Cyclists on the move in Canada

July 28th, 2008 1 comment

A little public service announcement here 😉 We have two sets of friends, both couples, who are currently cycling through Canada. One couple – Son & Ali – have been on the road for a while and are going down the west coast and through the U.S. towards South America. The other couple – Scott & Becky – are just starting on their world tour and are currently in Newfoundland, heading for Nova Scotia and the eastern side of the United States before they catch a freighter ship to Italy. Life on the road can be a bit trying at times, made much more fun by the people you meet along the way, and we know we have a lot of readers in these areas. Maybe you’d like to offer a tip on the terrain ahead to our friends, meet them for coffee or even let them pitch their tent in your backyard for a night? We’re sure they’d appreciate it. Or maybe you’d just like to follow their blogs. More inspiration for your future cycling trips!

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One Response to “Cyclists on the move in Canada”

  1. Thanks for the public service announcement Andrew! :)

    We continue to be inspired by your journey, both the places you’ve been and your stories about them.

    Enjoy your time in South East Asia. We too are trying to remember to slow down and your stories help remind us.

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