吓着它们,也丢了自己的人。只是车越走越近,靠近狗狗的时候我看见,貌似是一对,后面的黄狗好秀气,两个狗很亲密。那个黑狗,哇,眼睛真美,淡蓝色的,就是我们说波斯猫的眼睛,很美,虽然只看了 XC6SLX150-N3FGG484I 侧面,也看出了狗狗的柔情。狗狗离公交车越来越远,我看不到了,我只在想,狗眼换成人眼的那个悲惨,如此美的眼睛,也许能逃脱这个命运吗?

  151. CC9261
    28th December 2021 at 10:37 am #

    狗尾草有这么 优惠卷平台 一种草,即使卑微也决不匍匐在地上。那高高扬起的狗尾花,带着些许的羞赧在风中摇曳出独有的俊逸。当你 内部优惠劵 倾慕于牡丹的富贵,感叹芍药的艳丽,你不会正眼瞧一下沟沟坎坎漫山遍野生长的狗尾草。那是一种什么样的力量让这样一株草生生不息?只不过是一株草呀,成不了栋梁,只不过是一株草呀,没有花的妩媚芳香,却依然倔强的生长。活着就是对生命的 查优惠卷 尊重,活着就是对造物主最好的报答。活着才能看见云霓红霞,活着才能品尝到雨露琼浆。成长的路上也苦,破土而出就是一种漫长而又艰辛的路,如蛹化蝶,没有坚持不懈的努力,那喷薄而出的日出就只能相逢在梦里头。只有孜孜不倦的生长,才能钻出泥土的母体,探出绿油油的脑袋,看见一个明媚的春

  152. CC0927
    28th December 2021 at 10:50 am #

    人生的定义从哇哇坠地到闭目逝去,看似漫长实则短暂,前后不过三万多天 内部优惠券 。我们在世间的历程简称。生下来是一张白纸,如何绘画,画成什么样的图案,走怎样的路线图,完全取决于自己或者说主观因素占绝大部分。来也匆匆,去也匆匆。 优惠劵 有些人把自己的人生谱写成壮丽的诗篇或史诗,而有些人却遗臭万年,大部分人如尘土一样默默无闻,飘无声息。浩瀚宇宙长存于世,人来世间走一遭,不留下点什么未免太可惜了。因此我们应定义好自己的人生,力争有为。有人羡慕别人的财富,认为人生苦短,应追求享受。别人穿得是如何的华丽,开的是何等宝贵的名车,住的是何等高级的别墅,花 领优惠卷 钱是何等的阔绰,而自己呢?这是一种活法,一种人生。人生的路线图全有自己选择

  153. CC7619
    28th December 2021 at 10:51 am #

    登高望远览美景国土 天猫优惠劵 之大,处处美景。江山多娇,巍巍壮观….. 领取优惠劵 .而引人入胜,时时让游客们流连忘返。孔子曰; 仁者乐山,智者乐水 ,我不是仁者,也不是智者,但我从小喜欢山、喜欢水。自新春过后,我陆续攀登了云台山、蒙山、峄山、千佛山、万仙山、天坛山……每到一处都给我留下了深刻的印象,还有我矫健的步伐和足迹。每到一处,人 专享优惠劵 山人海,车流不息。各地风情,别具一格。盘山公路,崎岖蜿蜒。栈道错落,自由伸展。楼阁亭台,各占高地。奇石怪异,雄伟状观。墨刻,气势磅礴……这一切都是岁月的见证,同时也是在追寻先人们的足迹。带着一种自信和欣慰,向着既定的目标而去,不犹豫,不气馁,不退缩。虽知高处不胜寒,却

  154. CC9798
    29th December 2021 at 9:17 am #

    在灾区的日子里一今年5月12日,我国四川汶川发生了8.0级特大地震后,让汶川、北川和青川等陌生的县城, XC6SLX100T-N3FGG676I 一夜之间成为全国乃至世界关 XC6SLX100T-2FGG676C 注的焦点。作为新闻人,我所在的中煤地质报社的编辑记者们都非常关注四川地震灾区的情况,大家以对党和国家的热爱和忠诚,凭着对灾区人民群众无比挚爱的,积极参加献爱心捐款、交纳特殊党费。同时,大伙每天都从电视上看灾区的新闻,谈论的话题也大多和地震灾区有关。因为,那里不但有成千上万的灾区同胞,还有我们煤田地质单位的职工群众,他们的安危冷暖无时无刻不在牵动着报社全体新闻工作者的心。报社领导很 XC6SLX150-L1FG484C 清楚同志们此时的,按照总局党委的有关要求,把抗震救灾宣传报道工作作为当前最重要、最紧迫的政

  155. CC0525
    29th December 2021 at 9:19 am #

    学会这些实战经验,你就是麻将高 XC6SLX150-N3FGG900I 手了(第二篇) XC6SLX150-3FG676C 学会这些实战经验,你就是麻将高手了(第二篇)上一篇我们讲了很多的知识点,相信(安装)大家(智能)看完后(麻将机)会有所(程序)帮助,但是光学会那些还不够的,那么接下来我们继续来讲猜牌和实战中的其他点,大家要认真哦。首先来讲讲猜牌的根据是什么?其实猜牌是要根据种种现象做出判断 XC6SLX100T-4FGG676C 的。在分析之前,有一点要提醒大家:下面举的例子虽然是个别现象,但是种种现象很多的是相互贯彻的。一起来看看。上门安装威:qsbyg68681. 多看已出的牌就是四家所打出来的牌。举例说明:白板出了两张,倘若你手里还有一张白板,大概率是没有人要。以这个例子来加以推论,如八筒已见三张,九

  156. CC1701
    30th December 2021 at 2:00 pm #

    故乡的堰塘去年听说老家的堰塘已经干涸。大部分的地方,成了田地,堰塘锅底处(最深处)剩下一捧只够青蛙饮的水,也行将消失。我听后隐隐作痛,心生 水都哪儿去了 的天 淘宝优惠券 问?不由得怀念起小时候的堰塘来。家乡的堰塘,在村东北角,东西走向,长有七八十米,宽约二十多米。挨着住户南边,是一片竹林,和几棵柳树。西边有座简易石板桥,西北岗上的 淘宝优惠券 雨水,通过沟桥,流入堰塘。北边是生产队打谷场,东边是庄稼地。东南角有个豁口,遇到夏季雨水多时,灌满的塘水通过它,把水排到村东边一条宽渠,然后,与村中间的大水沟的汇合,浩浩荡荡,流向东河。堰塘是乡亲们洗衣,洗澡,牛饮水,鸭鹅嬉戏地方,也是产鱼,出农家肥地方,是我小时的乐园,给我的 天猫优惠劵

  157. CC9878
    30th December 2021 at 2:01 pm #

    XC6SLX150T-2FG484C 我与一本书的故事今年是建党一百年的日子,很高兴能把自己和一本书的分享给大家。首先声明,不是自己优秀,而是机缘巧合。在我 XC6SLX100T-2CSG484C 十几岁的时候,一次,去同住一个村的二姑家串门,正好赶上二姑家收拾居住多年的老屋子。那时农村的屋子,多是土盖、土墙,人们的生存条件极差。出于对 XC6SLX150T-2FGG484C 知识的渴望和好奇,在二姑家清扫出的垃圾里,我看到一本烂得不像样的旧书。它没有书皮书名,前后还被虫子嗑了好多。整个书发霉、发黄,很脏。翻了翻,感觉内容还不错,拿回家,去掉前后不全的书页,用纸包了包,还用做活的针,很认真地重新装订了一下,没日没夜地看了起来。尽管书的前边少了22页,后面也缺了很多,仍如获至宝,不知不觉眼前一亮,从此有了追求,有了

  158. CC3946
    31st December 2021 at 4:22 pm #

    审视如果人的脑袋里是一个混沌的世界,在有个盘古可以开天辟地就好了,这样新的世界从此就可以朗朗乾坤,重头开始。然而人之所要想象,是因有时 XC6SLX100-N3FGG676IXC6SLX150T-N3FG900C 实过于残酷,需要让思想插上翅膀获得安慰和憧憬。我的脑袋就只是一个混沌的世界,没有盘古,黑暗总把我的思想扭曲成一股麻花,紧紧压缩,在两头打上死结,有时努力想在黑夜迸发出一些闪耀的火光,照亮心灵的路,然而挤出来的还是那些过时了的,死板陈旧腐败的没有任何一点气息的词汇,并且那些词汇是什么呢?好像总给我带来无尽的焦虑。思想在过去与未来的时空中穿插,过去的痛苦时刻刺激敏感的神经,一边难以忘怀,一遍又浴血奋战。 XC6SLX150-3FG900I 未来浩渺无垠,我如一粒尘埃漂浮不定。我是白天的沉睡的懒猫,是夜

  159. CC9157
    31st December 2021 at 5:23 pm #

    女人是水做的在每个女人心目中,都住着一个优秀的白马王子。可以说不是绝大多数女人的想法,但对于大一部分来说,是很渴望得到一种被关注,被宠 XC6SLX150T-3FG484C 爱,被尊重的那种理想男,对自己很好的那种优质男。女人要求男人如何阳刚,如何金多, XC6SLX150T-3FGG676I 如何穿着时尚,至少是整洁。有车有房,是女人看男人的标准。现在女人学历高,会挣钱,会打扮,有身材,也是男人看女人的标准。对于一些有能力的来说,的压力,不是过不去的坎,只是顺其自然的走就好了,他们有能力去解决这些事情。对于,没有学历,也没有能力的人来说,这些生活的 XC6SLX100T-3FG900C 苦,就是无助,没有人帮助。希望对方可以照顾一下自己的,让自己生活的过的开心点。如今社会是提倡男女平等,在这个社会有些方面还是平

  160. CC4277
    31st December 2021 at 5:54 pm #

    多与高人来往,勤与能人共事,常与福人相处有人说,有三大幸运:上学时遇到一位好老师,工作时遇到一位好师傅,成家时遇到一个好伴侣。这 XC6SLX150-3FGG484C 也恰恰说明了,人这一辈子遇 XC6SLX150T-N3FG900C 到什么人真的很关键。正所谓: 蓬生麻中,不扶而直;白沙在涅,与之俱黑。 与智者同行,与高人为伍,人生必然不同凡响;与傻子分道,与小人扬镳,才能愉悦清明。所以,一个人有多优秀,就看他与谁为伴,受谁指点。人生路漫漫,唯同行之人,才是每个人最大的指向标。01向高人学观世之法。人生在世,格局越大,就能站的越高,望的越远。而决定格局的,往往是我们自己的 目光所及 XC6SLX150T-3FG484C 。如果满眼都是无关紧要的琐碎,很容易就会被眼前的烦恼遮挡视线;可如果敞开胸怀、放开眼界,站

  161. CC7982
    31st December 2021 at 5:55 pm #

    用你的旷达之心,敲开幸福之门在论及人们的心胸狭窄和宽宏大量时,王阳 XC6SLX150-2FGG484C 明说: 心狭为祸之根,心旷为福之门。 由此可见,一个心胸狭窄的人,平时种下的就是祸殃 XC6SLX150-N3FGG676C ;一个宽宏大量的人,才能福洪寿长。一个人的,不是因为他拥有的多,而是因为他计较的少。爱生气,爱计较,就是 心狭 的表现,就是拿别人的过错来惩罚自己。原谅别人,就是善待自己。心量狭小,则多烦恼;心量广大,智慧丰饶。俗话说:身安不如心安,屋宽不如心宽。大肚能容,断却许多烦恼障;笑容可掬,结成无量欢 XC6SLX100-L1FG676C 喜缘。 心旷 则表现为乐观和淡然。就像半杯水,看你以怎样的心态对待。同样是半杯水,有的人看到的是缺少的那一半,有的人看到的是拥有的那一半。如果只看到缺少的那

  162. CC0924
    1st January 2022 at 2:33 pm #

    冬天 XC6SLX150T-N3CSG484C 的火炉到了冬天,也到了这个年龄,总多了几份回忆,回忆起过去 XC6SLX100T-3FGG900I 的时光,在那个时光穿梭过的记忆里,五味陈杂,每显此景,便有此情。望窗外,草木零落,西风吹拂,墙角边还堆积着未化的雪,心中便有了屋外的冷。这是冬天的景象,这种景象 XC6SLX100T-2FG676C 便勾起对早年冬天取暖火炉的念想。好久没有了火炉带给我的温暖,如今城里早就淘汰了它,代之而来的是洁净的天然气烧热的地暖,家里也没了一丝的炉灰和炉渣,可我在这个季节总想起它,想起曾经的温暖和火红,也想起我的老父亲烧炉、煨炉的那一段情景,还有炉盘上烤黄的洋芋、温热的青稞酒、砂锅里炖的白肉酸菜汤、和母亲烙干的大饼。冬天乐都农村人家的堂屋里都生有火炉,它是那个时代冬季唯一取暖用具,其实

  163. CC6474
    2nd January 2022 at 1:10 pm #

    孩子如同毛坯房孩子 XC6SLX150-N3FG900I 是家长您倾注全家几十年积蓄购买的一套房子,老师们就是家长请的装修师傅,这房子的所有权是家长的,装修得好,您住几十年,舒心放心有面子 装修师傅,肯定也想把 XC6SLX100T-3FGG676I 房子装好,这是责任所在。对应到学校教育,就是五十套户型不一的毛坯房,交给一个装修了 包工头就是班主任 装修过程中,如果房主来看装修效果,应该是什么态度?会不会是装修师傅说,感谢你百忙之中来关心您的房 XC6SLX150T-3FGG484I 子?义务教育阶段,就是包工包料固定工期,不管房型区别,所以,肯定会出现,有的房子,材料过剩,有的房子,材料不足,或者有特殊要求的材料需要补充 装修师傅给您打电话,说,您家的水龙头型号不对(作业质量差),要不要来看看,考虑换一个?您是

  164. CC0806
    3rd January 2022 at 9:09 am #

    高手总结麻将的心得你学会了吗打麻将大家再熟悉不过了,可是你是知道吗,麻将可是一门技术,它包含的学问可多了,比如:运筹学、逻辑学、概率论、组合排列学等等 XC6SLX100T-3FGG900C ,甚至包括人文科学。那么如何才能够打好麻将呢?当然,运气很重要,但 XC6SLX150-N3CSG484C 是除了运气以外,还需要技术和策略,下面给大家分享一些打麻将心得。想要打好麻将,需要掌握以下几点:1、熟知麻将的玩法规则:掌握基本的技巧,眼观六路,耳听八方,灵活应变;2、培养自己的牌技术和预判能力:例如根据自己的手牌快速预判胡牌的牌型,根据对手舍出来的牌,猜测出他们手上的牌型等;3、多参与一些比赛:和不同打法的选手过招,磨练自己的牌技水平,增加自己的实战经验;4、要有好的策略,懂 XC6SLX100T-3FG484C

