Show 23: Epic trips and cargo ships

DSC_6932.JPGA successful cargo ship voyage (no rough seas and a wonderful crew) brought us to Napier, New Zealand this morning.

There’s so much to tell but as we get our thoughts together, here’s our latest podcast.

It includes a few reflections on Australia, an interview with Chris Roach as he sets off on a huge bicycle trip. We also have a tip or two on how to travel by cargo ship… if you’re tempted! It’s far less stressful than airport travel, if our first experience is anything to go by.

We’ve put some handy information on travelling by freighter in our Bike Touring Resources section.


  1. frank
    9th February 2009 at 3:21 pm #

    just finished listening to podcast very good those kookas wake me 4am every morning and i emailed the strongman and offered him a room if he gets close happy pedaling and watch the hills and the bloody sheep. bye from OZ hugs

  2. Andrew and Joanne
    12th February 2009 at 5:29 pm #

    We were going to wish you Bon Voyage, but the Voyage is already done.
    Would love to hear your thoughts about it as opposed to flying.
    Safe travels,
    Andrew & Joanne

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