90km Monte Gordo to Almancil

Today we saw a naked cyclist.

Now that we’ve got your attention we’ll admit the truth: he wasn’t entirely naked. But even half-naked cyclists are quite a sight to remember! At first glance this man wasn’t naked at all but wearing the racing cyclist’s typical top and lycra shorts. Obviously it was his favourite outfit though because as he  zipped by us on the road to Faro we got a full view of his pale backside; betrayed by lycra that had worn too thin. We had a good laugh as we watched his bottom speed away and then vowed to replace our shorts regularly. Let that be a lesson to the rest of you on the road!

Our day continued to be adventure-filled. Rally cars flew by us on the back roads, en route to the next stage in the Portugal rally, and when we weren’t car spotting we breathed in the scent of orange trees in bloom all around us. Lemon and avocado trees also filled the fields. Around lunchtime we arrived in Moncarapacho, a small town we’d visited a few years ago during our first trip to Portugal. We remembered a good local restaurant so we tracked it down again and tucked into a lunch of bread and olives to start, followed by fish and pizza and two beers to wash everything down. Grand total €12 – we like this country!  

Not long afterwards we rolled into the seaside resort of Vale do Lobo. It was time to find our friends Rich and Paula, who had invited us to join them for a few days in a home Rich’s brother owns nearby. A luxury treat for us, but first we had to find it! As we write this on Sunday morning, a few days after the event, we are still teasing each other about who was at fault, Rich’s directions or our inability to read a map. The end result was the same. We spent over two hours going up and down hills and around in circles for about 20km without ever finding the house or even the area it was supposed to be in. A lack of any payphones in the area made the situation more difficult. We were luddites without mobile phones in an area filled with golf courses and luxury homes. After backtracking out of the resort we finally found a payphone and called Rich who came to the rescue. A few beers later and we sunk into bed, a very nice change from the tent.


  1. andrew
    4th April 2007 at 12:36 pm #

    Road notes: We started out on the N125 in Monte Gordo, which was reasonably busy and didn’t always have a shoulder to rely on. Some of the drivers were aggressive but overall it was an okay road to cycle on. In Luz de Tavira we forked off onto the smaller back road to Moncarapacho, then on to Estoi, Santa Barbara de Nexe and finally Almancil. These roads were very quiet with a few hills to keep us in shape.

  2. hot shot bald cop
    26th April 2022 at 3:31 am #

    I was just telling my friend about that.

  3. hot shot bald cop
    8th May 2022 at 12:37 am #

    Right on my man!

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