Unexpected Winter Cycling

December 17th, 2010 8 comments

We are supposed to be in Spain but mother nature has intervened.

Just as we were putting our bikes on the luggage belt, all the computer screens went blank. Then the word we didn’t want to see flashed across the check-in screen.


A little snow (well, little by Canadian standards) and most of the flights in the Netherlands had ground to a halt. All around us people stomped their feet and got upset. We considered having a tantrum but decided there was little point.

Instead, we rebooked our flight for Sunday and went cycling and photographing. Under a white blanket of snow, Holland is a beautiful place.

smiling and cycling in the snow

Some people had to push…

pushing the bike

These kids were having a blast, with the paths entirely to themselves.

Kids On Bike Paths

Bikes were a pretty good indicator of how much snow had fallen.

snow covered bikes Flowers Covered In Snow

Some cyclists looked like ghosts in the snow.

snowy, ghost-like cyclist

We spent about an hour taking pictures and then headed home. We’ll try this vacation thing again on Sunday.

Heading home on a snowy day

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7 Responses to “Unexpected Winter Cycling”

  1. woollypigs says:

    Sugar, how you get to go on your tour in sunnier places.

    Great photos, reminds me of the days when I cycled to school in snowstorms in Denmark :)

  2. Marjan says:

    Beautiful bike- pictures! I hope you can leave on sunday by plaine. Good luck and for now: Enjoy the winter in Holland.;-)

  3. Jessica says:

    Oh no!! I’m so sorry your flight got canceled! I’m so glad you get to try again on Sunday– hopefully with more luck this time. And these photographs are absolutely delightful– looks like a fun snow day– glad you two made the best of your situation!

  4. yves says:

    Barcelona 9°, sunny, Valencia 14°, sunny. I hope your plane can leave before the snow goes to Spain. 😉

  5. Although I wasn’t unfortunate enough to have a flight cancelled – I have enjoyed some excellent unexpected snow biking this evening.
    Through the city, over the Nescio bridge, across IJburg (with a stop at Blijburg for hot chocolate infront of the open fire), Muiden, Diemerbos (too deep to ride there!), Watergraafsmeer and back to Amsterdam. FANTASTIC!
    Quiet tempted to get wrapped up again and go for another blast!
    Hope the flight on Sunday is more succesful!

  6. Stephen Botel says:

    I hope the saddles on your bikes aren’t leather with all that snow on them….

  7. HO NO!

    Mother nature is tough with you! Hope you will be on your bike ASAP.

    Very nice picture.

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