80km Louiseville – Batiscan Marina

Today was our “ouch” day. We knew it was coming, even though we hoped it wouldn’t, and today it hit. Every muscle ached. Our legs felt like lead. It took what seemed like ages to go a few kilometers. Despite the pain, it was a good excuse to make plenty of stops and that is probably what got us so far! We had thought to stop at Champlain, about 50km along, but between stopping for ice cream and a tour of an old water mill along with a good tailwind in the afternoon, we made it all of 80km. Nearly twice as far as we thought we’d make early in the day! Tonight we’re camping at a little site by a marina, made all the better for its restaurant where we were able to get our first beer since hitting the road. And it’s the cheapest place we’ve found so far, at only $15. We’re now only about 96km from Quebec city, where we’re looking forward to a rest day and a nice meal.

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