  165. CC4735
    3rd January 2022 at 9:13 am #

    远方的阿孜银杏黄了,冬天已经不远,但毕竟还是晚秋,故乡的胡杨早已黄消叶落。关山远隔,地域差异让故乡早已入冬,异乡的银杏却回放了故乡大漠深处秋的神韵和魅 XC6SLX100T-2FG900I 力。可是,这个秋天我不会回去,在远方的深秋里组码关于故乡深秋的印象,关于岁月的回想,关于远方里有没有诗和思乡 XC6SLX150-2FGG900I 。故乡深秋里有牛羊的肥硕,有雁鸣的悠扬,有蓝天白云下的歌声婉转舞姿翩跹,有孤独的牧羊人,有婀娜的挤奶女,有彪悍的 叼羊 ,有热烈的 姑娘追 ,有热瓦甫、都塔尔和冬不拉的铿锵与激越,有、和的甜美 故乡深秋里有更多的熟悉和依恋,有喀什老城里的亲切和安详,有高台民居里的神奇和独特,有大清真寺里祷告的肃穆和庄严,有街市的繁华和宁静,有乡亲的和善与 XC6SLX150-N3FG484C

  166. CC2648
    3rd January 2022 at 7:10 pm #

    苦沙弥单位外号叫 苦沙弥 的女孩,虽然有一个佛教徒的名字,但不是佛教徒,甚至不信佛。人们叫她苦沙弥,是因为她打喷嚏很有特色,那种很清脆的一声 阿—戒 ,脸 XC6SLX100T-N3FGG676I 上露出浅笑倩兮,宛如笑语盈盈地劝人们要受戒。有好事的同事从夏目漱石的《我是猫》 XC6SLX150T-2FGG676I 描写的那个爱打喷嚏的老师苦沙弥(くしゃみ)里,给她起了个外号叫 苦沙弥 ,夏目漱石的小说《我是猫》里,汉语把日语打喷嚏くしゃみ(Kushami)翻译成为苦沙弥。苦沙弥是地道的白土妹,韶关本地有一句谚语:龙归猪仔白土妹,马坝油粘沙溪碓。说的就是白土妹子很是麻利漂亮。苦沙弥一双大大的水灵灵丹凤眼,很像格格,也有人叫她格格,不过,最近她 XC6SLX100T-2FGG484I 突然不喜欢人们叫她格格,听到人们

  167. CC0598
    4th January 2022 at 5:23 am #

    文竹花开小巧玲珑乌市的十一月,文竹花儿在开放,一个个花瓣,都是微微向内弯曲的,花中心还有花蕊。乌市的十一月, XC6SLX150-3FG676C 文竹花儿在开放,一朵、两朵、三朵,花儿越开越盛,站在远处看,就像绿色瀑布上镶嵌了一颗颗小珍珠。六个瓣的小黄花,花不是很大, XC6SLX150-2FGG900C 和桔子核差不多。枝干长的又高又大,长长的叶子垂下来,像一把硕大绿色的伞。米黄的小花,苞米粒一般大,附着在文竹的叶子之上,空隙之间,躲躲藏藏,好像自己花蕾太小,有一些羞怯,有些难为情。淡淡的黄色,在绿色的竹海里,像是一个人的眼神,不敢扬起眼睛,观看四面周围的风景。清瘦的文竹,本来是谦逊,开的花儿 XC6SLX100-N3FGG676C ,也不张扬,真是一脉相承,承袭了文竹家族的遗风。文竹,在不经意间就开花了,开

  168. CC4186
    4th January 2022 at 6:41 am #

    风雨行追逐你,风雨兼程, XC6SLX100T-3FGG676I 请南归的大雁向你带去讯息:人间辽阔大地,我在寻你。揩揩脸角的汗水,擦擦眼角的泪滴,虽艰险无尽,我从未放弃。我盘桓在九州 XC6SLX150-L1FGG676C 最长远的路径,不知道你在哪里,一路走走停停,四处打听,寻访你的踪迹。知道你就在这个广阔的天地里,知道你曾经一定走过这其间的某条路径,也曾经历无数风雨,身披破旧的外衣,独自摸索着一路 XC6SLX100T-N3FGG900C 艰险的境域,坚定前行。也曾有嘘寒问暖的温情,让人停下脚步,动摇向前的决心。当最终确定那并不是你,我也恍然间如梦初醒,打碎虚幻的迷境,走向真实的现境,凭天上明月指引,夕阳慰心,我要找到你,在这现实的境域。那才是你,能够让我不染世俗淤泥,胸中常开一朵娇艳的莲花,醉生梦死中领会你的禅

  169. CC3240
    4th January 2022 at 7:11 am #

    一碗热汤面芸芸众生之中,总有一些意想不到却让人温暖的 XC6SLX150T-2FGG484C 事 题记2020年一个冬天 XC6SLX150-N3FGG484C 的早晨,小丽像往常一样起的很早准备一天的主食和辅食,主食已面条为主。她把头发简单的拢了一下去开房门,突然看见一个人站在门口往屋里望,大概有四十多岁的年纪,污垢蓬面,脸油黑一道一道的,眼睛黯淡无光,穿着破旧棉衣,扣子也没有,腰间系根绳子。小丽吓了一跳,但又 XC6SLX100T-3FG484I 马上镇定下来,急忙把他叫进屋说: 冻坏了吧,饿了吧,马上给你煮碗面 说着小丽麻利的系上围裙走进厨房。不一会热汤面做好了,美味的汤汁上浮着淡黄色的面条,旁边点缀几大块深褐色牛肉和青翠欲滴的菜叶,香味扑鼻而来。小丽把这碗香喷喷的面端到他面前,他犹豫了一下,身子动了动,伸手

  170. CC0415
    5th January 2022 at 12:13 am #

    产科病 XC6SLX100T-N3FGG676C 房那一天,是我终生难忘的,妻子抛腹产后 XC6SLX100T-3CSG484I 儿子平安出生了。虽然母子平安,但因为儿子肚脐感染,不得不在医院多呆了一个礼拜。按照预算妻子本应是七月份分娩的,由于羊水破了,儿子提前十七天到来。母亲嫂子等人也跟着忙 XC6SLX150T-2FGG676C 得不亦乐乎,主要是我们这一大家人终于盼来了个骑马射箭的。儿子的出生,给我们这个祥和的家庭更增添了几分喜庆。家里的亲戚轮番上阵,日夜侍候着有功之臣。由于狗年出生的宝宝比较多,母亲执意要求转到人员少干净些的房间,希望儿媳妇能得到充分的休息。安排妥当后,我们收拾起从家里带来的大大小小的包裹迁徙至了208房间。稍作安定后,护士长急躁躁的又将一个产妇引到了我们的房间。看她的穿着打扮,像是附近农村的,

  171. CC3963
    5th January 2022 at 5:15 am #

    你是我江湖再也无法相忘的人时光荏苒,转瞬即逝,就让岁月走慢一点吧,让我轻轻地抚慰一下自己。明天的太阳依然会升起,这条路,始终都是要往前走的,我想看清晨升起的 Altera 阿尔特拉 太阳,哪怕我的天空,有一米阳光,就足以微暖我的手 XC6SLX150-3FGG676I 心。都说一个女人就应该物质,这样才会找到一个真心对自己的人,是的,我承认我输了,可我从未打算让你赌输。可如今的我,输的一败涂地。在感情中,我是个不善言谈的人,就因为你的光,所以我恨透了自己,若是有如果,纵然三跪九叩,我都不会多看一眼。冬天来了,天气凉了,今年的雪比往年来的早了整整14天,往年的第一场雪,都会为我洗礼,为我飞舞,忽然间一下子就提前了,让我措手不及,不知所措。我心中拥有人间大爱, XC6SLX100T-2FG900I

  172. CC8201
    5th January 2022 at 5:16 am #

    文竹花开小巧玲珑乌市的十一月,文竹花儿在开放,一个个花瓣,都 XC6SLX150-3FG676C 是微微向内弯曲的,花中心还有花蕊。乌市的十一月,文竹花儿在开放,一朵、两朵、三朵,花儿越开越盛,站在远处看,就像绿色瀑布上镶嵌了一颗颗小珍珠。六个瓣的小黄花, XC6SLX150-2FGG900C 花不是很大,和桔子核差不多。枝干长的又高又大,长长的叶子垂下来,像一把硕大绿色的伞。米黄的小花,苞米粒一般大,附着在文竹的叶子之上,空隙之间,躲躲藏藏,好像自己花蕾太小,有一些羞怯,有些难为情。淡淡的黄色,在绿色的竹海里,像是一个人的眼神,不敢扬起 XC6SLX100-N3FGG676C 眼睛,观看四面周围的风景。清瘦的文竹,本来是谦逊,开的花儿,也不张扬,真是一脉相承,承袭了文竹家族的遗风。文竹,在不经意间就开花了,开

  173. CC8712
    8th January 2022 at 10:48 pm #

    姑娘愿你的坚持,从来都不是不甘心一早老友狐狸就找我报喜,说是终于遇到了真爱。匆匆回复一 领优惠券 句恭喜,不由想到我和他相识的那些年的那位兔子小姐。狐狸是我老友,认识了有七八年的样子,兔子也是同 优惠劵平台 期的同学。狐狸他长得清秀,身材又好,喜欢他的人自然是多的。而兔子就是其中的一员,然而他们从没有在一起过,一天也没有。我曾问过狐狸,不知道兔子喜欢他吗?他说他知道,但是无法接受。狐狸不是个长情的人,至少我是这么认为的,这些年分分合合的估摸着也有六七个了。但在我看来其中长相比得过兔子 内部优惠卷 的人真的寥寥,用情比兔子深的也很少。有时我也有点发愣是不是狐狸不选择兔子也是对她的一种保护。因为明白你是真心,才不忍心伤害你。不出我所料的

  174. CC1982
    9th January 2022 at 4:48 pm #

    夜 色 阑 珊一直很喜欢夜,喜欢那份最真实最彻底的黑暗,喜欢那份最原始最天然的寂静,可以不必说话,也不必强作欢颜,把在白日里伪装的笑容统统放下, 领优惠劵 把那故作的坚强暂时都割舍,完全释放自由的灵魂,在黑夜里自我呐喊。甚至不去想明天我的世界是如何的一副画卷。灯火阑珊,有 天猫优惠券 梦一般迷离的城市街道,霓虹闪烁下的辉煌不属于我,繁华喧闹里的人群不属于我。慢慢地踱着脚步,放松每一根紧张的神经,我的心是一片最没有羁绊的荒原。夜色未央,有诗一般美好的星空,明月清朗,一泻千里,照亮我心的各个角落,星光灿烂,眨着那神话般朦胧的眼睛,那是生命最轻微的呼唤。喜欢夜的,淡淡的有一份喜悦,也有一份, 天猫优惠劵 顺手拈来的诗句,如风似雪,飘渺无边

  175. CC7176
    9th January 2022 at 4:49 pm #

    209女生宿舍几乎每所大学的 优惠券领取 女生宿舍里都会流传着一两个令人听了脊背发冷的骇人听闻的。这些故事大都是学生自己编出来吓唬自己的,却也编的有板有眼,就像是真的一样。我们学校也流传着一 淘宝优惠劵 则这样的传说。这是两年前的事了,当时大一的法律系有一个叫 王娟的女生,人长的漂亮,学习成绩优异,一入校就成为公认的 系花 ,追她的男生不计其数。可是有一天,这样一个生命中充满了阳光,前途一片光 优惠劵领取 明的女孩却神秘的失踪了。不用号召,全校的男生倾巢出动去找她,经过很多天的地毯式大搜索,终于在一间很多年都不曾打开的地下储藏室里发现了她。她圆睁着一双曾经如秋水般清澈明亮的眼睛,喉咙上有一道深深的伤口,伤口的皮肉向外翻着,像是脖子上额

  176. CC5230
    9th January 2022 at 4:51 pm #

    夜雨乡愁滴嗒嘀嗒。立秋后的第一场秋雨,望着窗外街灯 XC6SLX150T-3FG900C 下匆匆的行人,时光过得真快,转眼父母已经年 XC6SLX150-N3FG676C 迈、孩子已进入中班,自己已成为而立之年的自己,经过岁月的磨砺,已少了许多曾经年少的狂气,人变得沉静了许多,取而代之的是面对的执着、坚毅和些许成熟。人在外,常思乡。几曾何时,在上学时也曾立志待学业完成后便回家乡回报社会,但学业完成后因就业等原因,当初立下的志向并未实 XC6SLX100-L1FG484I 现,从此自己与家乡的距离是越来越遥远,随之而来的是在外安家结婚生子工作生活,之后家乡便成了我心向往的奢侈。加之工作生活的忙乱,现在回乡机会更是甚少,更难有机会返乡。曾经的家乡早已更成为我心头的乡愁。我心归处是吾乡。正是在父老乡亲的呵护下我才得以

  177. CC4490
    10th January 2022 at 4:04 pm #

    渺吃好午饭,坐在办公室的电脑桌前。开着音乐,抱着暖水袋,开启我的春日闲暇之旅 关于渺今年过完年回单位上班的某一天晚上,突然很想写一篇关于 渺 的。那时候,我 查询优惠劵 是躺在床上的,想象着哪天周末,一个人坐在办公室,敲击着我喜爱的键盘,发 专享优惠卷 出悦耳的声音。事实上,我不知道为什么会想到这个字,也不知道过了这么半个月了,为什么还是这么想用这个字。我不明白这个字的深刻含义,只是心里有一个声音在说他可以代表我想要说的一切 一、毕业过去了24年,我的记忆中大部分时间都是在学校度过的。小学三个学校,初中、高中到大学毕业,我一直在经历着全中国人几乎共同经历的事情,似乎没什么 天猫优惠券 特别的。上学的时光总是有很多相似点。相比较以往的毕

