What Will A Bike Tour Cost? You Tell Us.

US CurrencyA great many questions we receive from people planning bicycle tours are about the cost of a trip.

How much should I save? What’s a good daily budget for this country or that region?

We find these questions hard to answer. Our style of travel and the conditions we encountered might not match your experience. Most bike tourists, for example, will spend more on hotels if it rains for two weeks straight than someone else who lucks out with two weeks of sunshine.

So… we’re turning this question over to you with a new section on our website:

** What Does Bike Touring Cost? **

It features bike tourists who’ve recently been on tour and the details of how much they spent. We hope this new budgeting section will give a broader, more helpful overview than we can offer alone.

So far we have sections on:

Can You Help?
Keeping these sections up-to-date and adding new sections relies on the community. That’s you!

If you’ve recently been on tour and can tell us about your daily budget, please Get In Touch and share your answers to these 3 basic questions:

1. What did you spend per person, per day on average? This is for daily expenses like food, hotels, public transport within a country but not exceptional extras like bike repair, flights to/from the country.

2. Can you briefly describe your style of travel? Are you ultra low budget (e.g. a devoted wild camper, cook all your own food) or more medium budget (e.g. will occasionally splash out on a hotel, meal in restaurant)?

3. Any tips you want to share related to costs in this region? Was something particularly cheap or expensive? How would you recommend others save money?

We’ll add your answers to the relevant page, along with a photo of you on tour and a link to your bike touring blog (if you have one).