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10 Questions: Bike Touring From Canada To Mexico

Posted September 18th, 2010

fogcoveringtheocean.jpgBetween Canada and the Mexican border is one of the world’s most beautiful roads for bicycle touring: the Pacific Coast Highway.

It takes in amazing ocean views, lush forests, fantastic facilities for cyclists and cities like Vancouver and San Francisco.

In 2008, one bike tourist cycling this route was Dan. In this edition of 10 Questions, he shares tips and experiences learned during this 2,750km route. You’ll have to work hard on the hills, but there are plenty of rewards as well.

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10 Questions: Bike Touring The U.S. Southern Tier

Posted August 19th, 2010

california_desert.JPGStephane and Sheri Marchiori, a French-American couple, recently finished a 5-year journey around the world by bicycle by biking the well known Southern Tier route, across the United States.

It took them through some of the most beautiful landscapes of their trip, including the stunning Grand Canyon and the Mojave Desert.

Despite the gorgeous views, the conditions were sometimes trying. They included scorching temperatures, the risk of tornadoes and tons of mosquitoes.

Read Stephane and Sheri’s tips and experiences of cycling the classic Southern Tier route across America.

Show 32: TransAmerica Trail, Heinz Stücke and Winter Camping

Posted January 24th, 2010

This week we’re off to cycle the TransAmerica Trail from Oregon to Virgina with Melanie.

Then there’s a preview of an interview with the famous Heinz Stücke, who tells us how his bike was stolen in Siberia. We also discuss our recent winter camping trip, including 3 things to take along for cold weather cycling.


Show Notes:


RAGBRAI: The World’s Longest Running Bicycle Tour

Posted January 18th, 2010

RAGBRAI by Herkie, on Flickr

If you’re looking for a few friends to bike tour with this summer, how about 10,000 fellow cyclists to keep you company?

Welcome to RAGBRAI, also known as The Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa – an annual 7-day ride from west to east across Iowa that’s been going strong for 38 years, every time following a different route across the state.

It’s the largest and oldest organised bike tour in the world and this year it’s set for July 25th to 31st.

What’s so great about it? Perhaps some confessions of a RAGBRAI addict say it best:

“RAGBRAI is a week-long party on two wheels. The fact that you ride your bicycle across an entire state is incidental, because the total experience is much more than that. The carnival atmosphere in every town, the delicious home-cooked food, street dancing to live bands, the colorful sea of tents in the campgrounds, the hilarious cycling team costumes, thousands of tan and beautiful fellow cyclists to meet, and your hosts the people of Iowa, all join forces to make this bicycle tour an experience you’ll remember for the rest of your life. No wonder RAGBRAI is addictive! Just ask some riders how many times they’ve done the tour. You’ll get answers of 10, 20 or even 30 years.” –Confessions of a RAGBRAI addict

Not only that, but at $140 for the week (including baggage transfer from town to town, a roving bicycle repair van, camping facilities and much, much more), it’s a bargain. Spaces are limited though so you have to go through a lottery system. Drop your name in the hat and cross your fingers!

I’m a cyclist, get me outta here!

Posted August 21st, 2009

923km Cedar to Garson

Andrew finds a fellow riderWe’ve heard a lot of bad things about the Trans-Canada Highway through Northern Ontario. Wild truckers. Plenty of traffic. No shoulders. “They’re all true,” says one cyclist we meet in Michigan. “I stuck a hacksaw out the side of my bike to make the cars give me more room. You should try it!”

We appreciate the advice but it makes us wonder: if we need a saw – a saw??!? – to survive this treacherous stretch of road, should we just get the bus? Of course not. So close to finishing our trip from west to east across North America, we’re not going to give up that easily.

Armed with nerves of steel, we hit the highway but it’s only a few miles later when we start thinking that a saw is sounding like a mighty fine idea. After being cut off, cut up and just generally annoyed by a few hundred cars, the final straw comes when a trucker races up from behind and honks aggressively at us to get out of the way. There’s oncoming traffic. We’re already trying to cycle on a shoulder that’s less than 6 inches wide and crumbling and frankly, we don’t see why we should have to dive onto the soft gravel shoulder every time a truck comes along. Is it really too much for the truck to slow down momentarily until the road is clear? (more…)