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10 Questions: Bike Touring In Bangladesh

Muntasir Mamun Imran - kewkradong.com

The small country of Bangladesh doesn’t have much of a reputation as a bike touring destination but Muntasir Mamun Imran would like to change that. A Bangladeshi himself, he’s spent many weeks touring the country and says it offers wonderful hospitality, beautiful scenery and quiet roads for cyclists. Read More »

The Sweet Life Of Bicycle Touring


“It is difficult to relate the profound pleasure of bicycle touring; it’s a pleasure that takes root deeply in the soul.” These words come from Ian Hincks and Geoff Stanley and their account of a summer trip across Canada is a beautiful tribute to the simple pleasures of a bike tour. Read More »

10 Questions: Bike Touring In Ethiopia


Doug Nienhuis spent the better part of a year cycling and hiking in Ethiopia in the late 1990s and experienced everything, from wonderful landscapes and hospitable people to moments of frustration due to illness and stone-throwing children. In this week’s 10 Questions, Doug shares memories and tips for anyone considering a trip to this part […] Read More »