66km Gartenberg to Wallgau

Wild boar!The foothills of the Alps gave our legs got a workout today and a good thing too since the truly lofty peaks aren’t far ahead. We’ve got at least one mountain pass in our path tomorrow and within the next few days we’ll have the chance to climb to nearly 2,800m to Italy’s famous Passo di Stelvio. The weather and our mood will determine whether we make the hike but at the moment it’s a tempting thought. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a good challenge and mountain climbs are always a thriller; for the view and sense of achievement at the top as well as for the eye-watering descents. For the moment, however, we are content to roll along the ups and downs of the tail end of Bavaria. We’ve continued to follow the Isar river and have stopped more than once to read on its banks and swim in the clear blue and very cold water. There were also plenty of local beer gardens in our path so we propped our bikes up against a fence and treated ourselves to a cool drink. When in Germany…. Despite the beer, we were making quite good time and hoped to cross into Austria today but rain set in late in the afternoon and instead we stopped for a final night in Germany, camping once again close to the Isar river.


  1. andrew
    14th August 2007 at 10:50 am #

    Road notes: The Isar Radweg starts out as a separate trail in Munich but about halfway to Austria it increasingly uses local roads, until the last part of our day today, when the route was almost entirely on roads shared with cars, and not particularly quiet roads at that. If you’re an experienced cyclist this won’t be a problem but it doesn’t have the appeal for young families that the Danube River trail would. We enjoyed ourselves nevertheless and there are plenty of restaurants, hotels and other services on the route.

    What we spent: beer €5.40, groceries €6

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