43km Sidi Moussa – El-Jadida

Considering we both didn’t feel at our peak, the distance covered was encouraging. Most of the field workers hadn’t gotten up by the time we started our journey so we had a quieter run than the day before. Again following the coast road north we saw more wonderful waves crashing. But about halfway to El-Jadida, near Port de Jorf-Lasfar, more chemical and industrial complexes appeared and we tried to speed up and move by them. The fumes really burn our throat and eyes. After resting a few times we reached El-Jadida, a large city. The campground was a bit hard to find since we didn’t see the normal signage. Perhaps it exists on the more major roads, but we needed to ask the local police for directions every few intersections.

Just after lunch we put our tent up: a little extra time to rest and have a couple once-over inspections on the bikes. By the time we get back to Europe there’s a good layer of dust and sand that will need to come off and perhaps we will replace the chains.


  1. andrew
    15th March 2007 at 8:12 pm #

    R301 Sidi Moussa – El-Jadida: Mostly flat, coming right down to the shore at one point. Port de Jorf-Lasfar is something to avoid or speed by, especially if you don’t like the smell of sulphur coming from chemical plants. The campground in El-Jadida is located near the shore, all the way through the town. We had to keep asking for directions to find it.

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