North Sea Swim For Kiribati Kids

February is chilly in Holland. It’s not a great time for a swim in the North Sea but Friedel is going to brave the cold temperatures and jump in anyway.

This Is Why

We want to help raise money for an under-funded school for disabled children in Kiribati. This is not a big, officially organised charity event. It’s a small, personal effort to make the world a better place.

Just for fun, we produced a little video to show you what exactly Friedel plans to do 🙂

Friedel will be doing the swim with a small group of friends. One of the friends, Mark Overbeeke, has spent many months travelling and living in Kiribati. He will ensure the money goes to the school and the kids who need it.

If you feel moved to donate, please click the button below.

The money will go to our personal Paypal account and we will pass it on to the school. We will personally cover any fees levied by Paypal, so all the money you donate goes straight to the school. After the swim, we’ll update you on how much money we raised and with photos of the rush into the North Sea!

Thank you.

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