  178. CC6081
    11th January 2022 at 11:10 am #

    深谈中国接着上面说的,一旦打起战争,中国是输不起的。这也是很多网友看到国家被挑衅,只能和谈所气愤的一点,当然稍微制裁一下,中国还是有这个实力 XC6SLX150T-3FGG484C 的。最让人感到羞愧的事情就是几十年前中国牺牲了数万万同胞和人民换来的新中国大地上尽然有日本学校。作为中国人民难道不觉得惭愧和 XC6SLX150-3FG484I 气愤嘛?大连的我就不说了大家都知道,但是中国人民穿着代表自己国家的文明服饰却被赶走,这不禁让我觉得中国是腐朽不堪的国家 站在自己国家的大地上却要被赶走。你让那些英雄们怎么想?同意这些方案的人有没有想过这些阿?牺牲了那么多人换来的中国,却建立了日本学校,不让中国人进。所以我只能说同意这些方案的人是腐朽而又不堪的。让人民 XC6SLX100T-3FGG900I 看不到事情的本质,

  179. CC2828
    11th January 2022 at 11:14 am #

    缘份永远维系你和我我似乎是个永远也长不大的女孩子,上帝让我来到了你的身边,是让你以大人的姿态牵着我去领略四 天猫优惠券 季。上帝赐我于你,便是让我以孩子的清纯,吻亮你的天 淘宝优惠劵 空,以孩子的彩笔将你的心涂得缤纷。爱别人,福气;被人爱,,这一切都缘于一种叫做 缘份 的情愫。有了它,不属于你的,求不来;属于你的,躲不开,反反复复中,我们学会了坚强和珍惜。你拥有我,我拥有你,自自然然、快乐,两厢情愿的爱,真美!如果有一丝牵强和为难,对双方都是一种伤害,爱本身也少了一份圣洁。爱是付出,爱是奉献,有爱的日子,阳光 领优惠卷 灿烂,一起去感受春的温馨、夏的炙热、秋的璀璨,还有冬那刚健的绵长的威严.!只愿你带我在浮光掠影灯火阑珊的城市,在夕

  180. CC9904
    11th January 2022 at 11:24 am #

    夏未央·碎念断章时值盛夏酷暑炎热难耐,白天人们都躲在屋子里蜗居不敢出门,临河而建的街边公园就成了人们晨练晚休的热闹场所。正是红衰翠浓绿荫如盖的时节,加上今年 专享优惠劵 的雨水丰裕充沛,草木 优惠劵平台 显得格外葱茏夺目,灌木乔木果树花树错落有致相互映衬,既有枝条横斜的自然随意,又有植物雕塑的精琢细剪。弯弯曲曲的石道甬路以的弧度蜿蜒延伸,两旁的树木顺势横柯上蔽枝桠交叉,好象有意支起一顶凉棚供人们消暑避夏。树下道边的草坪显得毛茸茸鲜嫩嫩的,就连草间摇曳的金娃娃,都显得胖嘟嘟圆润润的可爱极了。清晨枝头树下挂放了很多鸟笼子,柔和温软的晨光,是属于鸟儿啁啾赛歌练嗓的时辰, 内部优惠劵 婉转鸣啭令人流连忘返。野葡萄藤密密麻麻的爬满了架棚,一条绿

  181. CC8007
    11th January 2022 at 12:35 pm #

    我追赶不上你的脚步那年十七,在茫茫人海,我在一个黑客交流群中,认识了她。 还淡淡的记得那时候,是春天,也许在这个荷尔蒙分泌比 查询优惠卷 较旺盛的季节中,不知的迷上了一个似乎未曾见过面的女孩。我用不上什么语言来描述她,只知道,她很优秀,她很让我痴情。 那时候我还是学生, 查优惠劵 在一个不知名的普通职业学校盲目的混着日子,我并不知道什么是理想,什么是。她是大学生,一边在学习,也一边在工作。她那成熟的思想似乎带动了我以后对梦的追求。 于是我们约好,在我第二年毕业之年,一起去深圳,一起去寻找未来。 我没有学历,也没有一个非常优秀的家庭,在普通不过的我,在校期间努力的学好现在自己的所学的专业,在课余之时,我也在学习着管理和 优惠卷平台

  182. CC3319
    12th January 2022 at 6:18 am #

    黑夜里徘徊认真的雨平静地下了一整夜,没有风力的顶柱,依然不温不火的下着,窗外嘀嗒嘀嗒, XC6SLX150-2FG484I 除了雨声似乎也没有任何的声音。没有夜车的呼啸,没有野猫的燥叫,也没有半夜歇斯底里的 XC6SLX100T-N3FG900I 吵架。是的,如此安静,雨声规律的太过沉闷,而无睡意的人除了无奈却无他法,脑袋放空哈欠连连怎还清醒。数着至天亮还有多久才到,想着无眠带来无力的后怕感。再努力一把让周公来找,可周公却已被请去别家。在黑夜里徘徊的感觉不太好,宁可在梦里被追赶。楼上或楼下传来了呼噜声,可想人家睡的多香。或许正梦到吃着烧烤,馋的哈 XC6SLX100T-4FGG484C 喇子直流。而此,只能愿天亮之前的时间里可以小睡一会。黑漆漆的夜,漫长的夜,竟如此奢侈挥霍的所剩无几,小小的悲哀,大大的不该。待到

  183. CC6033
    13th January 2022 at 6:13 am #

    无可否认的岳飞功绩现在的社会是比较宽容的,所以,很多时候,我们是容许不同的言论存在的;即使是我们说错了,也很少会被 内部优惠劵 人追究的,但是,这绝对不是我们可以乱说一些不负责任的话,也 内部优惠卷 不是我们可以胡说八道的理由,也不是我们可以满嘴跑火车的根据。虽然现在不同于古代的文字狱,就像是满清统治时期的文字狱一样,如果说错了,或者是写错了,就会被灭族;但是,这并不是我们可以随便乱说的理由,最起码应该有一个羞耻心。有一句话说的好, 人至贱则无敌 ,说的就是某一些人的道德标准 优惠券平台 ,因为在这些人的心理,根本就没有道德观念,也没有是非的观念,有的只是自己的喜好,还有自己的行为是否可以为所欲为。他们是痛快了,可是那些不负责任的言论

  184. CC6041
    13th January 2022 at 3:38 pm #

    我有一杯酒,可以慰风尘编辑荐:一壶酒,清冽热烈,一个,缠绵悱恻。愿与一壶 优惠卷平台 酒,醉梦生死间,再造一个梦, 优惠卷平台 梦境里笑看跌宕起伏的,梦境外,喜爱那一场斑驳陆离,蝶光花影的醉梦。人生路漫漫,你以星月为伴,踏一地荆棘,无瑕顾它,溅起的,是滴滴赤血。你与烈日同行,携一身朔风,无力顾它,卷起 淘宝优惠劵 的,是阵阵尘埃。十丈红尘,冗长一生,到底会经历多少崎岖坎坷?究竟要跨过多少险峰急流?问天,问地,问自己,却自始至终都明白,无人会与你并肩而立,同抵风雨。自怜惜,却还是不抵这晚来风急,那一片想不辜负你自己的缱绻情意,被狂风撕碎,飘散天际,不着片缕。就连酸涩的眼泪都只能是静静地趟过你心间,而你的眼底,却从未曾有机会被泪水柔软,安

  185. CC7293
    13th January 2022 at 3:51 pm #

    青龙山甘肃永登县城东翼的青龙山,纵横东西 XC6SLX100T-3FG676I 匍匐于东关镇市区中央,扼守河西走廊东大门,古代的明长城曾绕过山腰,在此还可以寻觅到历史的遗迹。此山不高,但名声很响,是永登乃至河西走廊东域地带的道教名山,正所谓 XC6SLX100T-N3CSG484C 山不在高,有仙则名 。盛夏的七月约朋友携夫人一行四人驱车再穿河西走廊,去听古老悠扬的驼铃声和甘饮祁连山麓渗出的冰川雪水,河西走廊历史的繁华要塞和兵家征战的庶地,第一站便是永登青龙山。青龙山是河西走 XC6SLX150-L1FG900C 廊东廊人心中龙的化身,镇守着走廊东大门一方的平安,同时按中华文化而言又有春的寓意,意在 春暖花开,雨水带来 。夏日的早晨当东北方第一缕阳光撒向青龙全身,我们四人便随着当地晨练的男女老少一起开始登山,沿龙

  186. CC5729
    13th January 2022 at 3:52 pm #

    生命因磨砺而美丽平心而论,谁也不希望自己的生命经常忍受磨炼–折磨式的历练,哪怕真的是 XC6SLX150T-3CSG484I 因此可以增加人的美丽,也不会有人欢呼着说 XC6SLX150T-3FG900I : 啊,我多么喜欢折磨式的历练呀。 人总是向往平坦和安然的。然而,不幸的是,折磨对生命之袭来,并不以人的主观愿望为依据,不论人们喜欢与否,它只管我行我素,甚至有时还要强加于人,谁奈它何?既然如此,人们为什么不让自己振作起来去迎 XC6SLX150-3CSG484I 接这挑战呢?人们为什么不能把它变作某种养分去滋润自己的美丽呢?人们回避磨炼,是因为不想忍受它,当回避不了时,人们又说,磨炼原来是可以美丽的,两边皆有道理。避开折磨是生命的最佳选择,一旦躲避不开,就让折磨变作美丽人生的养分,此亦是生命的最佳选择。之所

  187. CC5779
    13th January 2022 at 6:34 pm #

    生命里的那抹绿秋雨过后,天气愈发的明朗,空气愈发的清新。微微的凉气从地表升腾,在半空中与干爽的气流汇合,呼吸间顿时爽净心脾。那抹残存在秋的衣袂飘飘下的淡黄 优惠劵领取 的绿,开始了生命的觉醒,溯源最后一次绿的轮回。车疾驰在通向学校这条柏油路上,飘逸的思绪被薄凉在晨的 优惠卷领取 秋意里。偶尔会遇到行色匆匆的人们似乎赶场似的,疾步奔向生命的某一方向或角落。放眼路两旁,不知什么时候那里已囤积了一簇簇春华秋实。那些突兀的谷物、粮仓写真般丰饶了老农们秋收的心境。这是个疲累并的季节。老农们用自己辛勤劳作换来的是自给自足的,不须用此兑换钱财的五谷杂粮,并无不自豪的向那些蜗居在楼阁里的居民炫 专享优惠券 耀着他们的纯绿色食粮。想起自家后院那片樱桃园

  188. CC5057
    14th January 2022 at 3:32 am #

    故乡的灯火小时候,村庄的黑夜是被煤油灯点燃的。夜的帷幕才刚刚拉开,家家户户的灯光便迫不及待的跳出来,钻石般闪烁了。那一窗窗灯光在硕 天猫优惠券 大夜空的笼罩下,泛着清幽细微的光芒,透射着最为纯粹而原始的光泽,静静地散落在村庄之中。我时常深一脚浅一脚的走夜路,磕 专享优惠券 磕绊绊地在无边的黑夜中穿行,大地已经沉睡,冷落的乡村小道寂静无声,我听得见自己的脚步和喘息声。害怕,对黑夜的害怕,让我时不时的往身后看,以为有人跟在身后。脑中还不断地恶补遇到恶人、恶狗,甚至恶鬼的各种情形,我该采取什么保护措施 这时候,我往往疾走如飞,目光朝着前方茫然地搜索,直至一盏灯像萤火飞进心田,猛地点燃温暖全身的 种热爱与感激 优惠劵 之情。于是,走夜路的

  189. CC7888
    14th January 2022 at 11:14 am #

    若忘了你,我又该将谁记起今夜的风有点儿凉,不知怎地突然想起了你。走在路上 XC6SLX150T-3FG900C ,两旁的路灯,好像要比以往的昏暗一些。微风吹在脸上,唤醒了迷迷糊糊的愚人,放眼望去,宽广的马路上,看不到几个行人,就 XC6SLX150-2FG676C 算有,也是一双一对的。灯光照在身上,映出一道孤影来,让单行的人儿,看起来不再那么孤单。清风摇曳着路旁的绿化树,不静的叶轻轻搅动着树下的影子。抬头望去,漆黑的天空里,看不见一颗闪烁的星星。看不见星星,看不见你。可为何脑海里还能勾勒出你清晰的身影。这清晰的身影,总让人不由自我的想起,想 XC6SLX150-L1FGG676I 起与你有关的记忆。那年那天,那一场雨,拉近了我们的距离,粗心人儿忘了带伞,刚好有借口陪你陪我走完一段路程。一把伞,遮挡了天上的雨,

  190. CC0910
    14th January 2022 at 11:15 am #

    没有 XC6SLX100-N3FG676I 如意的生活,只有看开的人生坚持到底,才能笑到最后。就是一个不断战胜自己的过程, 日出之所以美丽,是因为它经历 XC6SLX150T-2CSG484I 了黑夜。 你想一千次,不如去做一次,就算失败,也曾奋斗过。人生之路,总是有未知的奇遇,有的人陷入了自我迷恋的怪圈,不能用手中的金饭碗去谋求高起点的发展,偏要端着金饭碗到处去讨饭,这种人最大的悲哀就是没有正确认识自 XC6SLX100T-3CSG484C 己,更谈不上自己。人必须学会驾驭自己的能力,才会从一个自在的人变成自为的人,机遇对人生很重要,但它只给大胆争取的人开路,它永远不会垂青袖手旁观的人。一位说得好: 运气就是机会碰巧撞上了你的努力。 有的人总是把今天的时间来痴念未来,这是对明天的最大伤害和不敬,使未来无所依托。在

  191. CC3517
    14th January 2022 at 1:30 pm #

    距离 优惠券领取 远,心相连上周六,大姨,大姨父,二姨,二姨父,老舅和舅妈从吉林赶到哈尔滨,准备参加周末哥哥的婚礼,这是二十年来爸 领优惠券 爸,妈妈,大姨,大姨父,二姨,二姨父,老舅和舅妈第一次齐聚哈尔滨,以前大家总是在吉林见面,但是由于种种原因,从来没有在哈尔滨相聚过,因 专享优惠券 此,在大家看来,这次的相聚是具有划时代意义的,大家在这个晚上畅所欲言,无拘无束,说到开心的往事,就一起大笑,说到之处,也不禁流出了热泪,但是,大家的是一样的,他们非常珍惜能够聚在一起的日子,也很珍惜兄弟姐妹之间那份最真挚的感情,我想,无论我们离得多远,我们的心却是永远相连相通的,只因为,我们永远珍惜和感激那份割舍不断的随机推荐: 优惠券领取 领优惠

