Show 33: Talking Traffic And Other Bike Touring Challenges

Dan Martin and his bikeDan MartinWhen we think of cycle touring, we dream of quiet roads and friendly places.

It’s like that most of the time, but not always, so this week we’re delving deeper into some of the concerns you’ve told us you have about travelling by bicycle.

Since traffic is a big worry, according to our poll on your bike touring concerns, we talk to Jean from Cycle Training UK about how to cycle safely in traffic. And we speak to Dan Martin about some of the tricky situations he encountered on his bike trip from Korea to Capetown.

We don’t promise to give you all the answers but hopefully this show will at least give you some ideas of how you can lower the risk of bike touring when there is heavy traffic, plus hints for dealing with other tricky situations that arise while you’re on tour, like how to find a place to sleep and ward off chasing dogs.

Show Notes: