The Take-A-Look Mirror: Don’t Cycle Without One

Take A Look MirrorThe Take-A-Look mirror is often called the best rear view mirror for cyclists and after using it for 3 years, we’d have to agree.

We call this mirror our lifesaver because it provided a constant view of what was happening behind us. When a car was approaching too quickly or about to pass too closely, the Take-A-Look mirror ($13.90 from CycloCamping or $16.95 from REI.) gave us the vital extra few seconds we needed to react and either get out of the way or signal our presence to the car driver.

For such a valuable tool, the Take-A-Look mirror is very simple. An acrylic, square mirror sits on the end of a wire. That’s it. There are no fancy mounting systems to deal with. You just slip it over the arms of your sunglasses or onto your helmet.

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