  192. CC7525
    14th January 2022 at 1:40 pm #

    我想回去的中国(四 XC6SLX150-L1CSG484C ):通山县小月山今天大树老师继续给大家讲《我想回去的中国(四)》,他说:这一段儿我赶写一个东西,又看了一些,勾起了我的一点儿回忆,有些话也想跟各位说一说。 XC6SLX150-L1FGG900I ,第一讲,讲的秦朝的首都咸阳,第二讲,讲的是江阴县城,第三讲,讲的独乐寺一个寺庙,今天呢,我想讲讲湖北省通山县小月山。通山县在湖北的南边,离武昌不到200公里,跟江西相接,是位于湖北和江西之间的一个县。小月山,名不见经传,一 XC6SLX100-N3FGG676C 般人都不知道这个山有什么可说的,这个山发生了一件什么事儿呢?就是明末农民战争领袖大圣王朝的皇帝,李自成就在那儿死了。李自成在一片石被辫子军打败了以后,撤出了北京,他是陕西人,撤到了西安。在西安也呆不住,就

  193. CC1861
    15th January 2022 at 6:39 am #

    蒙尘微雨蒙蒙,浓雾笼罩在城市的上空,整个上空似一张大网,而你我皆是被困在浅滩的鱼虾。曾几何时,朝阳曝晒着大地,妆容精 XC6SLX150T-2FG900I 致的姑娘们乘着花花绿绿的遮阳伞,劳工们的脸颊黝黑发亮,大道上疾驰的汽车,天空中轰鸣的飞机,还有一个提着盒饭我。我匆忙走在小区的过 XC6SLX100T-2FGG484I 道上,匆匆瞄了一眼绿化带已经焉了的花草,偶尔还能碰见那条被剃光毛发的小狗。除了少许的通风口,空气中的湿热黏着在皮肤上,再穿过皮肤侵入身体的每一个细胞,将体内的水分油脂蒸出,就暂且将此称为榨油吧,言简意赅又通俗易懂。接着就是热汗淋漓,手腕上,发根处,脚趾部分,都被潮湿的热浪裹挟着。今日的天气正合乎大部分重庆人的意愿,看看路上的行人,有 XC6SLX150-L1FG484C 穿拖鞋的,也有着睡衣睡

  194. CC9289
    15th January 2022 at 8:07 am #

    西望长安望长安,黄沙滚滚。看历史,峥嵘岁月。周,姜太公钓鱼,文王演周易,伐殷纣,建镐京,居渭水之滨而号令天下诸侯,长安从此便走向中华民族的核心位 查优惠劵 置。幽王戏诸侯而都 领优惠券 城东迁,在长安这块富饶的土地,留下的却是战火纷飞的春秋战国。老秦人以其赤诚之心护送周王朝问鼎中原,从而获得了一张空头支票,秦国由此诞生。老秦人不负众望,用几十年的时间重振家园,建立了强大的诸侯国 秦国。战国群雄之首—大秦帝国,雄踞黄河之上,虎视中原大地。 据崤函之固,拥雍州之地。有席卷天下,包举宇内 天猫优惠券 ,囊括四海之意,并吞八荒之心 。商鞅变法改变了不仅仅是秦国,不仅仅是一个民族的希望,而是推动了历史向前的脚步。秦,灭六国,一统天下

  195. CC2347
    16th January 2022 at 4:46 am #

    问一问自己,自心念佛佛念谁?谁要念佛?佛干什么?自己念了一辈子的佛,从来没有思维过一个问题,我在念佛,我佛又念谁呢?我念佛时我有佛,我不念佛时,佛在何处 XC6SLX150-2FG676C ?佛是谁?谁是佛?我佛究竟干什么?为什么我非要念佛 XC6SLX150T-2CSG484I 才有佛?我不念佛时,佛真的不知道吗?我念佛时,佛多了一点什么呢?我不念佛时,佛又少了一点什么呢?我为什么非要念佛才能成佛呢?再问自己的内心,如果我不念佛时,我的内心在念什么呢?我念佛佛念我,自己念自己,原来自己心中有真佛,为什么自己不知道呢?所以才要念佛,才能明白这个道理。自己是利用念佛 XC6SLX100T-N3FG676C 的方式方法,唤醒自己的佛。再问,自己的佛没有消失过,为什么需要唤醒呢?因为自己的佛被自己心中魔王的我我我压住盖

  196. CC3147
    16th January 2022 at 8:03 pm #

    有一种智慧,叫学会转弯当说起某些人做事死脑筋,不知道转弯时,人们常常喜欢这样比喻: 撞上南墙不回头 。 XC6SLX150-L1FG900I 转弯,是的大智慧,是人生的艺术。转弯,有时候虽然要多走一些路,但这些路并没有白走,因为它让你看到更多更美的风景!众所周知,人生的路并不平坦,就像大 XC6SLX150T-N3FG484C 海里的航船,如果没有学会转弯,遇到 暗礁险滩 时依然执拗前行,十之八九会碰得头破血流,这只船便会在险境中倾翻。《伊索寓言》里有这样一则。有一只无力捕猎的老狮子,躺在山洞里装病呻吟。 只要有动物进来探视,狮子便趁其不备,狠狠咬住探访者的脖子。 XC6SLX150-L1FGG900C 百兽路过洞口,听到狮子的呻吟,想都没想便进去探视,最后无一例外成了它的美餐。有一天,狐狸也闻声赶来,但和百兽不

  197. CC5323
    16th January 2022 at 8:03 pm #

    本净明心非别处,惟 Xilinx 赛灵思 在众生妄心中春风十里,论调几何?莺语飞长,流年似短。目晨光熹微,盈盈稍晚。日月轮换,无常。薄雾难觅踪迹,风雪亦如往常。看这浮世繁华里灯火 XC6SLX100T-2FG676C 阑珊,通明之处暗影留长。是一记春宵夜谈,还是旧年已逝,心下独伤?一池清水,沾几滴月光,趁清风徐徐,浇点理塘。四季花常在,人间怎可话凄凉?纵然相思入骨,千叶难寻,那一片繁华落景,终究惹人厌烦。敲碎了时光,唤醒了沉睡的模样,噩梦像魔咒般,清醒过后,所思难忘。旧年 XC6SLX150-L1FG484C 里的踌躇和彷徨俨然委身退却,坚强和傲然将自己推向当下,一面栉风沐雨,一面风姿绰约。笑靥如花的日子,只不过是心中无恙、岁月安然 浮萍一道开,满目山河在。旧年里逝去的天空,掩映着你足下的卿狂。

  198. CC2462
    16th January 2022 at 8:04 pm #

    若青春重来一次不知是不是因为年龄的缘故,现在只要看到有关青春题材的文字和影视,就会心生许多感慨。观看电影《我的婚礼》过 XC6SLX150T-4FGG484C 程中,我的心从片头一直激动到片尾,原因很简单,这部电影触动了我的敏感神经。我 XC6SLX150-2FGG484I 怀念青春年华,幻想着能再一次回到年少时期,好像对我曾经的青春岁月不满意,想回去弥补一些遗憾。《我的婚礼》讲述的是一个青春,剧中一众人都是帅小伙和漂亮女孩儿,从他们身上能感受到那种浓浓的青春活力。一直都很羡慕年轻人的浪漫爱情,曾说自己从来没体会过,看到他们脸上洋溢着的笑容,我也被暖到了,暖得我 XC6SLX100T-2FG484C 想流泪。当那首叫《童话》的插曲想起时,泪水夺眶而出。我是代入感极强的人,这首歌也是伴随了整个青春的一首歌,理解了歌

  199. CC2220
    16th January 2022 at 8:18 pm #

    傍晚放学,城市星辰有好几次,我会想起几句歌词: 城市的傍晚总使人 、 XC6SLX150T-2FG484I 车流和人 XC6SLX100T-2FGG900I 海汇成一片斑斓,我们看起来更黯淡。 我经常在教室,写到学校清场,保安吹着哨子赶学生走,我才背起书包,一个人走出校门。这时,华灯初上,校门口两边高挂的两个红灯笼亮起,我看到地下映着的我的影子。我来到公交车站,在天色彻底暗下来时,终于上了一辆7路车。我走到汽车后排找了靠窗的位置坐下。托着腮,眼睛不自觉地看向窗外。这时,天空早已 XC6SLX150T-N3FG484C 披上黑色的幕布,城市耀眼的灯光使我分不清天上是不是有星星,或许,那是经过的不知通向何处的飞机?我不清楚。我静静坐着,脑中不断闪过白天老师讲过的知识点。把它们像走马灯一样都过了一遍之后,我回过神,把注

  200. CC7284
    17th January 2022 at 3:47 pm #

    让心情行走在阳光下喜欢 XC6SLX150-N3FGG484C 一句话,我们是为了 XC6SLX100T-2FGG484C 看到阳光而来到这个世界上的。很喜欢在晴空万里的时候,带上一份好,听一树花开的声音,看天空白云朵朵,眼中有绿意,心中有憧憬,尽情在阳光下沐浴。一个内心充满阳光的人,满满都是正能量,靠近了就会让 XC6SLX150T-3FG676I 人感到温暖。汪曾祺说: 己心温暖,则世间温暖;己心妩媚,则世间妩媚,心中充满阳光,你的世界就是明媚的。做一个心怀阳光的人,才能成为一个的人,才能保持年轻的心态,面对和浮沉,秉持平和的心态,淡定的情怀,懂得取舍,不惊不扰。生活不会没有烦恼,不是没有坎坷,但总有一些人,能轻松地走过那些不如意,乐观的过好每一天。于是习惯了在寒冷的日子里,靠近阳光,在不如意的日子里面带微笑,

  201. CC9973
    18th January 2022 at 10:26 am #

    闲言碎语说不完人间有话唠,我未必是个话唠,但是我给自己总结出我是个笔唠,每天都要在键盘上敲出千把来个垃圾文字,把日常中发生的屁大点 XC6SLX150-2FGG484C 事都想给写出来。也许像我这样笔耕不辍的人太多了,但是人家写的都 XC6SLX100T-4FGG484C 是,都是评论,都是论文,都是心得,而我写的都是家长里短,杂七嘛八,婆婆妈妈,琐琐碎碎。尽管我给自己写的文字一个考究的名字 ,其实我除了是个笔唠,哪有什么正经的生活呀。说着说着就来了。我家九五听说我坐地铁去了环球影视城,他也不甘心,大晚上的就和女朋友开车去了一趟。我问他,这地方24小时营业吗?你进去了吗?他说如你一样,就是在周边看了看。这说明他们对这座城池 XC6SLX150-N3FGG900I 很向往。那是必然的,因为九五这帮孩子对娱乐特别在行,

  202. CC6976
    18th January 2022 at 11:07 am #

    慢慢的时光时光慢慢的走过,在梦里划着线,模糊的世界里观着那明显的情动,尽 XC6SLX150-3FG900C 管不会实现心中的诺言,可是那份伤悲甜蜜而清晰的在眼前浮现。痴狂的风吹打着凉凉的雨丝砰砰难以抑制的用 XC6SLX100-N3CSG484C 情至深,这份迷失之间流露出对美好的憧憬,于是心中就升起了无名的力量。多想清晨起来,能够在窗台前安静的看上半个小时,那份难得的静笼罩着大地,身心得到痊愈。牺牲健康和休息时间,不敢生病,连感冒都不可以。这生病似乎成了奢侈的可遇不可求的享受,这曾经走过的 XC6SLX150T-2FGG484I 伤痛产生的妙曼而恍惚的光影在时空里悠悠荡荡。人到中年,似乎没有资格生病。孩子感冒发烧一周甚至就白干了,如果老人再得了病,可真的要了命了焦虑不安忧郁祈祷。?时间明明很快的过去,可是觉得

  203. CC9867
    18th January 2022 at 3:14 pm #

    用奋斗拥抱未来在贵州金元乃至国家电投集团,吴述坤算是名声在外的政工人士了。吴述坤当过办公室主任,干过政工部主任,做过传道授业的内训师,而在党 XC6SLX150-3CSG484C 组织书记任上一干就是八年;多种岗位的历练,带给 XC6SLX100T-N3CSG484I 他的是丰厚的阅历和思维缜密、理念超前的与时俱进;在 3060双碳目标 2035一流战略 大融合的背景下,他用自己的奋斗、实践与探索,为推进综合智慧能源的融合高质量发展尽心尽力、尽职尽责。对他来说,电力是值得用一生付出的美好事业,他把美好青春献给了挚爱的事业,用奋斗紧紧拥抱美好未来 XC6SLX150T-3FGG676C 。2021年7月,安顺水电厂荣获国家电投集团公司党组授予 优秀基层党组织 称号,同时,吴述坤被授予 优秀党务工作者 荣誉。得知这个消息

  204. CC6267
    19th January 2022 at 4:21 am #

    我与他观点不同2021年10月5日。这哥们又连续给我 XC6SLX100T-N3FGG900C 发了好几篇他的 XC6SLX150-3FGG900C 大作,我也没怎么看,还假装说拜读了,还违心地说人家是大学者,也别说我不仗义,现在的人有几个不是口是心非的。大约他真以为我读过了他发给我的,便对我说:你在网站发了那么多诗和联,我想收藏学习,但在网站 XC6SLX150T-4CSG484C 上无法复制,咋办?劳你辛苦一下,发我微信上,行不。行个屁,诗和联的视频做了400多个了,都发给你,那要发的猴年马月呀,干脆我就不搭理他。他看我半天没言声,就问我住在哪里,是在西客站附近吗,他那里有公交车直达,方便出行。再方便也白搭,所有的痴心妄想还是对那些有企图之人去实施吧,我便一口回绝了他:网上交流,足以。不过我也不能太拂了人家的愿望

  205. CC3894
    19th January 2022 at 6:55 am #

    难以“成败论英雄”每次在郴州市二中看女儿时,我总 Samsung 三星半导体 要花 XC6SLX150T-4FGG484C 上几十元买一条雄鱼,一块水豆腐,一斤多五花肉到罗师傅那里去坐一坐,也顺便叫上女儿,改善一下伙食。罗师傅是矿山的一名退休职工,在儿子读高中时,他就来到了二中做起了临时工,负责向学生发放桶装饮用水,工作很轻闲,每月有九百多元的收入。如今,他的女儿快研究生毕业了,儿 XC6SLX100T-N3FGG676C 子也考上了一所名牌大学,按理说,他也算一名成功人人士 然而,每次与他饮酒时,他总感到自已是一名失败者,每当谈起自已每月只有几百元的退休工资时,与别人的高工资一比,他总有一些忿忿不平。罗师傅是一个精干的人,讲起话来也井井有条,逻辑严密。他是一名老高中生,刚恢复高考的那年,他兴冲冲地参加了高

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    20th January 2022 at 2:29 am #

