Full Disclosure

Among cycling tourists there is often a debate over alternative modes of transport. Some say it’s okay and others say it’s a complete no no. In some cases it’s just the only option.

In an effort to clear up any misconceptions, we decided to disclose all the alternative modes of transport for our trip, other than bicycle.

  • Montreal Airport to St Bruno de Montraville, a generous offer to pick us up at the airport by Michael
  • Sorel to Tracy, a ferry across the St Lawrence river
  • Quebec City to Levis, another ferry back across the St Lawrence river
  • Sackville to Montreal, our return leg back to Montreal was on VIA Rail; a journey Andrew hadn’t experienced before
  • Montreal train station to airport, with a taxi who somehow got the two big boxes and our luggage into it.
  • Montreal to London Heathrow, obviously by plane. And no we didn’t cycle this leg, and this joke is getting extremely old and not very funny.
  • Strawberry Hill to Putney, after an exhausting return flight to London Heathrow we got lost trying to find our way to Putney (despite living in London for 6 years we got mixed up between the north and south banks of the Thames) and eventually decided to hop a train back to Putney
  • London Liverpool St to Harwich, a simple Anglia train to the coast from central London to catch the ferry
  • Harwich to Hook of Holland, a high speed catamaran to get us to the continent. BTW this train/sail/train was a bargain.
  • Den Haag to Arnheim, a train across probably the easiest and flatest bit we could imagine, but this was needed to link up with family in time, or so we thought. We rushed to get there and then ended up in a campground for two days waiting for everyone else to catch up to us.
  • Montbeliard to Morvillars, a little back track to enjoy the hospitality of Gerard. We then ended up cycling a stretch we did the day before, so this is really karma payback for our previous sins.
  • Delta d’Ebre, a disco party ferry across the river running through a large stretch of rice fields in Spain
  • Malaga to Meililla, across the Mediterranean on the Transmediterranean Ferry
  • Tangiers to Tarifa, back across the Mediterranean
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