56km Torox – Malaga

MalagaWe set off from Torox a little worse for wear, as our colds drained us of energy. We were keen to get to Malaga though, to check out what ferry services were available to Morocco. After several weeks on the Spanish coastline, we’re now ready for a change and we’d heard that there was a new fast ferry to Africa. The ride to Malaga was the easiest we’ve had for several days, quite flat and keeping right along the coast. Only the final stretch into the city was a bit hectic with heavy traffic but we were able to get onto a walking path before too long. Malaga surprised us as a city. We thought it would be full of British pubs and generally a tourist trap but we didn’t see one English bar the whole time we were there and enjoyed the architecture and the city’s historic centre. The tourist office was very helpful with all of our questions. We found out there was a new fast ferry to the Spanish enclave of Meillia, taking 3 hours instead of the usual 7 hour journey, but it only runs on Mondays. Instead, we ended up buying tickets for the slow boat at 33 euros each, with no extra charge for the bicycles. We also picked up a map for Morocco and a few extra parts for the bikes.


  1. andrew
    21st January 2007 at 6:45 pm #

    Torox – Malaga N340 – Very flat and easy cycling but nothing too scenic along this route. Lots of restaurants and a couple campgrounds. The shoulder once again is variable, sometimes it’s plenty wide and other times it’s non existant. Just before Malaga you have to get onto what resembles a motorway. In fact it is the access road to the motorway and you take the exit to the beach, which will lead right into the city. Malaga: We stayed at the Ibis Hotel, out of the city centre but not far from Decathlon! Very easy to get there by bicycle. Bike repair shops can be found on Victoria Street and also Cuarteles. There are also a few sports shops in the Aurora shopping centre, not far from the train station.

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    I didn’t know that.

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    I was just telling my friend about that.

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