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    每当我走过老师的窗前菊花是一个可怜的小姑娘,幸运的是被民办教师巧凤发现了爱读书的小乞丐,就收留她,以自己微薄的收入供她读书,可惜人们不能理解她的行 内部优惠券 为,于是流言相袭,波澜骤起,丈夫也不能容忍,巧凤面临家庭破裂、失去工作的不幸 优惠券 ,历经千辛万苦后,终于把她培养成大学生,完成了教师育人的心愿。喜庆声中,巧凤默默地把菊花还给了她的亲生父亲。这就是《巧凤》的简要内容了,此剧展现了爱生如子、教书育人、奉献教育的人民教师形象!老师,我感谢您,看着您在黑板上留下的一行行整齐而漂亮的字迹,我能掂量出这中间蕴藏着多少的奥妙 淘宝优惠卷 和辛勤的汗水,这是您对社会教育事业的无私的奉献。听着您在讲台上所讲的每一个字,那是一种什么样的声

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    22nd January 2022 at 1:20 pm #

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  214. CC8176
    22nd January 2022 at 1:52 pm #

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  215. CC7583
    23rd January 2022 at 3:55 am #

    蒲公英的约定毕业答辩后,有种彻底解脱的舒畅感,回顾这两个月准备的时光,既玩不好又学不好更睡不好的状态,就无比厌烦,好歹终于答辩结束 万宁景区优惠券 ,感激老师只问了几个简单的问题,才让我没那么难堪,望着老师略带微笑又高深莫测的神情,我知道我蛮令他们失望的,我知道大学四年里,我算不上好学生,我浪费了很多本该 定制服装优惠券 泡在图书馆里拼命看书的时间,而把大部分时间都用在了自己喜欢的事情上,忽略了对于专业知识的积累,我太爱玩了,也太爱折腾了,导致捡了芝麻丢了西瓜,落到如今这副悔恨莫及的田地。看着同班同学精致无比的毕业设计,我十分羡慕,他们为了这次答辩可谓费了九牛二虎之力,拼命地想摘取仅有的几个A,我望着他们疲惫的眼神,以及终于到 直播间指定产品发优惠券

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    23rd January 2022 at 1:14 pm #

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  217. CC2989
    23rd January 2022 at 7:44 pm #

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    23rd January 2022 at 9:42 pm #

  219. CC2281
    23rd January 2022 at 11:01 pm #

    青春关于青春的细枝末节,如同一部黑白电影反复上演,不知 足浴优惠券官方 疲倦。青春是一个令人的词语,因为它有过太真实的相爱,太逼真的相信,太彻骨的心痛。我们都曾 加盟淘宝优惠券发布员 有过青春,都曾感受过青春的萌动,都曾有过令我们记忆深刻的瞬间。我们一直在相遇,也一直在错过,我们不会深刻记住那些曾经遇到过的人,也不会记住遇到过的人是在哪条路口转身相遇,我们能记住的只有那些曾经一起走过的路。曾经我们都向往过,幻想过,憧憬过或许在未 赣州海底捞优惠券有哪些 来的某一天,可以有那么一个人不经意的走进我们的,然后轰轰烈烈的相爱,让生活因他的出现而变的更精彩。18岁,一个包含了太多情愫的年龄,一个装载了太多伤感的阶段,一个经历了太多离别的时期。18岁,18年,我们爱过,

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  221. CC0096
    24th January 2022 at 2:20 am #

    是馒头重要还是陪你一起吃馒头的人重要时至今日,关于物质的话题不绝于耳,而我自己还是感觉,我就是那种少之又少的唯心主义者,不管别人怎么说,我还是要坚持我的 京东白条80优惠券找不到了 逼格。当然没有馒头我的逼 华莱士优惠券19.9 格是存活不了的,不过现在这个社会,不求大富大贵,鲍鱼也许是没有的,但是你如果连获取馒头的能力都没有的话,那么我也是无话可说的。有的人吃着馒头却比吃着鲍鱼的人感还要高,这种情况也是确实存在的。其中的区别就在于观以及是陪什么人再吃。所以,姑娘们,对于选取另一半来说,不一定要有房有车,非富即贵。只要对方能够保证你的温饱,并且有一颗上进心,有一 拼多多送了我好多优惠券 颗爱你的心,这就足够了不是吗?吃馒头的人有怕噎到的风险,吃龙虾的人也相应的有剥壳的麻烦

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    24th January 2022 at 3:52 am #

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    24th January 2022 at 1:47 pm #

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  229. CC3324
    24th January 2022 at 11:55 pm #

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    24th January 2022 at 11:56 pm #

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  231. CC0979
    25th January 2022 at 7:37 am #

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    25th January 2022 at 9:02 am #

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  233. Yowin
    25th January 2022 at 5:42 pm #

    The one shower after his workout and practice had been a good start. But the walk home had tired him. But the massaging jets of water caressing across his muscular frame takes the weariness from his bones from this stressful day.

  234. CC2115
    26th January 2022 at 12:04 pm #

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  235. Yowin
    26th January 2022 at 12:36 pm #

    “I’m am nearly 6 foot 2 inches tall, dad. I weigh 210 lbs. I think, dad. At least I was the last time we were weighed at football practice.” The son says. “Much bigger than you, I should say.”

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  239. CC0261
    27th January 2022 at 6:42 am #

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  240. CC6248
    28th January 2022 at 2:05 pm #

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  241. CC8743
    29th January 2022 at 7:52 am #

    余生珍贵, XC6SLX150T-2FGG676I 次第花开有人说,人的一生中有两次生命,一次是当他刚出生的时候,一次 XC6SLX150-L1FGG676I 是当他意识到,生命只有一次的时候。关于生命的诞生和陨落,总是如此的现实与鲜活。 生如花之绚烂,死如秋叶之静美 人的一生,又何尝不是如同一片秋叶。时光如刃,不管经历过怎样的绚烂多姿,最终都会凋落残败,归于尘土。从某种意义上来说,早一些认识生离死别,早一点 XC6SLX150-3FG676I 承认生老病死,反而更能收获一段有规划、有意义的。因为易逝,所以懂得,因为懂得,所以珍惜。珍惜遇见董卿在诗词大会上说过这样的一段话: 从某种意义上来看,世间一切都是一场遇见,就像冷遇见暖,就有了雨,春遇见冬,有了岁月,天遇见地,有了永恒,人遇见人,有了生命 。人生也充满各种

  242. Youwin
    29th January 2022 at 12:11 pm #

    Youwin petux228

  243. CC6489
    30th January 2022 at 2:25 am #

    深情不及久伴。你没有谈过几百天的恋爱你不知道爱慢慢变淡是什么滋味你不知道真的 淘宝造物节2018优惠券 是深爱与责任在维护着两个人的关系最真实的对方遇到不舒服的就说出来,没有必要隐藏早已经没有了新鲜感想到的只有未来你没有尝 外卖市场派发优惠券 试过所以你不知道几百天的感情想要断掉就真的像是从你身上活生生割一块肉下来,你知道那种感受吗当你们的感情出现问题,早已经没有了之前的的容忍只会觉得对方越来越厌恶越来越烦躁到最后容不下来就是分开,其实每对情侣都是这样的那有没有想过如果有一个人坚持一下,会不会就不会结束想想之前他对你的好,你会不会觉得也可以理解他包容他毕竟他也还是个孩子,男生嘛,偶尔放放 湖北优惠券餐饮劵抢到怎样用 手也终归是好的让他自己去思考谁是他的绝配让他自己思考过去

  244. CC6717
    30th January 2022 at 2:29 am #

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  245. CC1376
    30th January 2022 at 4:35 am #

    垃圾分类培训,协绿学无止境这个暑假是个不平凡的假期,我加入到了协绿社会实践队, 上海柏悦酒店优惠券 以垃圾分类及处理为主题进行调研并宣 满6减5的优惠券 讲,近期为了提升我们全体成员对垃圾分类的认识,加深理解,我们协绿实践队也是开展了一次线上培训,由宣传组的一名成员对垃圾分类的知识进行了讲解,过程中大家都收获满满。此次垃圾分类的培训分为四个部分,分别是垃圾处理的现状,垃圾的分类,如何进行垃圾分类和垃圾分类视频学习。内容较为丰富充实,有真正学习到更多之前未了解到的知识。垃圾分类从来都不是一件小事,人类要依靠 拼多多优惠券多了咋回事 科技进步、节约能源、减少废物排放和文明消费,建立经济、社会、资源与环境协调、持续、发展的新模式。要强调科学技术发展的 生态化 ,强调

  246. CC3083
    30th January 2022 at 4:36 am #

    湄洲湾边的道别(二)其实还有一片属于傍晚的小海滩不亚于碎石滩,它不在湄洲岛,在其对面海岸边,一个小地方,比碎石滩还要小。能在傍晚发现那个小沙滩,要 红旗超市红绿相逢优惠券怎样领券 感谢沈公子。沈公子是当地人,有着南方人的精明,同时不失真诚,也是我将近两年的舍友。最初还保有大学时代健身的习惯,后来也养出了小肚 京东萌宠优惠券没了 子。从宿舍到湄洲湾有二十公里的路程,没有沈公子提供交通工具,我可能没有机会一睹湄洲湾的夜色。到了海边,还是傍晚,西部晕染的天空就是那时候看到的,深蓝的海洋在视野的尽头弯成向上凸起的弧线,逢迎着绚丽的霞光。霞光变幻着,好似在湛蓝和深蓝之间舞动的少女,每一个形态都是一个的断章,组合起来演绎着一段如湛蓝和深蓝一样 优惠券的佣金是啥 的。此番场景,最忌

  247. CC0437
    30th January 2022 at 5:11 am #

    古槐开花过去的人们有一个偏好,就是十分喜欢国槐,我们在对农村实地考察过程中,或记忆或实 多多进宝怎么设置通用计划优惠券 物,几乎每个村庄 优惠券转换连接 都能够发现国槐的影子。应该说,国槐老了,也就成了古槐。这样说来,古槐应该很多,基本上每个村子寺庙祠堂门前院内都有,可惜上世纪五六十年代,大多数古槐都被砍了,或做了凳子做了门窗,有的还做了水筲,更甚者做了棺材板。想不透那个年代人们为啥跟老树有仇。据说咱华夏有一棵 华 顺丰快递优惠券使用后在哪查看 夏古槐王 ,位于甘肃省崇信县锦屏镇的关河村,树冠东西宽34.2米,南北长37.7米,树干粗大,十名成人男子勉强环抱,占地面积2.1亩。当地相传,唐朝大将尉迟敬德曾拴马于树下。树上寄生着杨、花椒、五倍子树和小麦、玉米等植物,据当地人说,

  248. CC4334
    30th January 2022 at 5:11 am #

    图书馆门前的横七竖八我从哪来?我不知道。他们从哪来?我也不知道。我们算是一个组织吧,他们叫我 横七竖 怎么替商家发优惠券 八 ,也就是横着第七个竖着第八个,它们是这样把我定位的。我一直在这,一直在这,高高在上,百赖,直到我看见了她,尽管我不知道她 舟山优选优惠券怎么抢 是谁。女孩,蓝衣服女孩,扎一条马尾的女孩,喜欢坐在台阶上读书的女孩,永远出现在我眼前的女孩。就是这样一个女孩,我喜欢这个女孩。我喜欢看她,喜欢安静的她,只是我无法张开嘴。有天来了个男孩,也坐在我面前的台阶上看书,我不喜欢他满头的黄头发。我看着她,心里欢喜,只是女孩和 不爱喝白开水苏打水优惠券 男孩慢慢的拉近了距离。也与她也很开心呢,我这样想。他们说笑,他们打闹。她偶尔也会回头看,是不是在看我我不知道,

  249. CC4148
    30th January 2022 at 5:13 am #

    生命的价值 肯德基优惠券怎么使用贝易 有一段对话是这样的:有一道雨后的彩虹看到弧形的石桥,对她说: 我的大地上的姐妹,你的生命可比我长久多了。 石桥回答: 怎么会呢?你那么美, 长春惠民优惠券购车 在人们的记忆中必然是永恒的。 不错,彩虹的生命没有石桥永久,石桥也的确没有彩虹的美丽。但是,我认为彩虹与石桥的看法都是片面的。石桥固然不美,但它长久地稳固地架于两岸之上,默 淘客优惠券领取网站 默地把彼此沟通,默默地为人们工作,这是它生命的价值;彩虹的存在固然只是雨过天晴的瞬间,但它那瞬间的美丽却给人们留下永久的记忆。这同样是生命的价值。有一天,和公司的同事到医院去进行年度的身体检查。一进门,映入眼幕的是车水马龙的人群,我再次观望各人脸上的表情有如下几类:莫名的抱怨发怒

  250. CC7700
    30th January 2022 at 5:13 am #

    风,来了 题记拂过纯真的 淘宝优惠券 心灵,搅起思绪的浪花,这种感觉似乎从记忆中退去,却又烙印在脑海里,既信念坚定,却又迷茫不前,倏忽的,出现在面前,想要抓住,却又消散不见。似一轮皎洁的明月,南北东西 天猫优惠卷 ,而又暂满还亏。徘徊着,难以决定,什么才是真正想要的。撕裂着空气,呼号着进发,好似成功就在眼前。哪怕电闪雷鸣,也无法摧毁必胜的信念。年 优惠卷 轻的生命勇往直前,未来会被一手开启,什么样的敌人也不会惧怕。不知道结果会怎样,但是为了远处的光,就不会后悔现在的狂妄。叫嚣着,想那一缕烟火,奔去 肆虐着冲过身体,击碎了傲骨,抽干了血液,无法站立。辉煌的灿烂依旧在远方,可意志已无法反抗这绝望的力量。疲惫缠绕在身上,一次又一次的诱惑

  251. CC5365
    30th January 2022 at 5:15 am #

    前方总有些人前赴后继,义无反顾。我想,他们也许是因为无知,所以无畏吧。 题记周末,我睡来,坐在窗前,思索了很久,提起笔,却也不知该写些 优惠券领取 什么。窗外的阳光很耀眼,街上的行人很匆忙。想写落日之余辉,想写之苦难,却无从下手。有时候我才发现,我总是在郁郁寡欢,无病呻吟,可能不是为了什么 淘宝优惠卷 ,只是喜欢抱怨罢了。抱怨太阳为何升起,抱怨人们为何要呼吸,抱怨着种种,抱怨着一切。我也知道,我只是无能,无能改变这一切。所以只能抱怨。我看不清这世界,所以只能低头,看着虫子。看着它一点点爬行,爬向墙角,停了下来,像在四处张望,张望它该前进的方向。他选择了一条艰难的路,向着那缕阳光,向上攀爬着,它不知道尽头是什么,所以无畏 领优惠卷

