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At the tip of Asia


It was barely 6am when we pulled up to an Indian restaurant for breakfast in the seaside town of Pontian, 60km from the causeway to Singapore. All four waiters just stared at these strange foreigners who’d rolled up unexpectedly on their doorstep. One man’s gaze was particularly persistent. “Good morning!” we said, trying to break […] Read More »

Inspiration Personified


We were wandering the streets of Kuala Lumpur, when we looked across the road and spotted a motorbike. No ordinary motorbike – this one was decorated with stickers, flags and photographs and a big sign that advertised its owner’s hopes to go around the world. Of course we couldn’t resist investigating further and a few […] Read More »

The good, the bad and the ugly


244km Tanah Rata to Malaka We’ve seen it all over the past few days, from the fantastic to the frustrating and even the downright frightening. Beginnings are almost always good and the ride from the gloriously cool Cameron Highlands back down to the muggy Malaysian coastline was a joy. A winding road took us past […] Read More »

Show 21: A new cycling record?


You saw it here first! When we were on Langkawi Island, we met 43-year-old Alan Bate, a British cyclist who’s planning to race around the world in 170 days. If he succeeds, Alan would beat the record recently set by Mark Beaumont. Alan is hoping to start his trip in summer 2009 but first he’s […] Read More »