Behind the scenes

So, while we’ve been pedalling and blogging, we’ve also been doing a few things behind the scenes that we haven’t really talked about on here much. And since we’re going to be busy packing up our bikes for our flight to America, cleaning all our gear and doing all sorts of other boring but necessary tasks over the next few days, we thought you might enjoy a little something extra….

First up is a radio interview on Central Asia, that Friedel did with Chris of Amateur Traveler a month or so back. Chris really does a wonderful show, so while you’re on his site, check out some of the other episodes too.

Then there are several articles that we’ve been writing for Transitions Abroad lately. We’ve expanded on how to live a nomadic life, travelling by cargo ship, wild camping and more. There’s heaps more on the Transitions Abroad site about volunteering, working and experiencing life overseas so have a browse around. It’s one of the best sources of practical information on the web that we’ve found.