  252. CC5596
    31st January 2022 at 12:20 pm #

    巷子里的风景巷子带给我的记忆是深沉而又美好的。每一天上下学必经过巷子,巷子不大,但是却很热闹,巷子有一百米多长,就像长长的走廊却颇 抖音郑州美食优惠券 具韵味。巷子已经有几十年的历史,附近都是古老的院落, 深圳野妹火锅优惠券如何领取 也不知道什么原因,巷子没有被改造。走在巷子里,就可以感受到年代久远的一种历史文化感,黑灰色的砖墙,两排笔直地延伸至外面繁荣的街道,就像长城通往故宫,充满了异样的风情。巷子附近都是居民区,所以这里很热闹,每当走进巷子,我总能感受到异样的风情。巷子虽然距离菜市场远,但是这里俨然成为菜市场的规模,因为这里人流量大,有不少人发现商机,就选择在这地方摆地摊,主要卖食物。这些摆地摊的人,从早上 淘宝0.01隐藏优惠券是真的吗 五点钟就起床,在巷子做生意,可能就

  253. CC7210
    31st January 2022 at 12:20 pm #

    木棉开花了走楼梯走到四楼, XC6SLX150-3FG484I 停了下来,没有径直走进车间,看时间尚早,站在高处, XC6SLX100-N3FGG484C 透过透明玻璃,想看看窗外此时美丽的世界,看看楼下地面此时发生那些百态,也想窗外楼外此时黄昏的秋天的美景。向下眺望,放眼望去,忽然惊讶地看见中间柏油绿化马路两旁绿化地里,有一株木棉树,树顶上已经开花了,再看看其他木棉树, XC6SLX150-3FGG484I 却依然青青绿绿,挺拔地站在八月末黄昏和秋初的阳光之下,迎着光,迎着风,晒蔫的绿叶,此时仿佛恢复了精气神,在枝干上,像春燕,又如波浪纹上下翻动着。而看见这株木棉现在就开花,确实挺惊讶的。现在几月份?八月末,九月初。现在是什么季节?此时正逢秋。九月还未到,木棉开花?秋天刚开始,木棉开花?好像这不是我见到木棉开

  254. CC1176
    31st January 2022 at 1:04 pm #

    不联系不代表不在意那年夏天你走了,泪水打湿了我的脸庞,浇灌着我和你的一切回 淘宝优惠券怎么赠予 忆。多少个日日夜夜我在梦中惊醒,梦里我极力抓住你的手,可你头也不回,冷冷的向前走去,我站在原地不知所措。你走了,永远消失在我的生命里,纵 携程鼓浪屿船票优惠券 使我有一千个理由,也改变不了你要离去的决定。我站在樱花树下看着你离去的身影,渐行渐远,最后消失在地平线。我希望你走累了能够转身,我会在樱花树下等着你。樱花又开了,而我却再也没有看见那熟悉的身影,一次次徘徊,一次次流泪,樱花飘落为我擦干泪水,小鸟飞回抚慰我破碎的心灵,而未曾减去。磨去了年少的棱角,我困了,倦了,努力告诫自己不要再想你。可我又总 头条平台优惠券最新 是幻想你只是走错了路,相信你累了会回头,以为只要

  255. CC1176
    1st February 2022 at 7:15 am #

    清明小事记又是一年清明时节。杜牧诗云:清明时节雨纷纷,路上行人欲断魂。想象中的清明时节总是阴暗低垂的天幕下,细雨挥洒,凉风袭人,路人低眉不 巴邑火锅优惠券 宁波 语,满脸愁容,扶老挈幼地上山扫墓。但实际上并非如此。辛弃疾曾经戏谑少年人,道: 少 天猫199减100优惠券哪里看 年不识愁滋味,爱上层楼,为赋新词强说愁。 的确,少年顽童的心中向来就没有什么跨不过的生离死别,放不下的离愁别绪,肃穆庄严的清明节恰恰是我们少年顽童的狂欢节。在这天,远近的亲戚都回到乡下参加一年一度的拜山扫墓活动,这是家族中每年一次的所有同辈儿童聚在一起嬉笑怒骂的好时机。时下村里头的小卖铺春节时还有卖剩的鞭炮,更重要是春节时的红包钱大伙一般都没有花完,于是我们都会花上几块乃至十 20元优惠券正在领取

  256. CC4858
    2nd February 2022 at 2:26 am #

    夜宵店充值优惠券 爱情的韵味有人说像是一壶美酒,需要用心的品味,方能嗅到它的芬芳。而我,一个即将20岁的少女,对爱 喃喃牛玩具专营店优惠券 情有着自己的看法,也有着自己的立场。我不喜欢轻易得来的爱,让人感觉很不真实,若即若离,不能给我足够的安全感。可纵观现实中的恋爱,中学时代,大学里的校园恋爱,我想我是矛盾的。大多数时候是排斥的,我不喜欢那种分分合合、儿戏般的恋爱,我想要的是一份稳定的、 菜鸟裹裹商家优惠券怎么转送 永恒的爱,可能很多人会觉得不现实,如今的社会,很难遇到这种真爱。但我还是选择等待,我相信对的人总会来到。等待的过程中拒绝过一些对我很好的男生,现在回想起来可能会有些歉意。我觉得愧对他们的付出,但真的不愿将就着去谈一场恋爱。曾经我以为感动会让我投入一段感情

  257. CC6940
    2nd February 2022 at 2:29 am #

    输给这个社会曾经的那个少年,站在地平线,许下了骄傲的誓言,相信自己的梦想一定会实现,成功离自己并不遥远。那个天真的少年,相信睁开眼睛就美好 脉动京东优惠券 的一天,张开双臂就能拥抱明天 拼多多上优惠券的类型 ,理想终有一天会看见。那个偏执的少年,无论怎样都不曾妥协,试图用热血改变世界,最后却被社会改变了那个少年。时间已经过去了多少年,为什么看不到当初的那个少年?和一份从不妥协的信念?为什么看不到那张稚嫩的脸庞?和一张天真灿烂的笑脸?我在努力的寻找,寻找那个的少年,是时间带走了他的一腔热血,还是岁月磨灭了当初那个充满斗志的少年?如今我站青春洋溢的操场,放佛看到那个少年,他仰望着蓝天,想象着不久的未来,理想浮现在我的 千川优惠券哪里去看 眼前,如一片浩瀚的海洋

  258. CC6376
    2nd February 2022 at 2:45 am #

    颐和园半日游自从前年的9月在 XC6SLX150-2FGG676I 颐和园后山上不慎把左手腕 XC6SLX150-3FG484I 的骨头摔裂了,再加上疫情,就一直没再去。可是我还是觉得在京城众多的公园里还是颐和园是最好玩的地界儿。最近又与几何玩疯了玩野了,颐和园就成了必须前往的地方。与几何约好,吃过午饭就出发了,坐地铁四号线直达颐和园北宫门,下了地铁从如意门进到了这个漂亮的无以形容,美丽的无法言说的皇 XC6SLX100-N3FG484I 家园林,一脚踏进去,就如同自己都变成了宫廷中的人。如果能每天在这么景色宜人的地方待着,即使是做保洁工刷厕所,都有一种人间天堂的感觉吧。我还从来没去过西堤,从如意门往西就是西堤了,沿着昆明湖西岸往南走,一路上游人不多,绿树成荫,左岸是昆明湖,万寿山、佛香阁,湖光山色,美的无话

  259. CC5528
    2nd February 2022 at 8:06 pm #

    人情冷暖今天思绪飘飞,连续几晚都是这种状态了。有醉而又不想醉,想试着改变自己,反其 查询优惠卷 道而行之。年轻的时候,做任何事情都想得逞。就是平时总爱批评别人的 你何必那么逞强呢? 。已经到了不会也没有必要向别人示威的时 内部优惠劵 候了吧。无牙的狮子,再凶猛无比都斗不过一头野狼。人是一种非常可怕而不可信任的动物,即便是一点点的小波折,别人也以为你已陷入万劫不复的深渊,拒人千里。由此,但凡小气之人,都爱埋头于自己的内心世界,以己为本。而高端大气者,往往又不得志矣。然世事变幻莫测,我觉得,人要有一颗永不言败的心才可让自己立于不 天猫优惠券 败之地。也许有时要遭受诸多的冷嘲热讽,有时即便是你至亲至爱的人,也会觉得也许当初对你是一种错误的选

  260. CC3593
    3rd February 2022 at 1:31 pm #

    秋天,最美的自己秋天并不想恋爱,看过繁花凋 XC6SLX100T-3CSG484I 零的我,只感受风的气息,就足以自己 XC6SLX150T-4FGG484C 感动万千。我最美丽的时刻,我看一片叶子凋零,哭得稀里哗啦。我曾经用最无助的眼神望着一片陌生,但城市并没有怜惜我的动人,所以我只好高飞,做一个倔强的人。风真的很美,但也很无情,总是把美丽的事物吹得过于生命消散太快。 XC6SLX150T-3FG900C 我多年没有听过学校的欢声笑语;我多年没有自己翩翩起舞;我行走着自己孤独的青春,走在熟悉又熟悉的大街,我用触景生情的双眼看着人来人往;可,风那么大,我依然是那个最意气风发的男孩 虽然我也开始老了,但曾经不老。我试图捕捉最美的,曾经的自己;我极力回想,极力强迫自己回忆起曾经最美的感觉;可是,我听到的,只有叶子一片一

  261. CC6446
    4th February 2022 at 7:49 am #

    何为情,亦或爱,到底是什么。是如诗人陆游诗中的自己与妻子的与无奈?还是是莎士比亚里罗密欧与朱丽叶轰轰烈烈的的爱意?还是被天罚的牛郎与织女在遥远彼岸久久凝视 优惠券 的眼神?不懂,还是不懂。所以寻觅,最后偏体鳞伤。相爱的两个人,一定要用文字来描述的爱,是想念,是心与心交流的开端,是情与情交融的产 天猫优惠劵 物。当然,这只是相对一部分人来说。因为,凡事都有坏的一面。爱,是破坏。爱,是毁灭。爱,是占有。爱,是背叛。爱,是一切邪念的开端。因为,自古以来,人被称为一个矛盾结合体。很多时候,很多事情很难解释。当你解释出来的结果正是得到另一个问题的谜。爱,不是可以用文字表达而出的,也不是用语言就能说出所以然的。真正的爱,是需要 天猫优惠劵

  262. CC7813
    5th February 2022 at 2:20 am #

    我的左手那时候,或者说到现在,我一直偏爱我的左手。每每敷过手膜或手霜,细细地端 查询优惠券 详,我常常要感叹,瞧,多美的手啊,修长的手指光润而柔软,那长长的指甲永远像是被涂着层油似的闪着亮光,中间饱 专享优惠劵 满地突起,指甲边缘那条美丽的弧线颇精致地微微内曲着,看上去宛若百合花片。如此往复,我不能抗拒地驻留在对于左手的爱恋中。之所以会偏爱左手,不仅仅因为它美,还因了多年以来本应 专享优惠劵 右手做的事竟由它做了。还记得一年级入学的第一天,我颇为激荡地斜挎着母亲为我做的花书包去上学了。站排,分座。第一节课是数学课,老师笑盈盈地站在前面道: 同学们,你们会数一百个数吗? 会! 我们异口同声地道。 那好,现在老师就来看看,我们班都有谁能数

  263. CC9138
    5th February 2022 at 2:57 am #

    小体会想要不痛苦,首先你要脱出这个社会的舆论和眼光,摆脱这个 别人 的框架。过得好不好,不是别人说了算的。只有自己身在其中,有其体会。你以后还会遭受更 嘀嗒加油满减优惠券 多的不公平,怨恨只会让自己变得更痛苦。这世界本来就不公平,我们除了接受,只有强大起来,强大到无人敢如此对你。你可以以正当的方式来争取,以 优惠券行业怎么做 此得到公平。只是会生存得稍微艰难,他们默认了这种不公平,这个世界以扭曲的方式生存,时间前行着。或许后来人,会以史论证,这个时代有多扭曲,多让他们不可思议。只是在那时,我们都看不见了,无比清晰的知道自己的生命会终结在这个时代。随机推荐: 嘀嗒加油满减优惠券 优惠券行业怎么做 去哪儿网怎么去除20块优惠券 支付宝充 去哪儿网怎么去除20块优惠券

  264. CC4939
    5th February 2022 at 3:00 am #

    得失之间年初,与龙溪生会于筑城之 鉴云阁 ,鉴云阁主人置茶相待。高朋满座,胜友如云,正是 小院观春景, 拼多多路亚竿优惠券 一盏茶香飘环宇; 淘宝领取的优惠券这么做 闲庭品世道,三杯酒味厚众生。 不亦乐乎?闲谈中,众人谈到了得失的话题,争论不休,龙溪生便有一段精彩的论述,撰此小文与读者分享。龙溪生手握一把紫砂茶壶,给大家演示茶道,提了一问: 若各位喜欢鉴云阁主这把壶,很想得到它,会用什么方法? 一时间众说纷纭,产生了两种回答:其一:花钱买下来。其二:拿自己的心爱之物交换。龙溪生摇头说,都不可取。即便花重金, 乐檬x3优惠券 人家未必卖给你,你喜欢,人家或者更喜欢;拿心爱之物与之交换,你喜欢的,别人未必喜欢,为什么要和你交换?所以你还是得不到。我有一法肯定可以

  265. CC9455
    5th February 2022 at 9:28 pm #

    青春正好的我们走过大一的迷惘 天猫优惠卷 ,迎来大二的我们,在新学期伊始从小鲜肉变成 淘宝优惠券 了老腊肉。时光如一把无情的刻刀,改变了我们当初的模样,那个稚嫩、青涩的我们再也回不去了。路过北苑篮球场时,看到一排排穿着绿军装的学弟学妹们在正步操练着,心里很有感触。他们的活力与激情不自觉让我想起当初的那个自己,那个时候的青涩,那个时候的稚嫩。在赣师一年的时光里,在老师的呵护下 内部优惠券 ,在学长学姐的关照下,我们逐渐褪去开始的幼稚和无知,慢慢的走向成熟。大一的时光啊,对于大多数人来说注定就是迷惘的。从高考地狱里解脱的我们,根本不清楚自己的目标和方向,面对大把的闲散时光,无所适从,所以随波逐流。但不会就这样一直沉寂下去的,有梦想的我们,

