Who are you, mysterious poster?

September 1st, 2007 1 comment

A few days ago we put up a poll on where we should go from here. We’ve really enjoyed seeing your votes. We haven’t settled on a final result yet but we have started the application process for an Iranian visa through an agency. When we get the answer from the Iranians, we’ll have a better idea at least of which routes are possible or not. One mystery is left by our poll, however… someone posted quite a long response with a possible route and identified themselves only as the owner of a bike built by the same person who made our sturdy steeds…. who are you? We’d love to exchange thoughts with you via email so do get in touch!

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One Response to “Who are you, mysterious poster?”

  1. Herbert says:


    We have met 2 months ago in a Train in Germany. I think we travelled from Regensburg to Nürnberg or something else.

    My personal journey through Germany is almost finished, if you want you can visit my german website http://thyseus.blogspot.com

    (perhaps you remember me when you see the photos)


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