  266. CC0051
    5th February 2022 at 9:30 pm #

    AA制的婚姻看到一个婚姻,里面说 银联钱包领加油优惠券 得是AA制。现在的夫妻 日上95折优惠券几时拿出来 ,和以前不一样。以前是男女双方在一起的,共同支出,并没有什么奇怪的。但是,随着时代的进步,很多原来在过去看上去是很正常的事情,现在已经开始改变;而在过去看上去并不正常的事情,现在看上去已经正常了;所以,现在很多事情都是不能够就只是简单地归结为不好,毕竟很多人都是这样过的,这也并没有多少奇怪的,也说明有长处的,否则,也可不能会有很多 大鱼优惠券app靠谱吗 人都是这样做的。这并没有多少奇怪的。我记得在很久以前的时候,我就听说个AA制的,是杨振宁兄弟家的,也是当时算是有些出名女演员杨海莲家的。只是很多人都是好奇的,是关于他们夫妻怎么花钱的事情。我只是很小的时候就听说了。

  267. CC2198
    5th February 2022 at 10:30 pm #

    记住这38条会给我 电话积分换矿kfc优惠券 们带来很多帮助,以此 乐视优惠券怎么使用方法 来警示自己。记住这38条会给我们带来很多帮助,以此来警示自己。(以下内容或看来,听来以及自己总结欢迎收藏转载)1、当你拿到工资的时候,首先不该想着如何花掉,而是应该想着下个月如何赚更多钱。2、 身上只有100元,绝不能去花200元, 加油卡优惠券过期日 因为你将为这借来的100元还1000元。3、对自己的消费观念要有改善,可花可不花的坚决不花,需要花钱的地方坚决要花。4、要有危机感。刚毕业的大学生,拥有比你更年轻的身体和更少的薪酬。你随时都会被别人替代。5 、当你没有一技之长的时候,不要轻易的跳槽。也许工资能多上几百,但是,理由同上。6、我所认为的一技之长指的是:人无我有,人有

  268. CC5122
    5th February 2022 at 10:49 pm #

    学习太极拳(十一)今天跟着老会员打完40,刘老教练把我叫住,说我有几个动作做得还不标准,并做了相应 使用优惠券付款被拒绝 的演示,那动作做得,真的没有任何瑕疵,不会比视频里差。现在要向大家交代一下,我们的刘教练虽然起步晚,但她非常的刻苦,专门拜过师,听说是上海一个 作业帮优惠券兑换码免费领取 太极大师的关门弟子,属于晚器大成,现在是太极拳国际裁判,懂得太极拳的人都知道,太极拳裁判的门坎是非常高的,要进行套路考试和理论考试,是要经过多次选拔,才能拿到国际裁判这个证书。以前这个社区的新人员培训都是她当主教练,这次因为刚动过喉咙手术,就由社区武协的吴教练担任,如果在培训中遇到一些难度较大的动作,他也会亲自做示范。她说我40做的不 优惠券购好房 标准,她怎么说我都不会有

  269. CC7084
    5th February 2022 at 10:51 pm #

    回望远山云南省双柏县法中心学校 钱启杰翠翠五十岁的时候,翠翠的丈夫得暴病死了,翠翠悲天悯地。翠翠和丈夫是青梅竹马的恩爱夫妻,从小到大都是恩恩爱爱的,她难以接受这 找靓机购机券优惠券领取 个事实,昨天还活脱脱,身体棒棒的人,今天就直挺挺的了。她的好 抢的商场优惠券靠谱吗 日子结束了,她是世界里命最不好的女人了。她的丈夫除了为人小心眼,视钱如命的毛病外,对她那些点点滴滴的好,点着火把也找不回来了,她翠翠干脆跟着丈夫一块儿到阴曹地府团圆去算了。翠翠抚摸着丈夫的尸体,拼命地呐喊: 咋那么狠心,咋那么狠心,丢下我如何在世间过下去! 女人们围着翠翠,一个个流下泪水,硬是把翠翠抚拉到床榻上,劝道: 人死不能复生。 好死不如赖活着。 你还有孩子呀! 翠 如何在拼拼领优惠券

  270. CC6097
    5th February 2022 at 10:53 pm #

    雨夜赏兰今夜微雨, 蛙三的优惠券找不到了 今天是夏至后的第 寄快递优惠券图片 十六天了,夜色好像也起了小小的变化,夏至后人们说白天慢慢就开始短一丝丝,夜晚也要长一点点了,(夏至至短)夏至已经十多天了,我用姆指和食指比划了一下好像真是短了那么一小寸呢。由于夏天亮得太早,黑得太晚,总想着早早的天黑,晚晚的天亮,感觉要温馨一些。嗨,心的作用。搁下手中思不入意敲打生涩的字盘,轻扫一眼莹屏上未完的文字, 任何软件的隐藏优惠券 就如是杂乱无序的桌面,无思再垒,起身迈出书房门,一股夹雨而至的斜风轻扫过来,烦躁的思绪如是被浸了薄荷的清凉,顿感清醒舒适,惬意悠然。长长宽宽的阳台,花盆里的米兰朵朵碎小的黄花已轻绽开了,袅袅清香幽幽的漫在潮湿的空气中,潮湿的草香伴着这幽幽的兰香竟是

  271. CC5251
    5th February 2022 at 11:08 pm #

    农村孩子我带着无法实现的梦想告别高二走入了高 金币优惠券试玩 三,我还是那个农村的姑娘,心里却多了那些不为人知的惆怅。高二这年,我是班长,拥有他们羡慕的权利,是个深得班主任信任的乖学生。高 米莫 优惠券ins女装 二这年,我是学生,怀着他们不知的痛苦,是个自我矛盾没有朋友的矛盾。高二这年,我是女儿,做着他们嗤鼻的家务,是个看不见未来的农村姑娘。以前从未发觉农村孩子会如此艰难,后来,我发现。并不是所有人有梦想有努力就可以,这个社 毒appq 500优惠券 会还是更在乎金钱、权利、地位,不是吗?我们这些农村的孩子懂得吃苦,懂得努力,懂得梦想意味着什么,更加懂得这个社会给予我们的伤害。我们在一步步的长大,我们在认真的学习,我们在追寻着从小的梦想。然而,这些所有的执着,却

  272. CC9811
    6th February 2022 at 6:54 pm #

    记忆浅薄想念会痛,呼吸都痛。此时,我的身侧有一扇窗子。现在是春夏交 支付宝经常会有洗发优惠券抢吗 集的季节,透过铁栏杆往外看,是微风晃动大株树枝末端叶稍,晃着晃着,与人行道外墙的槐树的尖端的紫色花串串儿连成一团,再多就成了绿海,再多也对 京东是否有优惠券 我无益。我在的位置是三楼,是俯角;我的身旁是一扇一平左右的窗,刚刚好够看这三四五六七八株的,杆与枝,枝与枝之间偶尔留下个小缝儿,看见人的走动和车的奔动,和外面的声音才能对的上号。我这里实在是太安静了,安静得我能想起与我不大相干的人,我爷爷。要说不相干,我又确实是他。我能想起他百十种他生前的样貌神态和动作,却不想也不能写下来。语言和文字都太单薄。他是去年冬天过世的,在阳 淘宝有哪些找优惠券的小程序 历一月十五,我一月十六到的

  273. CC2069
    6th February 2022 at 10:34 pm #

    新年伊始,惟愿我们都安好每一年,都会经历一些新的事情,也会收获各种心得,不管是哪一种情绪萌生,我都知道,自己除了影子相伴,还有你们,一直都在。我总结不出 优惠劵平台 自己过去到现在到底成长了多少,也反观不到自己比之从前又幼稚了几多,但是,慢慢的,我终于明白,不管最终我变成何种模样,最后写成哪种结局,那 优惠劵平台 些爱我的人们,始终都会在我背后,给我依靠。我觉得最温暖的一句话就是,喜欢你的人,无论你变得有多糟糕,他们一样会始终如一的爱着你,只是因为是你。而相反的,不喜欢你的人,无论你变的有多好,在他们眼里,永远也都不会有你的身影。所以,看透的人总是不再小心翼翼的在别人的 专享优惠券 眼睛里,他们懂得怎样好好做自己,让自己,让在乎自己的

  274. CC1400
    7th February 2022 at 5:12 pm #

    青春不就是用来浪费的吗?因为《致青春》的上映,最近听到最多的就是那 pc端优惠券怎么设置成无线端 句 你的青春被狗吃了吗? 到处都充斥着 返青春 的气息。我是不懂啦,我今年要21了,最 电影票优惠券领取深圳福田 美好的青春时期早就被我抛到九霄云外了。还真是不好意思诶,我长得不好看,所以青春没有轰轰烈烈的,没有什么值得后悔的,没有什么值得特别回忆铭记。我没心没肺,当年明恋暗恋传绯闻的某某人,我都没有关心过。不知道某某和某某最后在一起还是没有在一起,也不知道某某交了男朋友还是某某交了女朋友是什么时候的事。可是有什么关系啊~~分开在各地 京东到家优惠券群conklab 上学,是兄弟还一直不轻不淡的联系着,好朋友偶尔打电话聊聊天,你来我的城市逛逛,我去你的城市走走。不变的还是不会变的,你只会过

  275. CC3404
    7th February 2022 at 5:36 pm #

    青春是一种纪念人活在世上,承受的痛苦往往比得到的欢乐要多好多。开心的时候,你听的是音乐,的时候,你开始懂了歌 领优惠劵 词,于是,越长大越孤单成了 查询优惠卷 多人的共鸣,烦恼一拥而上。时光催着我们长大,我们却一路喊着不想长大,遗失的童年告诉着我们正值青春,少男少女出演着一部又一部青春纪录片。青春是海浪,翻滚着一层又一层的烦恼与忧伤,又携带着一股又一股的热血与激情。在一阵阵的疯狂奋斗之后,在一个夜深人静的时 天猫优惠劵 候,我们心里头会泛起淡淡的忧伤,也许是因为孤独,也许是因为失落,也许是因为 复杂而繁琐的说不上理由,也没有理由。我们从小学到初中、高中,到大学,经历了四个不同的学习阶段。初中和高中,基本上都是为了学习而学习,而反差最

  276. CC2943
    8th February 2022 at 8:40 am #

    也夫:摘朵花儿送给你寒冷迎面而来,风从 XC6SLX100T-3FGG900C 耳边滑过,不错,这个冬天我一直有些兴奋,所以老是笑容满面,让身边的人莫名 XC6SLX150-L1FG676I 其妙。别人偷着乐,我不。年近了,似乎空气中弥漫着年的味道,我用力吸口气,然后慢慢吹出去,让年味四处飘散,这不,我的笑容如花儿般又一次开放。在多数人的眼里,煤矿的年是暗淡的,好比雨前的天空,沉重而低矮。这种印象应该是很久 XC6SLX150-L1FG676C 很久以前的事,煤炭堆积如山却卖不出去,工人工资少不说,还拖欠拿不到手,一大家人黑着眼睛等米下锅,腊肉香肠什么的就不要奢望了,那年过得简直不像是年。这还不算,要是矿上出了安全事故,那悲凉的哭,那无奈的,更把年弄得乱七八糟,不堪入目。好多年,煤矿的年就是这么过,至今让人无法淡

  277. CC5380
    9th February 2022 at 7:20 am #

    踏遍荆棘,只为繁花太阳,总会在 小米618优惠券坑 暴风雨之后展露出来。小草,总是在接受暴 淘宝客优惠券佣金比例修改 风雨的洗礼,但在此之后,它依旧会展现出属于它的光彩。而我,踏遍荆棘,只为梦中繁花。张闻天曾说过: 的理想,就是为了理想的生活。 我们都对未来有所憧憬与渴望,有时会幻想将来的某一天我们拥有理想生活的情景,时针秒针的滴答声,总是会提醒 优惠券原型 我们,不久前的幻想都是泡沫,美好却极易破碎。理想,是实现目标的漫长历程,在身前的道路有着不为人知的困难与绊脚石,幻想总归是幻想,它不需要任何基础与铺垫,若要做一名空想家,那么一切都是乌托邦。一切痛苦与磨难都是梦想给予我们的馈赠,请接收苦难,并感谢苦难,它是促进我们成长的良剂。我们都像是未经修剪过的杂树

  278. CC1046
    11th February 2022 at 8:00 am #

    过年二三事我是在即将过年的前两天回家的,原因无非是工作忙或者春运期间的票太难买。回到家的第一感觉是有点陌生,可是陌生的背后却又透露着久违的熟悉。像以往的每一 成都优惠券盒子包 个春节一样,我们事先都会准备年货。只是今年似乎比往年要冷淡了一些。没有了家人的哈哈大笑声。另一个重要的改 淘宝网内部优惠券怎样领取 变是,我今年23岁了,在农村这样的年纪普遍是会报大两岁的,所以我稀里糊涂的已经25岁了。于是,我的相亲之路按理说,是要开始了。我为什么会完美的避开所谓的相亲呢?嗯,反正我已经避开了,可是即使没有去相亲,这个话题似乎也会充斥在整个家庭里。我像现在被逼婚的大军一样,去问自己,结婚的原因到底是什么?当然同样的我也问过我的父母,朋友。他们给出的 怎样获得兔基斯优惠券

  279. CC0531
    11th February 2022 at 1:36 pm #

    未来在哪里虽然现在内心已经平静,也可以平静的记录今天的,但还是 主播直播间优惠券怎么设置 有一种无以名状的悲凉充溢全身。从公司回到家,坐在摇椅上,一个多小时,没有做任何事,只是呆 密云农民优惠券 呆的坐着,一直在想为什么自己的也许原来在别人看来已经很好,而现在自己觉得无论是还是工作都那么失败。现在的我,感情、生活一塌糊涂,左右为难,而工作,虽然付出了这么多的心血,却什么都不是,不做是错,做更是错。就那样什么都不做,只是坐了一个多小时,我好像想明白了,又好像只想逃避,只想解决了眼前的事便好。我 全日本环岛游优惠券 现在像一只被捆住了手脚的螃蟹,有太多的束缚,太多的牵绊,我不能遵从我的内心,也不知道该怎样遵循我的内心。好像没有人可以真的理解我,也好像没有人真的关心

  280. CC8897
    11th February 2022 at 1:39 pm #

    开心就好不可避免的,到了要独 玛那魔杖优惠券活动用 自面对的年龄; 护肤品套装优惠券1000元 不可避免的,与生命之中该遇见的人遇见,也不管到最后是否会成为过客,总之,此刻,我们有了交集。你看不惯我的懒散,我的斤斤计较,我的一切的一切,我看不惯你说话的语气,你的姿态,你的傲漫 好吧,我必须得承认,我是一个十分敏感的人,并缺乏安全感,无时无刻不处于警戒状态,我有我自己的骄傲喜欢自己做决定,可你却总是一副上位者的姿态 怎么做亲子优惠券 ,所以,争吵开始了。不喜欢自己的人处处都会遇到,可真正喜欢自己的却很难找,但会遇到,一定会。生活本就艰难,所以,请别忘记,话挑喜欢的听;事儿挑喜欢的做;衣服挑喜欢的穿,这你能选择。是被我们自己争取来的,大多数时候是,所以善良的人啊,自己身

  281. CC6558
    11th February 2022 at 1:40 pm #

    山水之城云山 店铺优惠券批次号 我们的云山已经很美了,居住在云山的人这样说,来到云山的人也会这样说,云山真可谓是微缩的世外桃源的景观,有山、有水、有绿色,有家、有业,有欢 微信支付后得到的优惠券没有点领取 歌。云山北依绵延的完达山,西与浩瀚的云山水库毗邻,南面是一望无际的田野,七虎林河水从云山的腹地穿过,山中有山,城中有水,城在山中,水穿城过,城水相映,山水相依,别一番景色。云山水库、五一水库、水上公园成为云山水世界的血脉,让云山有了水的柔情,完达山、绵延 东门美食优惠券 数十里,紧紧拥抱着山水之城云山,让云山有了山的视角,广袤的田野,一望无际,黝黑的土地,耕作的大马力机车,让云山有了宽广的胸怀和气吞山河的气势。王震将军水库边劳动的身影,丁玲、尹瘦石、吴祖光、丁聪、

  282. CC0952
    11th February 2022 at 2:02 pm #

    哭记得最后一次哭是在 coco王者人生优惠券领不了 初二。那时候老跑去网吧玩,没有认真念书。所以考出来的成绩一直都很差很差。那天,知道分数后自己一个人也不敢说话。回到家里,把自己关在房间。就一个人想。那时候我没有哭 汉中买房优惠券 ,可是当老妈回家把门打开给我开灯的时候,我就忍不住眼泪一串一串的掉下来。最后一次了。我这样想着。可是一年后。体育中考后的这个早晨。不知道为什么,因为一个人的一句话。眼泪就再也忍不住了。我哭的真的真的好,我不敢发出声音,我甚至都不想任何人知道 木鱼民宿优惠券 。可就这样藏着忍着,我真的好,我真的好像要奔溃了。这些日子我过得真的好难受。每天讲话,我都要思考来思考去,我就怕说错什么,让别人不开心,会惹别气。可总是还是什么都说不好,做不好,

  283. CC8293
    12th February 2022 at 8:51 am #

    雨,是诗人的眼泪风平气和后,温度骤然上升,冬装尚未脱去,偶尔遇他人已身穿夏衣, 公众号怎么搞优惠券 正谓是二八月乱穿衣。但天似娃娃脸,说变就变,风平气和后天失去了他的温和,或许似是那污浊之气惹怒了 唯品会门店的优惠券 他,始风大怒吼,带着声声呼啸飞过,卷起了所有的污垢,风是雨的头,风累了可气未消散,雷声替他报不平,轰隆如巨鼓重敲,雨听到巨鼓如雷也加入了他们的行列,雨滂沱,风呼啸,雷如鼓,冷空凄风苦雨使整个宇宙空间清碧如洗。不知谁在说,这一切都那么像诗人,风平气和像诗人,把所有温柔诉说,安慰失落人的心窝,迎接着每次的阴晴圆缺;巨雷如鼓像诗人,以迅雷不及掩耳之 冰魔栗优惠券 势响彻大地,以这种方式迎接雨的到来,雨来了,更像诗人,那毛毛雨,打到脸上软软的带一

  284. CC5316
    12th February 2022 at 9:04 am #

    边走边看,阳光灿烂2019年9月3日。走在陶然亭公园里,蓝天盈盈白云悠悠绿叶飘飘水波摇摇 怎么把优惠券发给淘客 亭台隐隐楼阁袅袅,北京的秋天就是这么令人心旷神怡般美好,尤其是美如画卷的公园里,更是令人流连忘返,谁不愿意在人间仙境里似神仙般的神游梦幻飘荡逍 培阳办公 优惠券 遥呢?那天,刚走进公园的南门,就看到一群年轻人,姑娘们穿着湖蓝色的长裙,胸前缀几朵淡紫的荷花,腰间飘一根浅粉的绸带,人人美若天仙;小伙子们一律白汗衫黑西裤,领口戴着银色的领结,个个英姿勃发,一看便知他们是在排练节目。当我们走到了他们近旁,恰逢节目指挥 道聚城优惠券消失 安排他们分列四排站立,前两排女生后两排男生。随着音乐的响起,耳边传来了男生朗诵:勤勤恳恳,几代陶然人将青春与汗水奉献给首

  285. CC4033
    12th February 2022 at 9:05 am #

    半夜鬼敲门大柳巷小学的王德才老师憨厚木讷,说话不转弯、没心眼,甚至在周围的人看来他似乎有点儿二百五 电影优惠券福建 ,可是他的媳妇李桂花老师却是个机灵鬼。两口子一个属鸡一个属狗,蚌埠双忠庙的算命大仙说了:他们俩不合,说将来 美团外卖用优惠券卖家能赚钱吗微信淘宝买东西返利 可能闹得鸡犬不宁、鸡飞狗跳,后来甚至会鸡鸣狗盗、偷鸡摸狗。可是李桂花就是图王德才人不坏、心眼好,尤其是他好使唤。于是她违背父母的建议,硬是嫁鸡随鸡、嫁狗随狗,自己做主一分钱没让王德才家里开支就嫁给了他。听李桂花说,他们刚参加工作的那会儿,王德才有一件小事打动了李桂花,让她觉得自己想要托付终身的人就是这样的! 首开白条优惠券 李桂花代语文课,作业太多,尤其是六十本作文本堆在案头犹如一座小山。她就故意和身后安静的王

  286. CC2943
    16th February 2022 at 9:34 pm #

    送给远方我爱的人不管你爱过多少人,不管你爱得多么痛苦或是,最后还不是学会了恋爱,学会了爱自己。我曾经 上海易捷优惠券买什么划算 以为的人会刘很多的眼泪,我错了,因为真正伤心的人是流不出眼泪的 超市的超级优惠券 。你知道么,就像剥洋葱,总有一片会让人流泪,每一个都写着一个主人公和一个配角,也许很,也许很凄惨,但是它只是别人的故事。想想我们过去,我们从前 而现在我们,和那些关于我们的回忆,我就好像看都一个最可笑的一样。你知道吗/有一种想纞,不是失眠,而是视而不见。关于那些过去的回忆,让我知道了,不主动就会失去,可我还是忽略了一点就是主动久了会累 还有别说什么对不起,因为我的没关系一旦说出口就真的没 淘宝上过期优惠券怎么删除 有关系了。亲爱的,原谅我我不在你身边,原谅我在你

  287. CC3150
    16th February 2022 at 9:41 pm #

    虽初 订机票怎么取消优惠券 见确不生怯红土实践队,欢迎你!你,认识我吗?我是双寿小学的孩子,爸爸妈妈都希望我参加这次活动,并相信我能从中习得更多丰富的知识,而我,也是充满期待呢! 京东plus会员优惠券可以用在非自营店吗 我,会害羞。第一次站上讲台自我介绍向同学们表现自己时,我不知道该如何表达,所以羞红脸,低下了脑袋。我,需要鼓励。实践队的第二课堂内容真丰富,有武术、小品、舞蹈、手语、合唱、环保时装秀、健美操。这 大渝火锅高港店优惠券 些独具特色的课堂活动,我以前都不曾参加,我也想尝试,我想伸手去触碰它,但是却伸不出内心的胆怯的笼子。庆幸有老师的鼓励,让我勇敢的伸出我的小手,选择了我喜欢的武术。我也可以很自信。在竞选班干时,我举起我的小手,我要做班长,我要做学习委员,我要做组长 我希

  288. CC0323
    17th February 2022 at 9:22 pm #

    等一场秋雨三毛说:心若没有栖息的地方,走到哪里都是流浪。以前总感觉世界很大,可选择的东西很多,有无数个远方,有晶莹 领克保养优惠券怎么领取不了 的梦想,有许许多多关于浪漫的想法。可当你真正走了出去,摆在你面前的可能就是无数的窘迫,更多的便是焦头烂额的工作。多 沐浴露天猫优惠券如何领 渴望有一场秋雨,让我干涸的心,得到一场安慰。我是个喜欢安静的人,喜欢静静地干好自己的工作,我不喜欢与别人争高论低,吵架斗嘴。我喜欢的自己是一个具有书香气息,学会把握的人。闲暇时可以干自己喜欢干的事,偶尔可以去小小的旅行一次,我没有什么大的理想,我只想把自己的生活过得安稳一些。我没有什么特别的地方,我也厌烦别人对我的过分夸奖,我不喜欢人与人之间的勾心斗角。只要是 uu加速器8周年优惠券 我觉得有意

  289. CC2121
    17th February 2022 at 9:29 pm #

    让人流泪忘记了那一年的那天上午,因为下雨,就在家休息,偶尔打开电视,正好看到山西电视台:最美中国人 频道播出的黑龙江 天猫购物怎么领优惠券 孙晓东摊上两个瘫痪的女儿,不仅如此,其妻及家人都被病魔缠住,相继夺走了生命,真是不幸之不幸。为了两个女儿,来到北京打工即给两女儿治病。说实在的,一个 优惠券领取情况查看 家庭只要摊上一个难治之症就够呛了。更何况他两个女儿都是瘫痪之身,护理俩个女儿的饮食起居,可想而知,期间的艰难困苦不言而喻。什么叫残酷,什么叫责任,什么叫担当,什么叫坚强,都聚焦到他一生中。人与人的命运是无法比拟的,若是命运不济,一生中都在泥潭中挣扎。不知冥冥之中有无掌握命运之神,若有,希望有一颗悲天悯人的心吧 优惠券返利账务 !执笔于此,不由想起一个叫

  290. CC3180
    17th February 2022 at 9:34 pm #

    仇恨的毁灭在《英雄》这部影视中,张艺谋 五色令人盲 赤 优惠券返点高什么意思 橙黄绿青蓝紫搅的你眼花 epic69元优惠券买什么 缭乱,唯有黑白两色是真实的。行骗不行就行刺,无名不含糊,秦王也不犹疑,两人就 天下 开弓。绿色是段回忆,回忆是轻松的。绿色里有飞雪和残剑初相识的情形也有他们数年前联手刺秦的片段。起先不明白残剑为什么前一刻还杀气腾腾,后一刻就对秦王刀下留情?绿色的纱幔里,风移影动,一明 南航怎么抢优惠券 一暗,是为嬴政的王气所摄还是顿悟了天下的真谛?不及细想,转眼间回到白色:轮到无名出发去刺秦,飞雪赞同,残剑送无名两个字意欲阻其刺秦,最终,无名刺秦失败。飞雪将怨气撒到残剑身上,残剑与飞雪,虽人不离人,剑不离剑,但是在 刺还是不刺 的问题上出现了冲突。 残剑

  291. CC9461
    17th February 2022 at 9:35 pm #

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    18th February 2022 at 10:37 am #

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  293. CC3684
    18th February 2022 at 11:41 am #

    诉美于艺,返朴归真前段时间, 小店优惠券如何置顶 网络上有一个视频点击量很高,一位自称要用音乐成为旷世古今的世界首富的人,登上了央视舞台,却遭现场观众及评委极力吐槽,评委坦 小森生活 麦富迪优惠券活动过期 言, 我觉得你称不上是一位歌手,因为你无法带给我美的享受 。个人认为,面对这样一种少数现象的存在,作为艺术类专业学生的我们,应该在自己对本专业内容及本质的理解逐渐清晰的过程中,不断思考一个问题,艺术的本质是什么?我一直在阐述一个观点,那就是我愈发地感觉到,作为艺术的学习者,无论自 发定位出现优惠券 己学习的是哪一门专业,我们都不能,也不应该把眼光仅仅放在自己所学的这一个门类上,我们应该永远记住,自己所学习的,不仅仅是某一个艺术类专业,而是艺术这个大的门类。如果我们有

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    20th February 2022 at 3:54 am #

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    20th February 2022 at 7:19 am #

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  298. CC4912
    20th February 2022 at 7:22 am #

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  299. CC2806
    20th February 2022 at 5:50 pm #

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  300. CC2845
    20th February 2022 at 5:51 pm #

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  301. CC3749
    21st February 2022 at 9:39 am #

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  302. CC4381
    21st February 2022 at 9:41 am #

    梦迷茫的身影在梦里来回穿梭,或深或浅的回忆不是跳入脑海。有时自己也不想承认,一不小心就变成了活在回忆里的人。偶然看到某个同学发了一组 hfp旗舰店80元优惠券爽肤水 高中的夜景。熟 在拼多多买苹果怎么领700优惠券 悉的场景,我们曾走了那么多遍,而今,已是站在了另一片土地。我找出初高中的照片,一张张看过。心里有些莫名的感动。那一段段属于我们的时光已经被埋到了记忆的长河中。那时,我们牵手走过大街小巷,几个稚嫩的笑声暖了整条街道。那时,我们穿过落满树叶的校园小径,诉说着那时淡淡的。春来丁香压枝,平日沉默的小灌木变得生机勃勃,隔着老远便为花香而陶醉。那时我们 天津市政优惠券 晚饭后散步,曾一簇一簇看过的寻找五瓣的丁香,然后小心地夹在里。明知这不过是生物课本里说过的基因突变使花多了一瓣,

  303. CC0091
    21st February 2022 at 3:03 pm #

    假如没有泥土当你走进大自然,嗅着 订外卖优惠券怎么样 清新的空气,吃着甜甜的花蜜,摸着柔软的花瓣,听着清脆的鸟鸣,看着茂盛的树木,你将会在这里高声赞颂、呐喊,让心中沉闷已久充分的释放出来。 怎么建立自己的优惠券网站 如果你是一名画家,或许你会拿起画笔,记录下这令人震撼的景象;如果你是一名歌手,或许你会展开歌喉,在这里放声高歌一首;如果你是一名作家,或许你会拿起稿纸,用华丽的词藻,描写出这惊骇世俗的风景。但是,他们都忽略了一个重要的东西 泥土。假如没有泥土,那么带给中国人无尽的便利与骄傲的陶瓷将成为梦想。想想还真好笑,连最基本的制陶材料都没有,拿 微信打开优惠券 什么制陶?那么,人们手中的瓷碗将不复存在,取而代之的是传热快的铁碗和白色垃圾 塑料碗。二者之中选哪一

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    21st February 2022 at 10:18 pm #

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